The Last Sister

The Last SisterThree Sisters Secrets Collide In A Shocking Novel Of Suspense By The Wall Street Journal And Charts Bestselling Author Of The Mercy Kilpatrick Series Twenty Years Ago Emily Mills S Father Was Murdered, And She Found His Body Hanging In The Backyard Her Younger Sister, Madison, Claims She Was Asleep In Her Room Her Older Sister, Tara, Claims She Was Out With Friends The Tragedy Drove Their Mother To Suicide And Tara To Leave Town Forever The Killer Was Caught The Case ClosedEver Since, Emily And Madison Have Tried To Forget What Happened That Night Until An Eerily Similar Murder Brings It All Back It Also Brings FBI Special Agent Zander Wells To The Oregon Logging Town As Eager As He Is To Solve The Brutal Double Slaying, He Is Just As Intrigued With The Mystery Of Emily S And Her Sisters PastWhen Blood Is Shed, Zander Suspects There S A Secret Buried In This Town No One Wants Unearthed Is It Something Emily And Madison Don T Know Or Aren T Telling And Tara Maybe Emily Can T Bear To Find Her Because When Tara Disappeared, She Took A Secret Of Her Own With Her I haven t read any books by Kendra Elliot before, but I will certainly be readingin the future Twenty years ago, a murder shook the small Oregon logging town Emily Mills lost her father She found her father hanging in the backyard, and her house was in flames Her mother, overcome with grief, committed suicide, and her sister left town Emily lost three significant people in her life Emily, and her youngest sister, Madison, have been left to pick up the pieces For twenty years, they have attempted to leave the past behind them That is, until Emily discovers a double murder with similarities to that of her father The murders have local law enforcement frantically looking for leads They are aided by the FBI, and agent Zander Wells becomes intrigued with Emily s past and the connection to the murders of today.There are many reasons to love this book The plot was gripping Normally, I can predict the plot of a book However, I can honestly say that I had no clue who the murderer was until I was about 90% finished with the story I must have changed my mind ten times.The characters were well developed There were a few I loved, some I liked, and a couple that I hated This love hate relationship with the characters made the storybelievable I read an uncorrected proof, so there were some grammatical errors, however, nothing that took away from the overall story The only drawback that I found was the language There werethan enough colorful words for me Overall, I give this book 4.5 stars Look for it on shelves on January 14, 2020 This book is listed as being book 5 in the Callahan and McLane series but it felt to meof a stand alone book, or as the first book in a new series Yes, Ava McLane and Mason Callahan make make appearances here along with a new other characters from Kendra Elliot books but they are very small appearances There isn t really a need to read the previous books in the series to enjoy this one The Last Sister is all about Zander Wells, the FBI agent who is Ava McLane s partner.The agents are called in to investigate a horrific double homicide of a local teacher and his wife Emily Mills discovers the bodies of her friends and is shocked with the murder scene, which is similar to how her father died 20 years earlier.The loss of her father so violently all those years ago didn t just affect Emily, it affected her whole family Driving a wedge between her and her younger sister Madison and even making her older sister Tara flee their town and cut off all contact With the discovery of the new murders and the FBI investigation, secrets held closely by all 3 sisters start to come to the surface and attract the attention of the killer from 20 years ago The Last Sister is told from 3 different points of view Zander, Emily and her sister Madison This was a bit different, normally you get chapters from the perspective of the hero and heroine, maybe the killer I wasn t too sure why Madison was getting so much time dedicated to her in the story, unless it s a set up for her to get her own book next.I would classify this book under suspense mystery Maybe even psychological thriller Not romantic suspense at all, even though that s what Kendra Elliot is famous for.It is romance light, I think there was one kiss in the entire book between Zander and Emily I love a good mystery thriller and The Last Sister didn t disappoint It had me guessing right up until the end I would definitely readbooks starring Zander any day 4 stars from me I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisher 3.5 stars I would categorize Kendra Elliot s The Last Sister as aof a mystery thriller, and not a romantic suspense novel This is not a bad thing in my mind, but I think those who have read previous Elliot novels which I have not might be surprised by the lack of romantic exposition in this particular book When Emily Mills happens upon a horrendous murder in her small Oregonian town, she immediately recognizes the similarities with her father s murder 20 years prior When her fears trigger an FBI investigation which includes the arrival of compelling FBI agent, Zander Wells , the ghosts of prior and current misdeeds will be revealed.I enjoyed the fact that this book kept me guessing throughout the narrative arc It was an interesting story, with timely subject matter I appreciated Elliot s willingness to delve into the horrors of Oregon s racist origins, and the continuing presence of white supremacy today, especially given our current political climate I did appreciate the presence of a romantic ish secondary storyline between Emily and Zander, but felt that the novel was strongest in its portrayal of the female relationships amongst the Mills family, as well as the partnership between agents Wells and McLane While this novel reads well as a standalone, I feel like knowing Zander s and Ava s backstories would have enriched the plot even .In all, I think this is a good mystery and an important work in a larger conversation about how the concealment of the past can harm the present and the future Thanks to NetGalley and Montlake Romance for providing me with this ARC in exchange for my honest review. Thankyou to Netgalley and Montlake for a sneak peek at THE LAST SISTER.I am so glad I requested this book for read and review What a rollercoaster A family torn apart by murder, lies, and secrets a modern day lynching a town where no one seems as they appear.20 years ago Emilly Mill s father was murdered by hanging His killer confessed and was sent to prison What enfolded for Emily s family was eventragic than her father s death Her mother committed suicide a week later, her older sister ran away and was never heard from again, and the remaining sisters were sent to live with old maiden aunts Emily has never lived down the