ImmortalIt took me a while to actually get into the book It has a really good, new, interesting plot It just never really caught my attention like some other books I ve read have It also kinda bugged me how quickly Evie and Sebastian fell in love To me it was all to fast Maybe it was just because we don t get to see all the time they spend together We just get to see some of the times they meet together But, even through all that, as all the mysteries strengthen, the book get s a lot exciting Especially the ending You start getting all these answers, and one of the answers you get was so obvious that I felt so stupid for not figuring it out to start with You also start to believe Evie s and Sebastian s relationship a little , which made it even better When I first started the book I wasn t sure if I was going to continue on with the series, but after the endingI have no doubt I will continue with this series I have got to find out what all is going to happen This female protagonist needs to watch a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars.Because PLL Rule 1 of Survival is don t go anywhere creepy at night. Which is right before that other crucial rule don t trust strange gorgeous guys you ve just met.This girl either thinks she s been dipped in the River Styx and is invulnerable, or, is simply missing a few important pieces of her brain Namely her Fight or Flight instinct ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Evie Johnson is a new student at Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies, which resides in you ll never guess a gothic mansion on the moors Surprisingly, there are some severe headmistresses there coiffed with scraped back buns and a clique of mean rich girls They tease Evie for arriving on the train and make discourteous comments when the school mistress announces that Evie is their new scholarship student You won t believe it, but Evie has red hair and a seemingly innocuous silver pendant which belonged to her mother who was drowned , grandmother, and other maternal ancestors who have some connection to the area around Wyldcliffe Abbey Needless to say, I was astonished when Evie started experiencing strange sensations and hallucinations when she arrived at school These visions are connected to the tragic deaths of two young ladies, one of whom grew up in the Victorian age and wisely kept a diary detailing her experimentation with witchcraft.In an unpredictable twist, there s also a mysterious and exotically beautiful boy with no personality who sneaks around on the grounds at night and has fallen hopelessly in love with Evie for no apparent reason With the help of Sarah, the only nice girl at Wyldcliffe Abbey, and Helen, the strange loner, Evie tries to figure out what s going on.Immortal, by Gillian Shields, is a disappointing Wuthering Heights wannabe whose plot so closely mimics Libba Bray s A Great and Terrible Beauty, that it begs comparison And so I will compare it I didn t particularly enjoy Bray s book because of the unlikable girls, but I did find some pleasure and wit between its covers and the audio narration was truly beautiful.Immortal, however, has nothing going for it Evie is an ineffective heroine We re supposed to root for her because she s the protagonist of the story, but she s not particularly engaging or interesting The only reason to root for Evie is that Celeste the ice princess who s the classic mean girl caricature is against her Likewise, the beautiful boy who falls in love with Evie has nothing to offer He s supposed to be tragic and romantic, but I found him annoying and wondered when Evie would ask herself what was wrong with this ridiculous romance The only tolerable person in Immortal is Sarah, the nice girl Unfortunately, though the audio version performed by Emily Durante was otherwise well acted, the voice used for Sarah was so highly pitched sometimes becoming sharp and shrill that it made even Sarah intolerable.So, there s no reason to like any of Shields characters, and there s no charm, wit, beauty, or style to make up for it Immortal isn t likely to entertain most adults and most well read teenagers will also find it derivative, emotionally vapid, and generally unsatisfying Other than disappointment, while reading Immortal I never felt anything but d j vu. Immortal by Gillian Shields is a fantasy YA novel focused on witches.I really enjoyed the first book in this series aka this book, Immortal The take it has on witches was different than what I had read about before, and I enjoyed it s uniqueness It wasn t on my top list of YA books I read years ago, but it s still a good book.Gillian Shields is a skilled writer, and I really want to pick up books from her This novel isn t an A book, but I can only imagine how much she has grown since she first wrote this book With so much potential, it s hard to believe she won t write an even better book in the future.I did think there was a pinch too much romance in this book If there was focus on the plot line and witches I think it could have peaked up to an even higher rating on my end I ll have to pick up the rest of the books in the series again to see if it gets any better or if my ratings change from when I first read this series It also features some cliche characters and plot linesSo, for me, it s a little bit boring It s still a sweet book, and I think there s lots of room to grow for Gillian Hopefully she has books out because I absolutely LOVED her writing style within this Her books are easy to read and move at a relatively fast paced Three out of five stars. This is one of those paranormal books that has every cliche you can think of I really wanted to like this, but honestly, I couldn t think of anything I enjoyed It s all just so unoriginal Girl who s lost one or both of her parents Girl gets shipped off to boarding school The teachers are mean and have lots of strict rules Girl is lonely and gets picked on by popular girls Immortal boyfriend who is sad and mysterious Girl falls in love with said boyfriend in a tiny span of time and declares she ll do anything for him These are just a few of the cliches in Immortal, and it got on my nerves to no end Plus, the romance was unbelievable It seemed like we hardly knew anything about