The Damned

The DamnedI m 5 minutes post THE BEAUTIFUL and all I know is I need this book now After that ending of The Beautiful, there was no way I was going to skip this one.I love love loved Celine in this one She s experienced evenand stands stronger than ever I loved her tenacity and refusal to be placated Bastian is evenintriguing this time around I was captivated reading him figure out how he moves forward And again, I could have done with 5000%Odette.Plot wise, it was a bit info dumpy in the beginning, but I relished finally knowing the backstory of everything Once things got going, there were reveals and false trails and I was here for all of my second guessing I will say that the ending felt very unfinished and I m hoping there will be another book I ve been told from several people that it s going to be multiple books, but haven t seen an official announcement Overall, I loved Ren e s take on vampires and will absolutely read anything she puts her name on Huge thanks to GP Putnam s Sons BFYR for providing the arc free of charge Did Renee Ahdieh sell her soul to the devil to get the most beautiful covers ever Me disliked the first book Me sees a giveaway of the 2nd My brain What are you doingMy brain StopMy brain NENIAAAMe click 4.5 starsWow Wow The Beautiful was one of my favourite reads last year It had captivating characters, breathtaking descriptions of New Orleans, a highly intriguing plot, and vampires Renee Ahdieh made vampires cool again in 2019 in the most sophisticated and seductive way I applaud her for that So obviously, I had quite high expectations for its sequel, The Damned The Damned is definitelyof S bastien s book It makes perfect sense when you remember how the last book ended In this book, we were given many different POVs, but I would say that the majority of them were Bastien s Also, while everyone else s were in 3rd person, Bastien s chapters were in 1st person It was an interesting decision but one that I completely loved It really helped us become fully invested in his mind and his thoughts Bastien goes through a lot in this book He is a boy that is always enticed by the darkness within and around him But after being engulfed by anger and going through massive life changes, we may see a side of Bastien that comes a bit closer to the light insteadBastien internally battles with the idea of loyalty vs family and what it really means to love someone It was so intriguing to be in his head for the majority of this book Though Celine was still one of our main characters, she doesn t become too heavily involved in everything till about the 25% mark At first, I was a bit bummed since I adore Celine she is one of my favourite protagonists however, again, when you remember how the previous book ended, it made perfect sense You do see and hear quite a bit of her, but the story to be told belongs to Bastien and his immortal family I must add that Celine definitely takes a solid hold back of the story in the second half of the book as we dive into her mysteries and the unveiling truths of her life Bastien remains on the list of my favourite main characters He is headstrong, quick to act, smart, and cunning Every step he takes is a calculated one Of course, at the beginning of his story in this book, he had a lot to overcome But watching him do that, watching him be angry and sad and lonely, made me only adore himWatching his journey from anger to passion, from lost to found, was truly something to behold This book does not slow down It is action packed and has you excitingly anticipating the next moment I was excited to seedevelopment between Celine and Pippa s friendship There was a very crucial moment between those two that needed to happen in order to strengthen their bond Also, it gave usdepth to Pippa s story and her personality Also, speaking of Pippa Pippa x Arjun I would like to see it The seeds were definitely planted for a possible future between those two Their dynamic, though we only got a tiny bit of it, was captivating and entertaining The side characters in La Cour des Lions were explored muchthan the first book I was happy to know of their stories and their personalities Jae s backstory was so intricate and intriguing I was chomping at the bit to find outabout him Also, Odette is everything to me and I could ve done with sooo muchOdette content I love Arjun as well and I wish we would ve gottenof him and his story but sooommethinnnggg tells me we will be getting a lot of it in the next book This book opens up so much further into the lore of this world Giving insight to mystical and paranormal creatures, it took a turn I did not expect Like it truly came out of nowhere for me Because of this, The Damned has a slightly different vibe than The Beautiful That being said, it still takes place in New Orleans, it is still magnificently atmospheric and enchantingly haunting Though it did take the unexpected turn I mentioned, I grew to love it It really helps thicken the plot of the overall series, giving weight and depth to the story and raising the stakes of everything And of course, Ahdieh s rich world building makes these new turns and discoveries just as captivating as the first book I am excited to