What You Wish For

What You Wish ForThis is one of those books that you are so very delighted to read and so very sad to be over And the moment I finished the last word, instantly wanted to start all over again Honestly, Katherine s books bring me so much joy and laughter They are a gift to read and I devour them while blocking out the real world, because her fictional worlds are just to good Her books lift me up and make me want to livefully There was so much to love about this book Duncan captured my heart in Happiness for Beginners when he drove to see Helen with her dog in a cooler From that moment on I was 100% invested in him, and I wanted to knowI loved peeling back the layers of who Duncan is now and all that had happened to him in the 10 years or so since we last saw him It was truly painful at times to witness all that he had become, but that made the his reappearance just that muchstunning Oh and high on pain meds Duncan is amazing I just loved all the things that came out of his mouth Sam was the reverse of Duncan, someone who had been hiding in the shadows, but had now become the light that people looked too Sadly that didn t mean that her pain and hurts were healed, but as Katherine pointed out, sometimes helping others out, brings healing to us too At no point did it occur to us that we might be doing any of this for ourselves But of course it helped us too I loved Sam and Duncan as individuals and as a unit Even though this is written from Sams POV, I never felt that it I got less of Duncan because of this, in fact through her eyes we see Duncan as he is meant to be seen, not as he is This book wouldn t be possible with out my favorites and let s just say that I got teary when Helen showed up on the beach, and then Jake and Duncan s banter I just started laughing and crying I felt all of the emotions I ll definitely be adding to this review as I ponder itand reread it I miss them all already I was so honored to received an advanced copy from the publisher in exchange in for an honest review Katherine Center is one of my go to authors and What You Wish For does not disappoint I was so thrilled when I received the email from St Martin s Press that I received an ARC, I immediately stopped what I was reading and started this book This story was so fun and unique with completely lovable characters Samantha is a quirky librarian who moved to Galveston from California to escape her unrequited crush She starts a new life at an amazing school living in the garage apartment behind the schools founders, Max and Babbette When Max passes away unexpectedly, the school is thrown into disarray without their beloved founder Sam is shocked to find that the new principal is Duncan, the man who caused her to leave California, only he seems to be a completely different person who doesn t even recognize her and is intent on ruining her school What You Wish For is a book about leaving pain behind to prioritize joy and true happiness Both Duncan and Samantha have major obstacles from their past that they are working to overcome They are able to really grow together and help one another be the best version of themselves This was definitely one of Katherine sromantic books but it also featured amazing friendships and adorable students I would have loved to attend their school This book had so much heart and left me wantingThis is the perfect beach read or anytime read I already can t wait for Katherine s next book I bite and scratch and claw my way toward happiness every day. From Katherine Center, The New York Times Bestselling Author Of How To Walk Away Comes A Stunning New Novel Full Of Heart And HopeSamantha Casey Loves Everything About Her Job As An Elementary School Librarian On The Sunny, Historic Island Of Galveston, Texas The Goofy Kids, The Stately Victorian Building, The Butterfly Garden But When The School Suddenly Loses Its Beloved Principal, It Turns Out His Replacement Will Be None Other Than Duncan Carpenter A Former, Unrequited Crush Of Sam S From Many Years BeforeWhen Duncan Shows Up As Her New Boss, Though, He S Nothing Like The Sweet Teacher She Once Swooned Over He S Become Stiff, And Humorless, And Obsessed With School Safety Now, With Duncan Determined To Destroy Everything Sam Loves About Her School In The Name Of Security And Turn It Into Nothing Short Of A Prison Sam Has To Stand Up For Everyone She Cares About Before The School That S Become Her Home Is Gone For Good You know that song by Lee Ann Womack called I Hope You Dance This book reminds me of that songIt may not be the love story you are expecting when you pick up the book.It s not steamy and sexy though in a way that was refreshing Sure, it has Samantha Caseya quirky librarian you will want to root for And, it has Duncan Carpenter, the new Principal and her potential love interest Of course, they will have their share of misunderstandings and miscommunications, along the way, as all romance stories doAnd, you will expect a happy endingbecause, that is why we read these booksBut, this book is almostabout the love of a community, than it is about the PG rated potential romance of Sam and Duncan It s a community that comes together when the beloved Principal and Founder of their school, Max, passes away And, those who replace him, including Duncan Carpenter, try to fix what isn t broken.One where friends ARE YOUR family, and they are there for Max s widow, Babette And, others along the wayIn ways that are heartwarming and touching I didn t enjoy it quite as much as Things You Save In A Fire , but I did like it s message though it may have been a bit overdone JOY AND SORROW WALK SIDE BY SIDE, and BEING ALIVE MEANS RISKING ONE FOR THE OTHER.IT S ALWAYS BETTER TO DANCE THAN TO REFUSE favorite quote from the book Another great buddy read with DeAnn I would like to thank the Publisher for inviting me to read a digital ARC, provided through NetGalley, in exchange for a candid review Available July 14, 2020 Just in time for those beach vacations Pre order now 4 joyful starsDo you ever have one of those spells where you ve been reading heavier, darker thrillers or somewhat depressing historical fiction If so, I highly recommend this book as an antidote With a message of choosing to live life with joy, this book was the perfect one for me to read right now Yes, there s romance, but not sappy or steamy There are some heavier themes that give the book substance, and overall this one punched the ticket for me With a school setting, this one features quirky elementary school librarian Samantha, who has escaped her previous school and a crush to start over in Galveston, Texas She s getting ready for the school year ahead