Sebastian, and in the few scenes that he was in, he did nothing but drone on about how he cared so much for Evie, but he couldn t tell her his secrets Because, of course, he must have some way to retain his mysteriousness Even though I totally guessed his secret right away Then Evie, who is quite possibly one of the most boring narrators I ve ever read She has no personality whatsoever All I know about her is that she has red hair and gray eyes and she repeatedly calls herself sane and sensible Seriously That s all It would ve helped so much if we knew about her what subjects does she like What does she do in her free time What are her greatest fears Her goal in life Anything Doesn t she ever do anything but pine after Sebastian and mope about how she hates boarding school If you ve read many paranormal books, then I wouldn t recommend this, as sadly it s quite boring and unoriginal I m definitely not interested enough to continue the series. Free audio book from this summer.Since I received this as a freebie, I thought I would try an experiment and try out an audio book I think that this book ran about 7 or 8 hours, but it sure felt longer The reader wasn t bad, but the story was not for me.Immortal is the story of a young girl named Evie Johnson who is sent to the Wyldcliffe Abbey School for young women She meets the handsome Sebastian James outside of the school and manages to see him often Of course, Sebastian is not really that good for her and there are glaring signs that perhaps Sebastian is not what he seems Evie ignores all the signs for love There is something odd about the school as well, not to mention the gaggle of catty girls that have decided to torment Evie.So boarding school, catty girls, mysterious boy, other strange things, a mystery journal It could have been interesting, but the story fell flat for me Perhaps it was Evie s total lack of self preservation that bothered me the most If your boyfriend tells you that you can t see him in the daytime, he won t introduce you to his family, and that he might hurt you, wouldn t you run in the opposite direction I know I would. Evie Johnson is a sensible, responsible girl not much given over to fancy, but there s no denying her world is becoming increasingly strange and she seems to be in the thick of it Sent to the village of Wyldcliffe in Yorkshire to attend a boarding school her military father has found for her after her grandmother suffers a stroke, Evie s determined to make the best of things But on arriving in Wyldcliffe, Evie literally runs into a handsome, ill looking young man on a horse who somehow managed to repair the broken glass in her picture frame as if it had never been damaged And it s not enough that the Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies is a large, brooding building run along very traditional ideas of schooling it s also a school for the precious daughters of some of the wealthiest people in the country, and a cursed place according to the people thereabouts Which Evie can believe she evens sleeps in the bed of a girl who drowned in the lake the previous year On her first day Evie finds herself in trouble with the school s head mistress and her many rules As an unwanted scholarship student, with nowhere else to go, Evie tries to keep her head down and even make a friend amongst the disdainful, elitist student body But at night she goes in secret to the lake to meet the man who so caught her attention on her first day Sebastian, while by day she keeps seeing what may be a ghost, or may be a figment of her imagination a girl with red hair like hers, in period dress, moving about the Abbey Evie isn t going crazy She s connected to Lady Agnes, whose home the Abbey once was in the 19th century, and who seems to be trying to tell Evie to stay away from Sebastian Sebastian himself, as close as they become, continues to be a mystery to Evie But as she draws closer to the secret of Lady Agnes, the past and just who or what Sebastian really is, she will have to choose between the legacy of a long line of women, and her love for a man who could very well be her dearest enemy.Ultimately, this was a largely unsatisfying novel With these books I very much get a lolly that fills the mouth with sweetness and rich flavour, pleases the taste buds, but leaves the body unnourished, the belly empty I m starting to think that the entire YA industry needs an overhaul, and I would like to see YA authors going back and reading some of the older YA books, from twenty, thirty, eighty years ago, and reflect on why their own work is so superficial So lacking Even the 90s was producing satisfying YA work than the new releases I ve been reading Though, there are some good stuff coming out of current writers just not so much in the paranormal section And it s a real shame Shields writes very competently, and employs none of the irritating little narrative devices that give me the shits, like constant reflection and anti climactic sentences operating as paragraphs, though she does introduce some of her own The dual stories of Evie in the present and Agnes, through diary entries, in the past are woven together neatly, revealing new information to us that corresponds with what s happening in the other story, but leaving the dual protagonists ignorant Shields would end one such chapter with a line that is then repeated, or less, at the beginning of the next chapter once you notice this device, it becomes a bit too pat, a bit too ha ha yes that s cute moving on now I did like Lady Agnes, though she s one of those good characters who can make me feel slightly nauseous, and yet Shields managed to make her convincing enough that I cared for her and her own predicament.The atmosphere was rich, very gothic and quite heavy the old fashioned boarding school side of it reminded me of A Picnic at Hanging Rock, sort of I liked Evie she s level headed, not too stubborn, well, not until the end when she held on to her stubbornness a bit too long, and is ordinary and daggy enough to be a familiar, comforting protagonist If she had been anything like the other girls in the school, it would have been alienating She was definitely out of place in the school, and made the whole situation at the school look rather absurd