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The Vegan Bodybuilder's Cookbook Essential Recipes And Meal Plans For Plant Based BodybuildingWhen It Comes To Gaining Muscle, Protein Is King In The Nutrient World, But You Don T Have To Be A Carnivore To Get Swole Plants Contain The Nutrients Needed To Support Your Bodybuilding Efforts The Vegan Bodybuilder S Cookbook Is Your Comprehensive Guide To Keep You On Track Towards Shredded SuccessLearn To Complement Your Training Regimen With A Plant Based Diet Featuring Delicious Recipes, Nutritional Guidance, And Meal Plans With The Knowledge Presented In This Book, You Will Be On The Way To Achieving Your Bodybuilding Goals And Gaining Enormous Health Benefits The Vegan Bodybuilder S Cookbook Includes Powerful Options Take Your Pick From One Of The Three One Week Meal Plans, Each Designed To Help You Reach The Pinnacle Of Your Bodybuilding Program The Healthy Goods From Shopping Lists And Dietary Information To Meal Prep Advice, This Book Is Jacked With Everything You Need To Succeed In Bodybuilding Facts, Facts, Facts Did You Know Cup Of Almonds Has The Same Amount Of Protein As Cup Of Chicken This Book Is Loaded With Important Information

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Vegan Bodybuilder's Cookbook book, this is one of the most wanted Samantha Shorkey author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • The Vegan Bodybuilder's Cookbook
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  • English
  • 26 November 2017
  • 9781646111053

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    I cannot wait to go to the grocery store this week to try the recipes in this vegan cookbook I am not a vegan at this moment, but I am looking for new healthy food ideas.I read the entire cookbook, placing stickies on EVERY recipe that I wanted to try The same ingredients are often used throughout so one can get accustomed to using them but not to fear, they are not bland recipes in any way I marked so many entrees, sides, smoothies, dessert, and dressings, I am shocked by how many stickers I went through.Some of the recipes I marked White Bean Cauliflower Soup Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge Get Swole Burrito Bowl Kale Chips Fudgy Protein Brownies Chocolate Banana Nice CreamI m excited to incorporate some of these meatless and dairy free recipes into my life I plan on using the Bulking and Maintaining sections the most I learned quite a few new facts.The writing reads like gym talk using words like bruh, after all, it is a vegan bodybuilder s cookbook Pictures of the recipes are only included on new chapter pages which were a little disappointing but the recipes seem to be good I liked this for the recipes I see myself referencing this much in my future, starting this week I thought it was really neat the author Samantha Shorkey, was the first ever vegan World Natural Bodybuilding Federation bikini pro.I d like to thank Callisto Media and Rockridge Press for the print copy All reviews of mine are voluntary and honest.

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    I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Don t let vegan bodybuilder in the title fool you This book is for anyone wanting to embrace a healthier, vibrant lifestyle or who just wants a compilation of simple and flavorful plant based recipes As a bodybuilder and professional plant based figure competitor myself, I can attest that eating nutrient dense plant foods like those found in these pages really can help pack on the muscle and create a lean and beautiful physique and clearer skin while giving you energy and recovery power for your workouts And yes there s a protein punch every step of the way, so don t you worry about that A big focus of the book is on meal prep, something Shorkey emphasizes so that we can be our own Conductor of the Swole Train She suggests taking Sundays and Wednesdays to bulk prep all meals for the entire week Three meal and calorie macro plans are presented she shows you how to determine your own calorie macro needs bulking, cutting, and maintaining, followed by a step by step guide to preparing the foods on the plan Brilliant Following a meal plan can be difficult especially when you re expected to bulk prep meals and have no experience doing so Shorkey walks you through it, and before you know it you ve prepared and stored half a week s worth of meals in a very short time all at the same time What impressed me the most about this book was the recipes Oh holy wow This is whole foods, plant based eating at its finest, and not what you d expect to see in a typical bodybuilding book You won t feel like you re on a diet even when you re cutting and you won t find fake meats or processed food in here Instead, you re offered recipes with only a handful of ingredients that pack a real nutrition and flavor punch There s no boring, bland eating here The recipes are simple and plentiful and you ll be able to choose just about any ethnicity your taste buds desire Moroccan, Tex Mex, Italian, Indian, German DIY sausages there s something for every mood These are recipes you d feel good about preparing for a potluck and serving other people They ll impress even the pickiest non vegan This cookbook is one I will use regularly for quick, healthful meals and for throwing together a dish to share with friends I whole heartedly recommend it to the seasoned bodybuilder, the veg curious, and anyone interested in improving their health and fitness through plant based eating.

