Focused If You Ve Ever Seen Your Teenage Crush Ten Years Later, And He Turns Out To Be A Complete Jerk, Then You Know How Molly Ward Feels The Last Time She Saw Noah Griffin Was The Regrettable Day That She Decided To Climb Into His Bedroom Window And Turn Her Unrequited Crush Into Something That Day Was Bad Enough, But Things Are About To Get Worse Noah Has Become One Of The Best Football Players In The Country, And He S Just Landed On Molly S Front Step As A New Addition To The Washington Wolves Roster, Noah S Presence Is The Key To Molly S Promotion In The Front Office The Problem Is, Noah Wants Nothing To Do With Molly, And His Surly Attitude Is Making Her Job Very Difficult But He S Got Another Thing Coming If He Thinks Molly Will Be Intimidated By One Grumpy Football Player, No Matter How Much He Hates Being Around Her Once These Two Go Head To Head, Their Mutual Dislike Explodes Into Undeniable Chemistry But With What They Have At Stake, They Just Might Detonate Everything Else Along With It I absolutely loved this.It is funny and sweet.Not insta, there is an attraction but both push away due to the situation.Sort of slow burn without the agonising too slow part.There are a few characters that appear from previous series of the Wolves as the heroine is sibling of Logan.There are no intimate scenes other than the Hero and heroine.No other man woman drama.Hero is not a man whore type He views women a distraction to his career They call him the machine.I loved seeing the transformation in him.Breadcrumbs dropped for the next siblings book at the end.HEA In form of HFN, no doubt they will appear in next book.Epilogue. All the stars in the world for this What a way to kick off my reading for 2020 Oh my heart This was absolute perfection Noah is EVERY GROWLY THING I want in my BBF I just adored Molly s quiet strength and wit Together they were kaboom Their slow burn, their banter, their chemistry it all added up to my very favourite kind of romance.Karla draws you into their love story like a voyeur oh what a story they tell Packed with humour, emotions and supporting characters that I demand ALL get a book it s quite simply perfect Gah Such a happy reader I am smiling like a loon right now Definitely recommend this one I received an arc of this book. 4.5 The Machine Stars screams I Loved This Book Ever since Karla announced that she d be writing books for the Ward sister s I was giddy af Reading about these fun and entertaining sisters in The Marriage Effect just made me want of them And I was not at all disappointed with the start of this series and with Molly s book.Molly and Noah are anything but strangers After a teenage mistake both Molly and Noah s lives are changed And now in adulthood their lives are about to cross and they ll be thrown together.Molly was such a fun character She s sassy, sweet and strong She s also a hard worker and very good at her job I loved her personality and just adored her so much.Noah is a moody, broody and a grumpy character All he cares about and puts above anything and everything else is football He eats, sleeps and breathes the sport There s nothing important to him than his career He never thought that he d see Molly again and when they re forced to be together because of a special project things are sure to get interesting.Reading how Molly and Noah evolved from enemies to friends and ultimately to something was amazing They took their time and didn t rush things, it was nice and slow and everything sweet These two were so fun to read, and I loved their banter so much I especially loved how Molly was patient with Noah and how little by little she broke down those walls he built I could read about these two forever, ugh I just loved them.Focused was an all around great read Packed with witty and funny moments as well as sweet and swoony ones And as much as I loved Molly and Noah I also loved the secondary characters and especially the other three Ward sisters I can t wait for their books and of this already addicting series I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book This, not quite so enemies to lovers, not quite so second chance, almost forbidden romance has left me feeling completely and utterly smitten I couldn t get through it fast enough If you are looking for a sport romance with a grouchy hero and a fiesty heroine who doesn t shy away from standing up to the hero, this is it We met the lost 16 year old Molly Ward in The Marriage Effect and beared witness to a humiliating turn of events when she decided to pursue her teenage crush, the boy next door, Noah Griffin Because of that event, Noah has been wary and stayed away from Molly His main focus and priority is football Nothing and no one will come in his way or deter his focus until Molly Ward is reintroduced into his life He now plays for the team Molly works for and she has become the liaison between Noah and the new project they are working on It took both of them by surprise and neither is happy with the situation which makes getting the job done all the difficult Molly s promotion is on the line But the time Noah and Molly spend together, the hotter their attraction burns Molly Ward may be the only female to hinder Noah Griffin s focus.Being introduced to Noah Ward is the best way to start 2020 This book kept me up and made me daydream It provided me with all the feels Noah was