Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters, #7)

Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters, #7)i had to slam this thing down it was THAT bad i will not pick it up again ever.am i the only person who doesn t think sexual torture should be in a romance book christine feehan had me believeing that maybe she s jealous of small skinny beautiful people because all her characters in this series are that waythen they end up getting slashed beaten and tortured i couldn t believe what i was reading that someone actually came up with thisthen put it in a book for the world to read if the main character was so powerful than why did she just let herself be captured because, lets face it, thats basically what she did just handed herself right over to the enemy.i dont think id read this if someone paid me. reviewed May 11, 2012What a crappy ending to this series The potential these books had to be good was amazing The execution, however, was not When I hear of such a legacy as this, seven sisters with unique powers who help out others and are supposed to get with one man sounds so interesting in theory, but you get an author like this and it just completely fell apart there are plot spoilers, I just didn t want to hide the whole review Elle was the wild sister with a temper that I expected so much out of She does undercover work, and that in itself is cool, but in the very beginning we jump into a case she s been working on, for some time I d imagine, and the guy is saying he wants a relationship with her and all that, when she s under a secret identity She puts him off, barely, so he just decides to kidnap her on the boat and steal her away to his home.Now correct me if I m wrong, but I ve been led to believe that Elle, the youngest and strongest Drake sister, with all of these powers and special abilities, can handle herself in any situation Namely, she can handle herself when some guy is trying to bring her to his home So imagine my surprise when she just stands there and lets it happen.She could have done what any average, normal person would have done she could have jumped off the boat and swam her way back She could have fought her way out, kicking and screaming and using any makeshift weapon she could get her hands on OR, she could have used the gifts she was born with, you know, all those little tricks and things Elle has used throughout the previous 6 books.But for some reason that it is just so unfathomable to me, she does nothing Yes, that s right, NOTHING His bodyguard like blocks her way or something that she could have easily gotten out of But since she let it happen, I felt like she asked for it, so I felt no sympathy for her whatsoever She does reach out to Jackson telepathically, and says his name like once and that s about it He keeps up a one sided dialogue with her, asking where she is and telling her to do whatever she has to just to stay alive, and she doesn t respond to tell him where she is, who she s with or to give him any helpful information at all Stavros knows she s contacting someone with her mind and shuts it off, and when she gets to the island she can t use her mind or else she feels pain which I never really understood how he did that I felt that his powers were a complete mystery.We go back to find Jackson really upset and a bit uncontrolled in his anger and devastation at her capture Which I ate up, because I love to see the man s reaction when their woman is in danger And then we pick right back up with Elle and wow, does Christine Feehan just dive right in I was absolutely shocked to death at what transpired I did not see that coming I thought for sure she would be in danger and maybe he d try something but Jackson and her family would come in time But we find out that he had been raping her and controlling her unmercifully, forcing her to perform sexual acts with not only him but random men, and she had to ask to use the bathroom and he monitored when she took baths and even went so far as to shave her private parts and whipped her to where she bled, and I was like what in the hell is this doing in a book I would never, ever pick up a book where the character was being sexually, physically, and emotionally abused This is not material for a book in any way, shape or form Books are supposed to be enjoyable, they re supposed to take you to another place and make you forget your troubles They re not supposed to put you through torture and make you disgusted and repulsed and nauseous like this did Which I guess I should have seen something like this coming, she had just had Hannah slashed in the previous one, why not make Elle suffer twice as bad It was just so sad to know that she had been a virgin before that and was no doubt saving herself for her husband but this man just so brutally used her It was tragic and unnecessary I m not sure if it was meant to make Elle a stronger person, or show a growth in character or what, but if so, it wasn t successful Elle was a shell of a person, letting Jackson cuss at her and borderline bully her and just went along with whatever he had planned She brings up the past and says that he didn t like her or her legacy, and I expected her to leave or be hurt or something, but she just couldn t muster up any emotion Then when they re in bed he s having a flashback of his torture and reaches for a gun, and she sits calmly instead of getting out of the way and he completely barks at her Instead of being hurt or mad, she goes downstairs and they have sex, and that scene was a little disappointing compared to the romance in her other novels.When Jackson and them finally save her, I liked the scene where she s in the boat and her anger is unleashed and causes havoc on the island, and her nose and ears and eyes are bleeding, which was a little disgusting, but Jackson makes her stop so she won t cause damage to her brain by using her mental powers Loved that part where he shows he cares