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    I was given a copy of The Vegan Bodybuilder s Cookbook via the publisher I was under no obligation to review this cookbook and my opinion is freely given.Not all vegetables are the same This cookbook helps readers to choose wisely, blending together different proteins nuts, legumes, and the like and whole grains with vegetables and fruits Eating clean is not easy and the author recommends going vegetarian before switching to vegan The biggest obstacle is making sure to consume essential amino acids, necessary elements to keeping your body systems in good shape Foods like lentils, soy, peanuts, and quinoa are key to a healthy body without eating meat They help build muscle, without the soreness and fatigue that usually follow with vigorous workouts One of the big things that the author stresses is prepping food items ahead of time, as to avoid the possibility of eating something not on the plan due to hunger To this end, there are shopping lists, meal plans, and step by step instructions for success This is a complicated diet, so following the cookbook to the letter is probably key for getting all of the nutrients that you need Additionally, entering into a drastic change such as this should be discussed with a medical professional.There are pros and cons to The Vegan Bodybuilder s Cookbook I did like some of the recipes, listed below by section Breakfasts and Smoothies Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge, Classic Tofu ScrambleMidday Meals Three Bean Salad, Hearty Mushroom Lentil Soup, Harvest BowlSnacks and Small Bites Sweet Potato Nachos, Apple Cinnamon StacksDinners Quinoa Black Bean Chili, Spicy Peanut StewDesserts Black Bean Brownie Mug Cake, Vanilla Almond TrufflesStaples, Sauces and Dressings Tofu Feta, Lemon Parsley Dressing, Edamame HummusThere are two problems that I had with cookbook One, there is a severe lack of photographs, which are essential when starting a new diet plan Since each recipe takes up one page, there is plenty of space available for photos Two, the author uses protein powder entirely too often This is supposed to be a healthy diet plan, but how healthy can it be if it relies on a synthesized powder Overall, there is a lot to like about The Vegan Bodybuilder s Cookbook The author gives a lot of tips for each recipe, providing substitutions, storage helps, or nutritional information Plant based recipes are definitely on trend and I liked the author s variety regarding the finished dishes.

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    I requested a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I will undoubtedly be denied as I do not have an ALA I am Canadian I am reviewing the book anyway on Goodreads and Facebook yourloss AND because I love to cook and bake at home I had already read it via KindleUnlimited as my job revolves around healthy food, researching food recipes, food deserts, community kitchens so everything about food AND literacy getting people to read novels instead of cereal packages callisto callistomedia apparently does not like me as I don t belong the ALA I am Canadian I am not holding it against them but it would be nice to review their books on NetGalleyFrom the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do .Plant power for vegan bodybuilders the essential cookbookWhen it comes to gaining muscle, protein is king in the nutrient world, but you don t have to be a carnivore to get swole Plants contain the nutrients needed to support your bodybuilding efforts The Vegan Bodybuilder s Cookbook is your comprehensive guide to keep you on track towards shredded success.Learn to compliment your training regimen with a plant based diet featuring 102 delicious recipes, nutritional guidance, and meal plans With the knowledge presented in this book, you will be on the way to achieving your bodybuilding goals and gaining enormous health benefits.The Vegan Bodybuilder s Cookbook includes Powerful options Take your pick from one of the three one week meal plans, each designed to help you reach the pinnacle of your bodybuilding program The healthy goods From shopping lists and dietary information to meal prep advice, this book is jacked with everything you need to succeed in bodybuilding Facts, facts, facts Did you know 1 cup of almonds has the same amount of protein as 1 cup of chicken This book is loaded with important information.If you re looking for a vegan cookbook that supports bodybuilding, look no further than this one.Okay, let me say this first off 1 cup of almonds costs ten times the price of chicken, so unless I had an almond tree in the backyard that is a no go from the wallet aspect FOR ME That said, if you want to body build on a vegan diet, this is the book to read It makes a lot of sense and I am going to make a good number of the recipes as they are so yummy looking and perhaps add some of my beloved fish to it I also love tofu but most male body builders I know avoid tofu due to phytoestrogens Again, to each their own As always, I try to find a reason to not rate with stars as I love emojis outside of their incessant use by ed Social Influencer Millennials BachelorNation survivors etc on Instagram and Twitter Get a real job, people so let s give it This book is also cross reviewed at

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    Thanks to NetGalley and Rockridge Press for the review copy I have a confession I m not a vegan, but I do like to incorporate vegetarian and vegan meals into my eating routine I requested this book because body builders need enough nutrition to build muscle and be as strong as they are I am trying very hard to cut out fast food and reduce things like sodium and sugar intake, so I thought this book would give me some solid recipes that would help keep me healthy while being enough food and nutrients so I wouldn t feel hungry or depleted.Before we jump into the recipes, Shorkey has given us a solid introduction that outlines a plant lifestyle, how that works with bodybuilding, a few tips to make this book work for you, all while putting to rest some common myths.The second chapter is all about prepping your kitchen and budget optimally to make this work and to avoid food waste, win win The book also understands that different people have different goals, and it s designed for those who want to either lose weight, gain muscle, or just maintain their current situation, which is helpful for me , someone who isn t too concerned about physique but really wants to consume enough good stuff to maintain my current situation minus all the bad for you stuff There s a whole meal planning chart for each goal.The actual recipe part is divided into sections, smoothies breakfasts, mid day meals, snacks small bites, dinners, and some easy to prep staples to have on hand The thing I like most about these recipes is, with the exception of a few items, the recipes are simple and don t have an overwhelming number of ingredients With vegan cooking, sometimes the ingredients can seem daunting, but these ingredients and instructions are largely simple and I feel like I could incorporate them into my regular meal prep.I am actually excited to try these recipes and hopefully transition them into regular rotation If you re a body builder or, like me, definitely not , this book has plenty of options, no matter what your fitness or weight goals are, there s something in here for you It s on on Feb 18th, and it s definitely worth checking out.

