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Just Warreturn return This is a New Adventure with the Seventh Doctor, Benny, Ros and Chris, with flashbacks to the Seventh Doctor s travels with Mel which have never merited a full length spinoff novel of their own I realised about a qurter of the way in that I had heard an audio adaptation of it several years ago, one of the very first Big Finish audios about Benny, with her husband Jason replacing most of the other regular characters The audio was good, but the book is also very good too many Second World War stories, and not just in the Whoniverse, reach for easy cliches, and although the nastiest characters here are German and the nicest apart from regulars are Brits, there is a decent level of ambiguity all the way thorugh including about the Doctor s role Ros in particular gets some good moments as an authoritative black woman officer impacting the establishment in London, and poor Benny gets some nasty torture at the hands of the occupiers of Guernsey The New Adventures seem to have been passing through a good phase generally at this point, in early 1996, though the end must have been already looming. Just War , by Lance ParkinThis wasn t the first Lance Parkin book that I ve read I got started a couple of years ago with his volume of Doctor Who essays in Time Unincorporated Vol 1 and I found that so delightful that I moved straight on to The Eyeless, an NSA that he wrote about in TI Though not as good as the best NAs, I enjoyed Eyeless as well So, I was pleased to finally be getting to his NA work, and I m even pleased and amazed to discover that his first novel is better than the much later novel that I read Just War starts en media res with our characters scattered across 1941 Europe Even better, we don t get a clear sense of what s going on for really, all of the book Despite the murkiness of purpose, our characters are all doing interesting stuff that we can follow Benny s spying, Chris is infiltrating, Roz s analyzing, and the Doctor is sticking close Much of the plot is thus very much a World War II novel, with only one bit of weirdness a ship that explodes over the Mediterranean, that could be an alien ship or something else.When the Doctor finally reveals that spoiler this entirely earthly ship is an advanced stealth design that came about due to comments that he and Mel accidentally dropped several years earlier, it s a delightful reveal that the Doctor could so easily change history that he s returning to Earth this time at least to fix one of his mistakes and that he s trying to hide what he did from his companions because it embarrassed him.As for the Doc and his companions, they re all dealt with wonderfully.The Doctor doesn t get a lot of page time, but when he does, he s desperately trying to keep up with events and figure out what s going on, and occasionally failing, showing off a very vulnerable and uncertain manipulator a characterization that I really enjoy You can also see the heart of the modern Doctor when he says Dark forces I ve fought against them, beaten them back Wiped them out, as you say But I ve always tried to show mercy I ve always tried to listen to the monster s point of view You d be surprised how passionate, how eloquent, they can be Poor Benny gets a bit bruised up over the course of the book She s captured and tortured and driven so out of her mind that she wonders if her time traveling is all a delusion In one particularly wonderful sequence she even confuses the Nazis with the Daleks On the other hand she s dauntless and even surprisingly brutal in this book, killing a soldier and locking a nurse in a morgue drawer Yowza I d love to see of this Benny She learned from Ace Chris gets the least interesting characterization, and Roz for some reason gets repeats She s facing racism again and also falls in love with someone that she ultimately leaves again I thought the Roz sections were brilliant, mind you, especially the increased focus on her heritage, dating back to Nelson Mandela and the Age of Legend , but if things were going to repeat, it would have been nice to at least acknowledge that Oh, and I don t entirely understand what drove her to get engaged to someone and then leave.Overall, it was a great book The focus on war and what it does to people like Benny was particularly well done Compared to Toy Soldiers , it just blew the previous book out of the water I ve given Just War a 9 out of 10. Between the books and audio and TV media you could probably throw a brick in the air during WWII and there s a reasonable chance it would land on a visiting version of the Doctor And if it did, there s about a 50% chance it d be 7 So when I saw the nazis on the cover I rolled my eyes Here we go again.I was so wrong This book is a historical that beautifully illustrated the idea that there really are no winners or good guys in war It also serves as a reminder of how potentially damaging the Doctor s time traveling fuckery really can be Throw into the mix some great character defining bits with Roz and Bernice And most surprisingly, all this is accomplished with a minimum of blood and violence Extremely good story and very well written Definitely one of the best NA s. Quite simply one of the best novels in the New Adventures series Can t believe it took me this long to read it. One of the best debut novels in Doctor Who history This is epic, tragic, triumphant, and terrifying It s everything that a war experience SHOULD beand everything that makes Doctor Who such an amazing series The finale a Russian roulette confrontation is staggering Another counter factual World War II novel19 February 2012 Sometimes I wonder why people seem to not only like to write stories about World War II but stories about how World War II could have turned out differently To be honest with you, I actually think that World War II turned out in the best possible way, but everybody well, maybe not everybody, but at least a number of people seems to want to go back and attempt to write counter factual What If stories, though in some cases, such as this, we bring our friendly time travelling Doctor into the picture to make sure that the course of the war is on track My position is that it was a very good thing that the Japanese and the Germans lost the war We would not like to live under the rule of the Nazi party or its Japanese counterparts Further, if Japan and Germany had won the war then it would have been a very distinct possibility that the two would have ceased being allies and began to fight against themselves this is the position that Phillip K Dick took in his book Man in the High Castle Some people seem to think that the Germans could have won by developing a superweapon as is the case in this book and they point to the Americans ending the war with an atomic bomb However, we must remember that the Germans did have super weapons they had jet fighters and guided missiles, and they did not win the war The other explanation is that Germany was under constant bombardment from the allies while the United States lost a bulk of its Pacific Fleet and had some islands in the Aelutians taken off them for a short time As such, without the threat of constant bombardment, American industry survived, where as German and Japanese did not The other thing is that the Germans should not have invaded Russia Correct, but Hitler was an invader and he simply could not sit still classic symptoms of Methaphetamine addiction , but my argument is that he should have invaded the Middle East, cut off the Allies oil, and then moved north to capture the Russian oil fields Then all he had to do was to sit down and wait, but that is something Hitler simply was not able to do As above, I don t buy the super weapon argument, but on the other hand I think that it is a good thing Germany and Japan lost Okay, a lot of people criticise the Americans for nuking Japan, but honestly, what else could be done I raise a lot of criticism against the modern American state, however we cannot criticise them for dropping the bomb Japan surrendered, and it is suggested that unless the Americans dropped the bomb, it would not have happened It is the classic tactic of a bully to attack the small sins of a person to attempt to bring that person down Now, while I am a critic of American foreign policy which I believe we should be , I believe that dropping the atomic bomb is a little off the point, simply because we needed to bring the war to a close against a stubborn enemy. Read this after The Also People My love for Roz and Benny being deep enough by that point to sustain me through a story set in WW2 Rob recc d these New Adventures to me probably 3 years ago thanks Rob Popular Book, Just War By Lance Parkin This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Just War, Essay By Lance Parkin Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

Lance Parkin is an author who has written professional Doctor Who fiction since the 1990s He is one of the few authors to write for both the 1963 and 2005 version of the programme though much of his fiction has actually been based on the 1996 iteration Indeed, he was notably the first author to write original prose for the Eighth Doctor in The Dying Days He was also the author chosen to deliv

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