and she shows the extent of her gifts.She came back and I expected her to be hurt and embarrassed and withdrawn from everyone, but she immediately jumps into Jackson s truck and rides off with him to his home and keeps her distance from her sisters, who could actually help her She lets Jackson give her a bath, which tells about how close they are and how comfortable with each other they are, but considering what she had gone through I didn t think she d want anyone touching her like that She asks Jackson to cut her hair, and I m so glad he didn t go through with it because I hate when girls cut their hair really short and things like that She did ask for cornrows, which I absolutely hated Why cornrows for a girl And her and Jackson proceed to have this insane conversation where he seems to be okay with her having cornrows Ugh Then Elle just goes completely lusty and starts having these thoughts about Jackson that any rape victim in recovery should not be having She s thinking about doing things to him that her captor had her do, and I m wondering if Feehan researched rape victims and the extent of the trauma they suffer through, but I can tell you I highly doubt a victim of this kind wants to do things like that in a matter of days after escaping something like that Completely unrealistic and sickening Then we ve got this scene where Jackson trips over his jeans and I m just like omg Omg, I am not reading this right now.Jackson was cussing and verbally abusing her and I was disappointed that fiery Elle never made a comeback to the woman she was in the earlier books She might as well had been a completely different person And I don t know if it was just me, but Jackson s inspirational and motivational speeches werebullying and insensitive The whole you re down but you re not out speech was overused and I was just not buying it Then we ve got that lovely conversation where Jackson just pops out with Elle might be pregnant when Jonas, Ilya and her sisters are there visiting, which was insensitive of Elle s feelings of such a private subject Miraculously, Christine Feehan throws poor Elle a bone, having Ilya say he doesn t think a 7th daughter of a 7th daughter can bear children from anyone other than the one man she s destined to be with Thank you, Christine Feehan, for small favors it was the least you could do after the torture you put Elle through And I mean that literally, it was the LEAST you could do.I honestly expected Elle to be pregnant with Stavros s child and Jackson would just be on board with the whole thing and be very supportive of Elle, in a typical overbearing, almost abusive way the men in Christine Feehan s Drake Sisters books treat their women.The scene where Stavros telepathically takes control of Elle and makes her choke was an intense scene that I liked reading about Jackson showed his ability to protect her, and Ilya showed his protectiveness of Jolie, and that was nice to read about However, it was also a bit mysterious, in that Christine Feehan doesn t fully explain how Jackson got his attack dog to bite Stavros in the nether regions, I presume The act itself was good and funny, but it loses so much when the author can t be bothered to explain HOW it happened Those details are pretty crucial, and I understand it might not make sense because telepathy and powers like that aren t real and it s hard to explain something that isn t real, but an attempt would have been appreciated The author wasn t even concerned with letting us grasp how the characters did what they did.Then we ve got this fight with Stavros where all of the girls are getting beat up and weak because they go down to the water to fight him off, but only end up getting hurt You ve got all the sisters together, yet they re all unable to do anything Hmm are they powerful or aren t they I m getting majorly confused between the authors descriptions of them and the moments when they re easily drained and unable to defend themselves.At the end I feel that everything was rushed to the finish line and quickly tied up All of the others get married who haven t previously been married, and I didn t really like that they all upstaged Jackson and Elle s moment It was as if they hadn t planned their momentous and life changing moment, but said Oh, what the hell Why not get married And I didn t like how Elle was kept in the dark about what really happened to Stavros Why didn t they just tell her they had killed him I think she deserved to know that.At the end I did like how each couple was mentioned in their private moment I m just so fed up with Christine Feehan s sabotaging her characters as if she hates them or something Idk why an author would do that to their own characters This book was horrifying in its gruesome details This one did havea shock factor and plot than previous ones, but again, there are a lot of poor me I feel sorry for myself emotions, and constant feelings by a character become boring and exhausting to read through. Having read the Ghost walker series and also some of the Drake Sister series, I thought I was in for a good read Instead, this is the worst book this author has written and I truly hope this is her rock bottom.She starts with the heroine being debased and raped and sodomized by some twisted crud The she is rescued but of course is mentally, psychically , and physically damaged so she must hide from all those who would help her Okay At some point however you stop empathizing with her and wish the author would get on with it Elle s whiny manner become irritating and her ducking her sisters who can help her is just so stupid Why do these sickening women always think if they run off to be recaptured it will save everyone they supposedly love Aaaarrrrrrrrg I kept waiting for this book to get better but instead it droned on and on I am truly disgusted that the author thought having all these things happen to her to begin with would make for a good book It doesn