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Kind of Cursed A 2019 TOP PICK 5 STARSSomehow, my heart has moved out of my chest and now beats inside her handsAAAHHHH So wonderful From beginning to end, Kind of Cursed was beautiful and pure and resulted in a serious case of the warm fuzzies Plot in a nutshell After the shocking death of her parents, Millie Delacroix is thrown headlong into the unforgiving task of raising her 3 siblings Months later, contractor Luc Valencia shows up to start work on the kitchen remodel her parents had planned.What results is a story full to bursting with hilarity, heartbreak, and joy.Both LucBut the look in her blue eyes afraid, yet hopeful tells me all my rules are no good hereand MillieHow can I ignore him and stick to my ten year chastity plan if he s staring at me like thatare taken aback by the connection that quickly begins to bind them together I loved Millie Her inner monologues were so entertaining and rang with a genuineness that had me falling for herDoes clearing the dishes make a man suddenly irresistibleAnd Luc OMG, Luc We re talking serious book boyfriend material protective, loyal, take charge, and utterly deliciousI want to get between her and anything that might take a swing at herHe was everything the hero of a romance novel should beMaking sure she s okay doesn t really feel like a choiceAnd just when I thought I couldn t love him any , Ms Fournet took Luc to a whole other level The way he showed his respect for Millie absolutely slayed meI can t be the one who takes any free will from herOkay, okay, so I m doing some serious gushing here Yes, this was a 5 star read but, if you re still with me lol , I want to explain the attached to that rating.I connected with this story on a very personal level Kind of Cursed is a multi cultural romance Luc is Latino specifically of Mexican descent and Millie is white I thought the author did an incredible job of weaving their stories together How do I know this Well, I m white and I married a Mexican, and so much of the story was a lovely reflection of my lifeShe pulls up the sleeve and lines up her forearm next to mine Not touching, but close The difference is crazy Like whole milk next to maple syrupTheir cultural differences, the Spanish, and all the mouthwatering Mexican food made for a wonderful backdrop upon which Luc and Millie s love story unfolded I SO HIGHLY RECOMMEND A huge thank you to LEILA for reading this one with me Her wonderful can be found HERE.Also I want to mention that it s official Stephanie Fournet is now my FAVORITE AUTHOR Somehow two of her books have wrung a 5 rating from my jaded heart this year Someone Like Me was the other And I m sending her a very warm THANK YOU for allowing me to read and review her work after I went looking for an ARC. This is not spoiler freeThis was fine, a cute romance that had some stuff that i didn t like, but honestly it wasn t the worst and i was enjoying myself reading it, until that last 20% that isi wan t planning on writing a review because i went into this just to have a good time reading a romance, so i didn t take any notes or bookmark anything and because of that i don t remember a lot of the things that i didn t like and now i can t be bothered to go back and look for all the little things that bothered me but i m just going to point out the things i can remember off the top of my head.We hear about Luc s the MC dimples every goddamn two seconds Really i can be a fan of dimples but i m not going to like it if it s shoved in my face this much, like okay we get it he has dimples.Luc really compared their skin color by thinking and i quote The difference is crazy Like whole milk next to maple syrup. i really think the whole describing skin color as food thing really needs to stop.But really what took the cake for me was the last 20% of the book first of all the condom broke while they were having sex, which is fine but Luc really had the audacity to lie to Millie and tell her everything s okay and that nothing happened and just came back to bed and didn t tell her about it Then he met with his friend the day after and was debating whether or not he should.His friend awesome advice was that if he loved her, he shouldn t tell her and wait to see if she becomes pregnant then just marry her Now Luc is so very tempted to do just that but being the gentleman that he is, he decides to tell her because she had no choice in her life since her parents died so she should have a say in this.But wait wait it turns out she wants the baby anyway so it s fine right which is something because for all the book Millie tries to not get involved with Luc because she doesn t want to get pregnant or have a baby until all her siblings are grown up This is all the conflict in this book that stops them from being together So someone explain to me why she would get upset when he ASKED her if she WANTS to get plan B i mean she was the one to tell him again and again that she doesn t want a baby right now if this sounds like it might be something you like, go ahead and check it out, people liked it so maybe i m the only one that didn t. 5 lindabeautiful stars You know that warm cozy feeling Like when it s cold outside and you re snuggling on the couch, wrapped in the softest blanket, in front of a fire, sipping your favourite beverage Yeah, that feeling Well, reading this book made me feel like that, all comfy cozy and wanting to stay snuggled down all dayI feel what it means to have Luc s love.It s big I can t touch it or see it, but I know it s big And it s solid Solid enough to hold my weight And my fears And it s warm God, it s warm So warm, I want to draw it up inside me I want to be the one with itMillie was such a great heroine I loved how strong she was, taking care of her brothers and sister after the unexpected death of their parents She was also witty, brilliant, and caring She had created a very small bubble around herself, only allowing her siblings and a few co workers in, because of a family curse that causes all of the women in it to have anuncanny potential for procreationand it s one thing that she can t add to her life at the moment while she s already trying to be both parents to her three younger siblings It was entertaining to watch her fight her attraction to Luc.Luc is my new book boyfriend He is so gentle yet strong, insightful yet playful, and a hard worker yet knows how to enjoy life I loved how he just immersed himself in with the Millie and her family like he was always meant to be thereHow is it that he know exactly what I need what