so grumpy and closed off but Molly brought out his smiles and his laughs It was so much sweeter Once he set his mind to something, he made sure he achieved it Even if he was shy and awkward about it view spoiler And the fact he was celibate for 9 years was a major turn on I mean squeal I find that so hot and so refreshing from reading about all the manwhores hide spoiler splendidly delicious brilliant incredible amazing show stopping spectacular and omg the finnclaire tease tho at the end ready for the best friend s sister trope,,, woo 4.5 stars Focused is a spinoff from the Washington Wolves series This series will follow the sisters of Logan Ward, from The Marriage Effect It picks up about 10 years after The Marriage Effect We actually met both Molly and Noah in that book But, don t worry if you haven t read the other series, it s all explained quite well in this book and so it reads as a standalone Molly had a crush on Noah, her next door neighbor, when she was a teenager And in an embarrassing turn of events, she climbed through his window one night, only to be caught by his dad They haven t seen each other since that day It s now 10 years later, and Molly is working for the Washington Wolves, when Noah gets traded back to Washington Noah is very different from when she first knew him He s known as The Machine, because he doesn t show emotions and doesn t do anything outside football Their first time seeing each other again doesn t go well But, as they start to work together on a new documentary following Noah, they begin to form a tentative friendship, that eventually leads to I loved seeing Noah open up to her Molly was a great character easygoing, friendly, fun to be around Karla Sorenson is always a consistent author for me, and this is no different Focused has a great storyline, perfect pace, and interesting characters It was entertaining and lighthearted and I look forward to the next books in this series I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own. I had a feeling Noah and Molly s story wasn t over so I was excited to see to see their own book This works as a standalone cause they only had a snippet in Marriage Effect that introduced them You get a good idea here All grown up now Molly works for the Washington Wolves but her new boss has a new project in the works All of Nothing an documentary usually features a team but in this case it s ateam but on a certain player Noah Griffin former next door neighbor that Molly had a crush on when she was younger.So they didn t end on good terms in their youth their left over resentment and anger there on Noah s part Noah is called The Machine for his single minded focus on football, that s all he had on his mind He s good at his position hence the focus on his life It s not the most riveting though workout, eat watch film, practice and play In that regard he started loosing sight of other important things As he and Molly work together they bridged all that and become somewhat friends I liked how despite him not wanting Molly around she got under his armor Got to the human side of him It was rather sweet and slow burn ish in a way I really liked how Noah opened up and saw his errors He made up for it the best way he knows His grandma was an adorable part of this also the Ward clan I happy to see the other siblings will get books too They were always interesting Karla Sorenson built something good with this series lighter but still packs a punch. Grumpy and cold man melting by his women is so chiefs kiss.I liked character and chemistry development between Moly and Noah.They are so cute during their tender moments, Moly and Noah just fit together.Isabel is my favourite sister since The Marriage Effect and I m excited for her book with that MMA fighter, but Claire uwu and that epilogue summer 2020 comes faster Angst her and Finn are going to serve I literary can t wait.Great start to series, you ll better read it. 4 5 STARSI was a HUGE fan of the author s Washington Wolves Series so when I found out she would be writing the Ward Sisters books, I could not wait This book is Molly Noah s story and oh how I loved it We first meet Molly Noah when she is caught sneaking into his bedroom at the end of the Marriage Effect A relationship between these two at the time was off limits as she was a minor and he a budding football star Noah s father and Molly s brother Logan were not at all happy at catching them together.Fast forward 9 years later, Molly is working in marketing for the Washington Wolves and Noah has just been traded to the team and circumstances bring both Molly and Noah back together Noah is everything I expected him to be A full on grumpy growly alpha man with a few walls to break down but a huge heart once you do Intially he is focused on football only and isnt about to let any distractions get in his way The slow burn betweem them I loved Their was a ton of chemistry and build up and had me flipping the pages quickly They go from enemies to friend to lovers and there is nothing instant about it Which I LOVED I also loved the wit and banter with lots of steamy chemistry NOTE ARC received by the author in exchange on a honest review.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Focused book, this is one of the most wanted Karla Sorensen author readers around the world.

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