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    In her new Vegan Bodybuilder s Cookbook, the Jacked on the Beanstalk blogger clearly states that you can be meat and dairy free while still winning bodybuilding competitions Plus she has the receipts to prove it She was the 2014 WNBF bikini pro and the coach of the winner of the 2015 200K 12 week Transformation Challenge.So what s her secret Protein received from a diet heavy in tofu, beans, quinoa, seeds, nuts, and vegan protein powder There are three diet plans shown depending on whether the user wants to bulk up, slim down, or maintain their current shape The author advocates meal prepping to speed up daily meal creation and reduce mealtime mistakes You know that I m too tired to make a Buddha bowl tonight and one Impossible Whopper can t be that bad for me excuse For each plan, prepping is explained step by step In addition, a shopping and equipment list, as well as a weekly meal plan chart, is provided My only complaint is all the meals are the same Sunday through Tuesday and Wednesday through Saturday on the meal plans The recipes have much variety So if you are willing to cook often and set up your own meal plans, this objection can be overcome.And the recipes sound delicious Tex Mex tofu scramble, protein pancakes, curried quinoa salad, cheesy white bean cauliflower soup, sweet potato nachos, zucchini fritters with marinara, lentil shepherd s pie with smashed sweet potato, deconstructed cabbage roll stew, black bean brownie mug cake, vanilla almond truffles, and strawberry chia jam are just a few of the recipes included here Each recipe includes labels for gluten free, nut free, and soy free as well as full nutritional information Most include nutrition, substitution, and storage tips too The only thing missing are pictures If you are fine with that, I think most aspiring vegan bodybuilders or really any vegans who want to get healthier will be inspired by the Vegan Bodybuilder s Cookbook 4 stars Thanks to Rockridge Press and Callisto Publisher s Club for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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    A Healthy ChoiceFirst I want to say I think this book is for anyone wanting to eat healthier, even though the title is The Vegan Bodybuilder I have found that these recipes would be suitable for anyone wanting to live healthy Meal prep seems to be a big part of this cookbook, which is a plus for me as I prefer to meal prep when I can This book suggests using Sundays and Wednesdays to prep all meals for the week I do have to say there are a few things in this cookbook that I don t agree with but I will leave those small things for you to decide as everyone has different ideas and tastes.This Cookbook has Two parts, part one has 3 Chapters Eating Clean, Gaining MuscleIn the KitchenThe planPart two has six Chapters Breakfast SmoothiesMidday MealsSnacks Small BitesDinnersDessertsStaples, Sauces DressingsIn the back of the book you will find Measurement Conversion, Resources, References, Recipe Index and Index.In Chapter 3 , The Plan, it talks about Bulking, Cutting and maintaining Each of these are marked by a different color edging on the page.Most of the recipes sound tasty but I am not big on tofu or soy, so I don t use those items I have made a few of the smoothies as my family loves having smoothies for breakfast Overall I think this book is a good buy for anyone wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.I received a free copy of this product from Callisto Publishers in exchange for my honest review I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

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    I picked up this cookbook in search of creative ways to incorporate protein into my plant based diet It is now my new favorite vegan cookbook.The author establishes that our nutritional needs, and therefore our use of the book, will differ depending on whether our goal is to cut fat, build muscle, or maintain our current physique I appreciate that she addresses this topic because it was a question that I had going into this book In fact, she provides a sample shopping list and meal plan using recipes from the cookbook for individuals aiming for each of these goals These plans include breakfast, pre workout, post workout, lunch, snack, and dinner.In addition to over 100 recipes, this book provides tips for setting goals for nutrition intake, prepping one s kitchen, and stocking the pantry with wholesome foods Interspersed through the pages, photos of some of the meals gave me a place to start looking for new recipes to love.Disclaimer I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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    I received this book for free from the publisher with the request to leave an optional review.I liked all the nutritional information that was provided at the front of the book It helps break down the misconceptions surrounding the you can t be a body builder and be vegan stigma I do completely agree with the other reviewer here about the over use of protein powder I only use protein after workouts, although I m no bodybuilder and I m not vegan or vegetarian I requested this book because I prefer my diet to be vegetarian vegan 75% of the time and I thought the meal planning aspects might help me include vegan vegetarian options into my regular meal plans I do look forward to trying a lot of the recipes, but I don t see myself making any of the ones that have protein powder added to them.

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    This book is essential for anyone who thinks you can t build muscle on a whole food, plant based lifestyle Not only are the recipes easy to read, the steps to most of them are easy to do as well The author helps you with shopping lists and meal panning to aid in eating at home where you have better control over your food The recipes we ve tried have all been delicious Needed photos Well done Disclaimer I have received a free book from the publisher with no expectation in return The opinions above are my own.

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