we all need every time Whether we need to smash some tile or kick the soccer ball in the yard or eat chicken tortilla soup.Or be kissedThere was so much to love about this book The banter and bickering between our MCs and between them and their families, all of the emotions, both happy and sad, amusing meddlesome family members, cute kids and a giant bear of a dog My only gripe really it s minor because it was just a handful of lines was that I m not fluent in Spanish, and had to stop my reading a few times to translate certain dialogue It wasn t until halfway through the book that the dialogue was instantly translated by the characters A huge Thank You to Stephanie Fournet for providing me with the opportunity for my first ever ARC for review This was my first read by Stephanie and I loved her writing I will definitely be going back to read her other works.Another big thanks for by buddy reader Melanie, I always enjoy our conversations and your insight when reading 3 You can read her fabulous review here. This book is IT A MUST READ are you romance reader love cute, well paced romantic comedies would like to add another book boyfriend to you list don t mind emotional connection with the characters looking for a sweet book I still haven t found a book by this author I didn t like This is one of my favorites romance reads of the year I highly recommend Stephanie Fournet s work this book 5 starsYou know what I m happy This book made me so freakin happy.It s so cute So ridiculous So funny And I freakin loved it It s exactly what I needed This was such a heartwarming light cute book that brought joy to my life I had a huge ridiculous smile on my face while reading this book I loved the characters so much Millie was such an entertaining adorable caring character And Luc is just the best I mean I ve already saved some space for him in my book boyfriends list I loved Millie s family so much as well Everything about this book was heartwarming and made me so happy The banter and bickering were perfect It left me grinning like an idiot This was a book that is just so fun to read Simple like that Song recommendation South of the border by Ed Sheeran ft Camilla cabello Breathin by Ariana Grande I want it that way by Backstreet Boys You know those romances that are just plain fun to read, in spite of the trials and tribulations KIND OF CURSED is one of those romances and Stephanie Fournet has brought this often comical, always heartwarming tale to life with the perfect touch of happiness, sadness and quirkiness.After the tragic death of their parents, Millie Delacroix has had to put on the mantle of responsibility as guardian to her younger siblings When the kitchen remodel her mother had planned is finally going to happen, Millie s resolve to prevent the family curse from ever happening again goes right down the disposal when she meets Luc Valencia, the hot contractor with the big heart.How can Millie stand strong and prevent the curse from repeating itself when all she wants is to melt into the amazing man s strong arms How does he make such a cupcake, she is educated, independent and has a ton of responsibilities that must come first As for Luc, this woman is driving him crazy and witnessing her day to day struggle to keep her family together only make him want her Never mind that he s trying to be as professional as possible and that all flies straight out of the window with just one kiss Kudos to Ms Fournet for not dwelling on the tragedy that has befallen this family and double kudos for not making them destitute Thank you for bringing joy to what could have been a real tear jerker and for proving that life can and will go on, filled with happiness and growth and most of all, love This one left me grinning from ear to ear I received a complimentary ARC edition from Stephanie Fournet as part of a blog tour blitz This is my honest and voluntary review.Publisher Stephanie Fournet December 12, 2019 Publication Date December 12, 2019Genre Contemporary Romantic ComedyPrint Length 416 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Book News, follow Unpopular opinion I dove into this expecting a slow burn romantic comedy filled with banter Instead I got a course of eye rolling exercises This story just didn t click with me There were so many instances where I was in a similar situation and reacted completely different than Millie or Luc Rather than reading a fluff for the holidays I was slowly completing a list with everything I found wrong and got annoyed with in this book To be honest, I almost DNF it but only a few chapters were left so I pushed myself to finish it. Every Woman In Millie Delacroix S Family Is Cursed Kind OfBirth Control Just Doesn T Work For Them Like Ever Going To The Altar Knocked Up Is Pretty Much A Family Tradition And Twenty Four Year Old Millie Refuses To Let That Happen To Her AgainEspecially Now That She S Responsible For Raising Her Brothers And Sister A Life Of Celibacy Is Her Best Defense At Least Until The Kids Are Grown And Can Take Care Of Themselves And, Really, What S Ten Years With No Sex No Men No Sex No Love It S A Fool Proof PlanUntil She Meets Luc ValenciaThe Mexican American Contractor Is Just Trying To Do His Best Since His Father Handed Him The Reins To The Family Business, Every Day Is A Test To Prove Himself At This Point In His Life, Professionalism Has To Be His Top Priority At Least Until Millie Becomes Luc S Client Even With Too Much On Her Shoulders, The Feisty Redhead Has The Power To Set Him Off, Crack Him Up, Or Bring Him To His KneesAll He Has To Do Is Resist Falling For Her Through One Kitchen Remodel, And Everything Will Be Fine Right Speechless I have no words for this book I absolutely LOVED it This book is definitely on my top reads of 2019 It has all the feels it wasn t the usual read but to me was so amazing Both characters were so great I actually teared up a few times which doesn t seem to happen any in books This was a new author to me and I can t wait to check out from her I want books from her siblings as well Check this book out today So worth it I was SO pleasantly surprised by this story I went in new to this author and was just so happy to have found this sweet, original romance.There are so many great elements here, but from the get go the chemistry and inevitable epic love between Luc and Lizzie is there The way that family is treated throughout is so, so good There s no way not to fall in love with these characters, their story and want a happy ending for them Highly recommend

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