t. I can t put into words how much I hated this bookbut I m gonna try Now, I m not a Feehan fan read one Carpathian before this series andshudders but I really liked the idea of magical sisters To be honest, the other stories weren t toxic The first four are solid stories but it seems that Feehan at least in this series had an absolute knack for making secondary characters utterly amazing but then didn t know what to do with them when they got their own book This happened in the last three of the series Hannah, Jolie, and Elle This being Elle s story, and the final in the series, I couldn t not read it despite reading the previous reviews I thought I was prepared Guess not What bothered me the most was not the graphic torture of the heroine but that it was out of place in what had basically been a fluff series It was like watching The Cosby Show for a gazillion years only to have Freddy Krueger show up in the series finale and slaughter the entire family.I might have gotten over that shock if it had been handled well Unfortunately, as many reviewers have already noted, the fact that Elle who had been raped and tortured for a month basically jumps into bed with Jackson less than a week or so after she was rescued is insulting and like putting acid on the already oozing wound.WTF was Feehan thinking Oh, let s shock the readers who are expecting exciting fluff and throw in graphic torture then let s just whitewash the heroine s trauma with the magical healing c ck and basically gloss over any psychological scars cuz well, its a fluff romance Yeah I m not remotely angry or disgusted with the wasted hours I spent with this book Nope Not bitter Not at all 2 or 3 Stars I can t decide Hidden Currents was the last book in the Drake sisters series It includes very descriptive torture and rape scenes If you normally shy away from novels with these storylines than this isn t a book you want to pick up.I ve never been a huge fan of this authors because her books are usually up and downhalf the book is great and then the other half leaves you disappointed That s how HC was Half the book was great, the othernot so good It s starts off very intense and you find yourself on the edge of your seat But I personally find a lot of this story very hard to believeElle is kidnapped by Grastos a very rich, handsome and influential smuggling crime lord He raped her repeatedly, tortured and forced her to do things with other men so he could break her strong will and keep Elle for himself.Jackson is the man her legacy chose for her and he finally comes to her rescue.Within a couple days of being home she starts having sexual feelings for her chosen and within hours of that she s performing sexual acts and making love with him I m not, nor am I claiming in the least bit that I understand how a rape victim feels, but I would think after a month of so much trauma and torture the last thing on one s mind would be to jump into bed with another man I understand Feehan needed to keep the romance in this romance novel, but I don t think she gave these characters anywhere near enough time to heal I did however really feel the love in this large familythere was never a time where they weren t willing to help, even at the cost of their own lives.I probably wouldn t recommend this book considering I m not a very big fan of Feehan s, but as a series closer I think Feehan did a great job for those who are fans of the Drake s An outstanding read with difficulties In the first portion of the book the heroine is captured, tortured, and raped repeatedly with the intent to break her It takes a month before her friends and family manage to locate and rescue her This would be uncomfortable reading about a relatively unknown character and is much worse when it is someone we have come to know and love through the previous books The dynamics of Elle s struggle to overcome her physical, emotional and psychic trauma, intermixed with Jackson s personal history of the same type of experiences as a prisoner of war, were painfully powerful I loved his bone deep strength and determination that she WILL heal and THEY will survive.The remainder of the plot line is spent fighting off the villain who wants her back and is searching for and attacking her psychically Of course he finds her and plans to destroy all she holds dear I must admit I LOVED how they got the bad guy ah, the importance of a good science education I also enjoyed the insights into Jackson s character as the mean, badass, loner is revealed as the soft hearted caretaker for those in need of help His steadfast refusal to admit he s capable of anything remotely sweet is rather charming One of the other pluses is that all the other sisters and their mates got to be a part of this story it s nice to see them working together as friends and family.This is apparently the last of the Drake Sisters books after all, we ve run out of sisters but a new thread has been laid by the advent of one of Ilya s brothers so now we may be having the Prakenskii Brothers One way or another I m pretty sure we ll be seeing Sea Haven again.Drake Sisters1 Magic in the Wind 2003 2 The Twilight Before Christmas 2003 3 Oceans of Fire 2005 4 Dangerous Tides 2006 5 Safe Harbor 2007 6 Turbulent Sea 2008 7 Hidden Currents 2009 This is probably the worst book I ve ever read The fact that it includes detailed rape torture scenes in it bothered me only in the sense that it doesn t make an enjoyable story and I felt it was completely unnecessary If I were reading a book about a war torn 3rd world country where that happens and where the point of the book was to shed light on the horrid truth, then it wouldn t have bothered me For this book, it felt contrived and shed no light on human trafficking spoiler alert To make it even worse, Elle recovers from her torture in the matter of days and is able to be romantic with her ex boyfriend who just happened to have been tortured also I mean, really