No One Left But All of Us

No One Left But All of Us It Is Not Our Institutions That Are Broken It Is Our Politics We Have A Republic Our Founding Fathers Never Intended, Where Unlimited Campaign Contributions And Congressional Seniority Keep Americans From Having A Real Say In Our Government Disunity And Hyperpartisanship Keep This System In Place It Is Time To Change All That When Our Elected Leaders Fail Us, When Corporations Call The Shots And Make The Laws, Who Is Left To Make It Right No One But All Of Us This Book Takes A Hard Look At Today S Politics The Profits And Power To Be Made Through Keeping Citizens Uninformed And At Each Other S Throats It Talks In Real Terms About The Cost Of Disunity, The Meaning Of Citizenship, And Our Civic Duty To Each Other And The Nation What The Country Needs Now Isn T Change It Needs To Re Discover The Founding Principles Of The Republic Its Citizens Need To Take Hold Of The Government By Way Of Public Opinion And Voting, And Make Our Government Work As It Was Originally Intended

Stacey Roberts was born in a smoky hospital in New Jersey in 1971 Nine years later, he and his family moved into a Winnebago and traveled across the country After several near death experiences, they settled first in California and then Florida.He attended college at Florida State University and University of Miami, where he received his B.A in English Literature instead of Finance, which was a

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  • No One Left But All of Us
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  • 14 March 2019

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    Stacey Roberts brings the same fresh voice and wry sense of humor to No One Left But All of Us as he does the stories he tells in his first two books But this book is different It isn t about Stacey It s about you and me and our country And while there are jokes made here, this is not a funny book It is important In No One Left But All of US, Stacey tackles some of the toughest challenges our nation is facing at present The writing is direct, honest, non partisan, and approachable as he lays out some our country s greatest challenges presents common sense solutions Here s an idea His suggestions are of the why didn t I think of that ilk, the kind that leave the reader wondering why they haven t been put into practice before now He speaks to our entire role in society not just as voters, but as autonomous individuals who are or should be in charge of our own destiny This book speaks to us where we re at It is timely And it s important.

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