when a tragedy befalls the beloved school principal Guess who is coming as the new principal That same crush from her old job However, he s not the same person at all and the school may never be the same.There are some school politics, but mostly this one is about relationships and with two realistic and damaged main characters Samantha and Duncan I really enjoyed this one There are a couple of great beach scenes that really change the trajectory of the book The guard dog Chuck Norris is a great character as well I didn t love this one as much as Things You Save in a Fire but it has the same style I ve come to expect from Katherine Center.This was another fantastic buddy read with Jayme Thank you to St Martin s for granting my wish with NetGalley to read an early copy of this one. I m not sure I fully have the words to express how much I loved this book What You Wish For just became my favorite Katherine Center book of all time I love Sam and Duncan, and their story was exactly what I needed to read right now One of the reasons I love Katherine Center s books so very much is because each time you read one, you are not only getting a wonderfully captivating story, you are being reminded of what s important in the world Katherine has quickly become not only a favorite author, but a mentor of sorts, because each time I read one of her books, I am changed for the better Each of her books fill this world with beauty and reminds us all to choose joy on purpose And this latest book was absolutely no exception to this What You Wish For is storytelling at its finest a perfect blend of hardships and joy, full of characters that you can not only root for, but deeply relate to Katherine Center is the embodiment of choosing to pursue joy, even in the midst of the hard, and each of her books are a necessary reminder of this Katherine is truly making the world a better place, one book at a time, and I am here for it Well, I got insanely lucky and received an ARC for Katherine Center s latest and, as usual, it did not disappoint I just adore the way she writes her characters She always elicits such emotion I rarely cry when reading books but she always gets me And she writes a hero like none other She writes relationships for real and makes the couple s journey important and sweet In short, I wish Katherine Center was my best friend. This review is going to be long because OMG I LOVE THIS BOOK This book has some 90s rom com nostalgia, for real. It s like hope floats and Never Been Kissed I can t pinpoint why it makes me think if these but it does Casey is so loveable She is hilarious and I just imagine her as a fast talking, unable to shut up, awkward, Lorelai Gil And I love my Gil Girls, hence my daughter being named Lorelai Casey is energetic and her joy is contagious I loved the theme of this book When life knocks you down, make your own joy And that s the thing Life WILL knock you down It can make the best day ever turn into the worst within seconds It will throw you curve balls It will leave you shattered into a million pieces lying on the floor begging to be saved Life will throw you waypain than joy But the best part is leaving that pain behind and finding joy Life doesn t usually leave joy on your front steps You have to find it But it can be found in most places, in the silliest of things Like being with your family in the middle of the night at Waffle House, and singing Don t Stop Believing, loud and proud It IS making up silly dances my husband s favorite is my happy dance Slightly bend Put one arm in front and one in back, and start twisting them It can be found in children s laughter, or watching a snail crawl I mean have you ever watched it It s kind of mesmerizing It s watching snow fall or hearing the rain It s choosing to see the joy of things and finding your happiness Don t get me wrong this book deals with some heavy things Some that I worry about everyday with little kids I am not going to talk about them because I don t want to spoil the book for anyone, before it has even come out I will probably do another review after it is released Then I will go intodetail As you can tell, I love this book It will be in my top reads for this year. I tried not to click on the stars this time I really did But HOW CAN I NOT click on them They re just lined up there, all sad and empty, justLONGING to be clicked I blame the stars.And now I ve just found the title of my autobiography I Blame the Stars Never miss a chance to celebrate Katherine Center s latest novel, like all her novels, is utterly delightful While I ultimately preferred Things You Save in a Fire, I still stayed up until 3 AM finishing this story Once it gets going, it s hard to put down The theme, choosing joy, really resonates It s a lesson we should all take to heart Told entirely from Samantha s perspective, she s a quirky character trying desperately to come to terms with several life altering events Enter Duncan the one who got away several years before, who happens to be dealing with a life altering event of his own You re left with two semi broken characters who eventually find completion in each other I love Katherine Center, but after reading three of her books in the past 12 months, I quickly realized they re a smidge formulaic It s nothing which would prevent me from reading her future releases, but it definitely makes things predictable As for What You Wish For, the overall plot wasn t entirely interesting to me set almost entirely in a private elementary school, it s not particularly relatable And if I m being entirely honest, for the first third of the story, I intensely disliked both Samantha and Duncanthey were so over the top These are the reasons I opted to rate this book 3.5 Despite my grumbles, I still enjoyed this bookespecially Chuck Norris And my absolute favorite part was high on drugs Duncan Recommended to those who who enjoy contemporary romance novels or beachy type reads Pick up a copy of your own July 14, 2020Many thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

Katherine Center is the New York Times bestselling author of How to Walk Away, the upcoming Things You Save in a Fire August 2019 , and five other bittersweet comic novels Six Foot Pictures is currently adapting her fourth novel, The Lost Husband, into a feature film starring Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, and Nora Dunn Katherine has been compared to both Nora Ephron and Jane Austen, and the Dallas

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  • What You Wish For
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  • English
  • 27 October 2019
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