hurt and betrayal from these wounds.And now, history seems to be repeating itself when she finds another man lynched up in his own backyard.When the local police brush it off as a murder suicide, Emily notifies the FBI stating it s a hate crime.Enter FBI agents Zander and Ava These two are a couple of favorites of mine from a previous book by the author and I m thrilled to see them again.Dogged determination to break through the lies every one seems to be telling is Ava s purpose Zander knows all is not what it seems in the tiny town with the Sheriff and the town leaders, but his attraction to Emily may be clouding his judgment.The twists and turns in this story had my head spinning in a good way throughout the page turns I hate spoilers so I won t tell you anyof the tale, but know this it s not what you re thinking when you read it 5 stars for another winner from Kendra Elliot. Kendra Elliot has introduced FBI Special Agent Zander Wells who is working to investigate a gruesome double murder similar to one decades prior Zander is working with FBI Special Agent Ava McLane Of the Callahan and McLane series by the author ,Emily Mills discovered the murders while going to check on Lindsay Fitch, a waitress at the Barton Diner when she had not shown up for work Once there she found Lindsay dead inside the house Following a blood trail she found Sean, Lindsay s husband and local teacher hanging from a backyard tree Sean s murder has many similarities to the murder of her father many years prior The story mostly focuses on Emily, Zander, and Emily s sister Madison A third sister left the area shortly after her father s death and her current whereabouts are unknown.This murder suspense is well written and quite engaging as is the case in all of the author s previous works The locale is set in small town Bartonville, Oregon where everyone has known everyone else for years All of these components including Emily s three aunts who all live with Emily and her sister in the old Barton mansion, a once proud building of the town s leading family until the lumber industry dried up The three Barton sisters add lively color to the story.This story can be read as a standalone without any need to refer to previous Callahan and McLane novels although it is generally preferable to read a series in order I thank NetGalley and the author for providing an eArc for pre publication independent review Review will be posted at www.books n PROVIDED BY KellyNUMBER OF HEARTS 5Nothing stays buried forever and secrets have a way of coming back to haunt the living.When a double murder of a local couple the FBI is called in due to the nature of the crime Zander and Ava show up in the small town of Bartonville to lend a hand and find out if was a hate crime Once they start turning over stones and avaulance of issues start falling around them Zander finally gets his book I think that there isto Zander s story and I hope Kendra has plans on telling it I have loved Zander since we first met him in Vanished book one of Callahan McLane Series The Last Sister was a great book and had me turning the pages and not wanting to set this book down There were many twists and turns throughout the whole book that Kendra Elliot had me on my toes wonder what was going to be next So excited already for book 2 The Silence 3 no title yet make sure to check out Kendra Elliot s website for all updates on her series Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley Montlake Romance in exchange for an honest review This review is my own opinion and not a paid review. I received an e ARC of The Last Sister from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review Kendra Elliot is a master of the romantic suspense thriller genre Her books are compulsively readable and I always fly through the stories, unable to put it down once I start one of her novels Ava McLane Zander Wells have been assigned to a case in a small coastal Oregon logging town after their supervisor received a call from Emily Mills, who discovered one of her employees and husband murdered and felt the investigation was being mishandled by local law enforcement Upon arriving to town, Wells and McLane find that this tiny town may not be as sleepy as it appears The crime they are investigating has some eerie similarities to the death of Emily Mills s father 20 years prior, but his convicted killer has been in prison for two decades As the investigation unfolds, it appears that there are many secrets hidden in this little town The Last Sister is listed as Callahan McLane book 5, but it is primarily focused on Ava McLane s partner, Zander Wells It can easily be read as a standalone story, but fans of Kendra Elliot who have read her previous Callahn McLane books and or Bone Secrets series will appreciate cameos by previously featured characters. A fast, action packed mystery with great coastal Oregon atmosphere, a complex family dynamic between three sisters shaped by tragedy, and just a hint of romantic tension to hook readers into wounded, determined FBI agent Zander Wells This is the start of a new series for Elliot, and I look forward to I am sadly in the minority on this one.Kendra Elliot is an author I d been wanting to read for a while I d heard great things about her and have read a lot of books from Montlake Perhaps my expectations set the bar too high, but I found The Last Sister to be a low 3 star for me.The Romance We only know there s a romance because we re told they re attracted to each other We don t really see it and they re barely on the page together This would be muchstrongly suited to a WF read.The Mystery was interesting It wasn t one you were going to guess ahead of time as the pieces came to you as you needed them The Writing this is where it really fell down for me I found myself getting frustrated and wondering if the author didn t trust her writing or thought that we weren t smart enough to keep up The writing was really simplistic, which is fine I wasn t looking to work to enjoy the story, but the habit of tell, tell, then tell in dialogue, then also tell in internal dialogue had me wanting to cross out huge chunks of repeat information It created a slow read and made me wonder about the author s lack of trust in me as a reader.She has a great reputation and I will be trying onebook, but sadly, this was not for me.Thank you to Montlake for the preview read I wish I could give a stronger review for the release.

An 1 selling author, Kendra Elliot has sold over 7 Million books and been on the WSJ best seller list ten times She grew up in the lush Pacific Northwest and still lives there with her family and three cats She s fascinated with forensics, refuses to eat anything green, and dreams of living every day in flip flops New series THE LAST SISTER and THE SILENCE The BONE SECRETS NOVELS

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