How convenient that was Also too convenient and completely unnecessary was the appearance and death of the pedophile reverend who just happened to also be a human trafficer The ending of the book was terribly anticlimactic Stavros the rapist torturer was taken out quite easily and the explanation about the methane gas seemed very unbelievable to me I did enjoy the battle raid on Stavros island compound near the beginning of the book when Elle s family rescued her Too bad the ending battle wasn tlike that I also liked the idea behind the Drake sisters and their psychic abilities even if it did seem like a rip off of Charmed Perhaps I d like some of the previous books in the series that aren t so violent but if they are as anticlimactic and convenient as this one, then probably not. Sometimes when I read a book quickly I get a reading high and think, Man this is one of the best books I ve ever read, only to think about it for a few days and realize there were glaring flaws that I just didn t catch in my euphoria This might be one of those cases, but I don t care I loved this book, it s the book I ve been waiting the whole series for Elle Drake is the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter, and as such, she will carry on the Drake legacy She s known for years that Jackson Deveau is her soulmate, but he resisted at every turn, thinking he wasn t good enough to carry on the legacy, but loving Elle nonetheless Elle eventually became fed up and dedicated her life to helping others by working undercover in dangerous situations Her latest, to stop a human trafficking gang, has put her in the clutches of Stavros Gratsos, a Greek shipping magnate with a penchant for sadism and sexual slavery He captures Elle and puts her through hell for a month And it was brutal, enough that if you are squeamish you might not want to read it Through it all Jackson is in Elle s head, comforting her and desperately trying to get her to keep living all while he and the Drakes search for her When Elle comes home, she s broken psychically, mentally and physically She doesn t want to subject her sisters to the horrors she s been through, so she clings to Jackon, and Jackson does everything he can to bring Elle back from the brink He s a total sweetheart, the badass with the soft heart taking care of lonely people and the elderly in Sea Haven, and cherishing Elle no matter what, although there are times he can t control his autocratic instincts, but they don t phase Elle I love watching Elle find her self and her love for Jackson again, and I loved Jackson finally realizing that what he had been through he was a prisoner of war didn t make him any less because Elle hadn t been diminished in his eyes by going through her ordeal All of the Drake sisters finally get their happy endings, and so does the whole town of Sea Haven Excellent ending to this series A Christine Feehan s books are always well written with interesting characters and plot lines, and this book is no different However, The multiple chapters of waaaaayyyyy too much detail on the lead female character s sadistic sexual slavery was TMI It was seriously unsettling and held no entertainment value, and the book could have been all the better for me had she simplified it somewhat It was just too much for me, and left me unsettled for days I didn t want to read any of my other books that had any love stories because all that graphic detail was there lurking This book should have at least come with a disclaimer page on the potential disturbing content I can allow that those majorly graphically scenes may not have had the same effect on other readers, that maybe it was just my overly active imagination that just brought it all too real into my imagination But keeping in mind the very detailed build up of this truly evil, sadistic character and all the very detailed scenes of his atrocities, I felt that his final confrontation was somewhat UNDER whelming for me Why, you may wonder, do I feel this way WARNINGSPOILER ALERT Paragraph skip to next parenthesis 3dots to miss any possible spoilers So, after she is rescued from his psychic psychotic clutches, all of the future attacks are from afar, and it is sort of fitting that he comes to an end from afar at the psychic hands of his victims But what about all that shit in the beginning After all those pages and pages of TMI physical and sexual violence there should have been a major smack down And our heroine should have gotten to have some serious payback closure timeOkay, the spoiler is over You can continue reading now And then there is a point to hit on for all those readers whose main love for Feehan s books are the love story side and all those well written, and yes, frankly, often very Hot sex scenes But who can really enjoy all those aspects of this book after having all those overly descriptive violent rape and beating scenes I sure as hell had to hop over those good scenes because I couldn t get all the evil stuff out of my scarred brain So, if you have not read this book yet, here is your disclaimer for Hidden Currents BEWARE GRATUITOUS SEXUAL PHYSICAL VIOLENCE IN FIRST PARTS OF BOOK Now you have been warned, and good luck to any future readers Here s hoping for aenjoyable read on Feehan s next book. From Afar, Sheriff Jackson Deveau Has Always Loved Elle Drake, The Youngest Telepath Of Seven Sisters After A Long Time Away She S Finally Returning Home To The Small Coastal Village Of Sea Haven But Someone Has Been Following Elle, Someone Who Doesn T Want Her To Make It Back And When Elle Fails To Arrive, Her Disappearance Strikes Fear In The Hearts Of Everyone Who Loves Her Now It S Left To Jackson To Uncover The Mystery Of Elle S Vanishing, And Rescue Her From An Unseen Danger But Sea Haven Is No Longer Safe For Anyone, And It Ll Take The Powers Of All The Drake Sisters And Their Men To Survive The Coming Storm


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