In fact, if I follow through with that thought, the school was rather unbelievable, unrealistic plausible, yes, but also over the top It s not quite like the weirdness at the school in Isobelle Carmody s The Gathering, where the supernatural, magic side of things feels so organic and natural and the dark side of the story just right by withholding details, the threat and looming danger becomes tangible Really, we re told too much here, and the mystery, the suspense, the threat of danger, dissolves.There s too much detail here on things that reduce the novel, diminish it somehow, while those aspects that should have been dwelled on specially the relationship between Evie and Sebastian, but also the elemental magic side of things where skimmed over too lightly Evie and Sebastian are the case in point I didn t believe in their chemistry, as much as I wanted to, because there wasn t anything there for me to grasp hold of Their growing relationship is dealt with almost in passing What did Sebastian see in Evie beyond red hair that maybe reminded him of Agnes What did Evie see in Sebastian beyond a pretty face Without establishing a deep and lasting bond between the two, the whole point of the story falls apart, or at most wallows sluggishly in still water Predictable water, too we ve figured out everything so far in advance of Evie that you re not left with all that much to keep you reading I needed the momentum of their passion to propel the story forward, and to really bring to life Evie s unenviable position at the end of the book Instead, it slipped dangerously close to farce It was also very fast paced, rushing through the weeks and yet not really going anywhere Again, it needed to slow down and really develop the characters and the story fully.There were definitely elements that I liked, almost despite myself The beginning, with Evie walking along the village road and the man on the horse coming straight for her, causing a bit of an accident after which the man berates her like it was her fault, is straight out ofJane Eyre , and made me very curious and expectant about seeing Jane parallels There weren t any, or I stopped looking There s a very nice British flavour to the novel that I really appreciated, despite the American spelling that looked so out of place, but if often felt like it was written by someone who hadn t spent much time there a lot of the Britishness you would expect had been smoothed out of it, making it bland and conventional I hate this nagging conviction that non American authors feel they have to do this to make their books palatable to Americans I know, I m cynical, but I feel it in my gut I honestly don t know if I ll read of the series I was pleased and yet deeply disappointed by this book pleased by what it did offer, disappointed by how much it held back My biggest complaint is about the poorly established love between Evie and Sebastian, and since the whole book the whole series hinges on this love, you definitely need to have it cemented so well I, the reader, feel every shard of pain Evie does, every moment of despair, passion, loneliness, and aching love Don t tell me she loves Sebastian They re just words I have to see it, feel it, know it for myself And I hate repeating the same old complaint with every YA Paranormal Romance book I read. Immortal was a compelling and exciting story that kept me turning the pages until I had reached the end Though I found some parts to be predictable, there were also times when I didn t have a clue as to how certain elements were connected, which made for an engaging read I thoroughly enjoyed the characters I felt they were well developed, realistic, and interesting However, I must admit that when I heard Sebastian tell Evie to stay from him because he was dangerous I thought, Oh no, please not another Keep away, I m dangerous male love interest I believe you all know which book I m referring to Thankfully it didn t turn out to be quite like that and Sebastian had plenty of good reason to warn her One of the only problems I had with this book was the writing style Not that there was actually anything wrong with it It s just that it read a little differently and took some getting used to, which I eventually did Although, I did really enjoy the alternating points of view from Evie to Lady Agnes s journal.For the entire review visit my blog Okay I admit that I liked this one If you haven t noticed I am a sucker for the story of the somewhat lonley, misunderstood female lead who falls in love with the guy who is not quite what he first seems to be HOWEVER, I will tell you that I liked this story much much when it was called A Great and Terrible Beauty and was written by Libba Bray. Wyldcliffe Abbey School For Young Ladies, Housed In A Gothic Mansion On The Bleak Northern Moors, Is Elite, Expensive, And Unwelcoming When Evie Johnson Is Torn Away From Her Home By The Sea To Become The Newest Scholarship Student, She Is Isolated Than She Could Have Dreamed Strict Teachers, Snobbish Students, And The Oppressive Atmosphere Of Wyldcliffe Leave Evie Drowning In LonelinessEvie S Only Lifeline Is Sebastian, A Rebellious, Mocking, Dangerously Attractive Young Man She Meets By Chance As Evie S Feelings For Sebastian Grow With Each Secret Meeting, She Starts To Fear That He Is Hiding Something About His Past And She Is Haunted By Glimpses Of A Strange, Ghostly Girl A Girl Who Is So Eerily Like Evie, She Could Be A Sister Evie Is Slowly Drawn Into A Tangled Web Of Past And Present That She Cannot Control And As The Extraordinary, Elemental Forces Of Wyldcliffe Rise Up Like The Mighty Sea, Evie Is Faced With An Astounding Truth About Sebastian, And Her Own Incredible FateGillian Shields S Electrifying Tale Will Dazzle Readers With Suspense, Mysticism, And Romance

Gillian Shields was born and brought up in Yorkshire, in the north of England As she grew up, she had two passions books and theater Gillian s love of books led her to read English at St Catharine s College, Cambridge After university she studied acting in London She then taught in a drama school, the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, for several years, becoming Vice Principal She recently

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