see how the new world and characters come into play in the next book I want to add that I can see some people be slightly disappointed in the turn this book takes It truly takes on a whole new world, in a sense It becomes muchof a fantasy But I loved it in the end This book got sexy and I just want to thank Renee Ahdieh for giving that to us The ending was magnificently earth shattering So many different reveals happened throughout the course of the book and I thought I could be surprised noBut no Renee really did that So many shocking things happened at the very end And just when you think all the plot twists were overnope Another one slaps you in the face at the very last few paragraphs of the book The few problems I have with this book are as follows the ending felt a bit rushed The story made sense but I think we could ve done with a fewchapters to slow down and focus on a few details within the plot One example is that there is a moment in which Celine comes to a decision one that I loved, I should add but it felt almost a bit rushed We could have been givendevelopment on that Also, this book focuses a little less on the romance when compared to its predecessor Romance was still there and just as beautiful, just not as present I am so grateful to have read an ARC of The Damned I cannot believe that I ll have to wait something like a year for the next book I am so fully captivated by this series and the world and characters that Renee Ahdieh created In conclusion, get excited everyone And also strap in Because The Damned is about to rock your wold Thank you to the publishers PenguinTeen for providing me a copy of this via netgalley I got to meet this amazing cover artist First book s cover is so muchhh better than the book and look at this one It is FANTASTIC For the second book Fingers crossed I hope we got our highly expected vampire stories which we didn t have at the first book Love the cover. New York Times Bestselling Author Ren E Ahdieh Returns With The Second Installment Of Her New Sumptuous, Sultry And Romantic Series, The Beautiful Following The Events Of The Beautiful, S Bastien Saint Germain Is Now Cursed And Forever Changed The Treaty Between The Fallen And The Brotherhood Has Been Broken, And War Between The Immortals Seems Imminent The Price Of Loving Celine Was Costly But Celine Has Also Paid A High Price For Loving Bastien Still Recovering From Injuries Sustained During A Night She Can T Quite Remember, Her Dreams Are Troubled And She Doesn T Know She Has Inadvertently Set Into Motion A Chain Of Events That Could Lead To Her Demise And Unveil A Truth About Herself She S Not Quite Ready To Learn Forces Hiding In The Shadows Have Been Patiently Waiting For This Moment For Centuries And Just As Bastien And Celine Begin To Uncover The Danger Around Them, They Learn Their Love Could Tear Them Apart A huge thank you to PenguinTeen for sending me an ARC on NetGalley to review My review is an honest review 5 5 stars for The Damned This book took me by surprise I really liked the first book, The Beautiful, but I didn t love it For me something was missing, and I couldn t quite put my finger on what I think I felt like the world was not fully filled out in the first book That really changed in this book The Damned really expanded the characters and the world I adored everything about this book, and I felt as if I was reading exactly what I wanted from the first book I finally connected with the characters on a deep level, and Ahdieh expanded the paranormal world so much and in such a beautiful way This book s plot was also really well thought out It took so many twists and turns, and I was NEVER bored Ren e Ahdieh s writing is so lyrical and beautiful She has such a talent when it comes to weaving together words I will never get tired of reading her books I have to say that this book is now one of my favorite paranormal romances of all time and is easily one of my favorite books of the year Even if you had a bit of trouble loving the first book, I really recommend picking this book up and reading it.Thanks for reading Caden 3.5 starsThis book was wild It was kind of a mess but an enjoyable mess I loved the interaction between the characters and the writing There is so much information revealed in this sequel about the characters and the world they live in, but in my opinion not quite specific enough But the developments were definitely interesting I wouldn t have wanted to miss it I m really curious about what is going to happen next If you liked The Beautiful, I d definitely recommend you pick this up P.S I wasn t sure after reading the first book, but there are DEFINITELY vampires and all sorts of other creatures in this series

THE WRATH THE DAWN and its sequel THE ROSE THE DAGGER are available wherever books are sold.FLAME IN THE MIST will be released on 5.16.17 Please note that requests for Advanced Reader Copies should be made through Penguin, and all other requests should be submitted through the author s website.

➿ The Damned Free ➶ Author Renée Ahdieh –
  • Hardcover
  • 456 pages
  • The Damned
  • Renée Ahdieh
  • English
  • 26 February 2019
  • 9781984812582

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