Dirty Sexy Knitting

Dirty Sexy KnittingThe final book of the series Christie Ridgeway did an amazing job wrapping up the events that started in book one.Summary Cassandra Riley, owner of Malibu Ewe yarn shop, has longed for a family almost her entire life She has finally started achieving her dream She has found and connected with her two half siblings, Nikki and Juliet What she didn t anticipate was feeling left out yet again after both her sisters find love and become couples Although, she is incredibly happy for them, Cassie cant help feeling a little jealous She wants that kind of love, but the only man she is remotely interested in is on a self destructive streak and eager to succeed Gabe Kincaid lost his wife and five year old little girl three years ago, and the guilt and shame he feels has led him to trying to forget by drowning in alcohol Cassandra usually picks him back up after a couple days bender Of course he has noticed and lusted after Cassandra, who wouldn t, but he cant go there She is the only person who gives a shit about him, and he s no good for her Cassandra is determined to save Gabe, at least she was until right before her thirtieth birthday She realizes that he will never be the man she wants him to be and she cant compete with the ghosts he carries with him daily She endeavors to put distance between them Gabe cant figure out why Cassandra isn t acting like her normal self, but can only figure he seduced her into bed and now wants nothing to do with him He cant let that happen He has to do right by her, so be sets out to really seduce her To make up for what he thinks he did wrong Of course, eventually he realizes that nothing happened, but its too late now There is something there between them Its impossible and inconceivable to think they can ignore that they want each other Also, Gabe feels the need to protect Cassandra, same as Cassandra feels the intense urge to save Gabe from himself Meanwhile, the sisters are trying to decide on contacting their biological father Should they or is it better to leave him to his family Against her sister s wishes, Cassandra decides to contact him She needs to see what it would be like to have a father her mother was a single mother impregnated by artificial insemination Although nervous, Cassandra meets him, but things don t go as planned Soon Cassandra feels herself withdrawing from everyone Maybe Nikki and Juliet aren t her sisters She doesn t look as much like them Meeting with her sperm donor has caused her to have doubts and it couldn t be at a worse time Gabe is having an inner battle and all he can think about is his daughter, dead so young He blames himself and his unhappy marriage He cant let Cassandra fall for him or she could miss out on the family and children she deserves Thinking he s protecting her, Gabe decides to leave, indefinitely, but unfortunately right before the big birthday bash Cassandra planned She is devastated not only by the abandonment of Gabe, but by the tension and doubts brought up by the sperm donor between her sisters and her She is alone again Her biggest fear But she isn t alone A dangerous enemy is lurking nearby intent on harming the three sisters, and starting with Cassandra Running for her life, can Cassandra get away or will Gabe be there to protect her and save her Will he finally realize he isn t lost when he has Cassandra by his side That he s whole again Will Cassandra live to make amends and fight another day with the family she so desperately wanted Great ending I was so on edge the last coup,e chapters or so Gabe and Cassandra were both looking for something they found in each other It was sweet watching them banter their way to finding it The sisters bond was inspiring, too They connected to well and really leaned on each other for support We also got to see a happy ending for Marlys, Juliet s step daughter Although I hated her in boom two, I realizedin boom three that she was just hurting, grieving It may have been a cruel way to make herself feel better, but she obviously wasn t raised any better Loved everything about it, especially the epilogue 3 I like romance novels and really don t object to sex in them, but too many sex scenes get boring after awhile and make it seem like there s not enough plot to carry them This book falls into that category for me Of course, the title warns you about that I did like the characters but as a yarn shop owner, I think if I acted like Cassandra during shop hours I wouldn t have many customers Conclusion To The Trilogy That Started With How To Knit A Wild Bikini And Unravel Me Malibu Ewe S Owner, Cassandra Riley, Is About To Turn Thirty And Wants To Celebrate With Her Knitting Club And Her Newfound Half Sisters, Nikki And Juliet, In A Big Birthday Extravaganza But With Juliet On Her Honeymoon And Nikki With Her Fianc , It Seems Everyone S Paired Up Except For Cassandra Until A Series Of Near Death Accidents Causes Cassandra To Run Straight Into The Arms Of The One Man She S Avoided Most Final in the trilogy, and wrapped up well The author always had the main romantic plot in each book, entwined with a secondary romantic plot The secondary plot either complimented the primary one, or gave added dimension until appearing to tell its own full story in the next book Besides the romantic elements, there was the strong theme of family, what it is, what it s like to not have one, or to have one that isn t what you wanted and how you create family for yourself The yarn shop, despite the suggestion that it would be another cozy theme series, wasn t all that prominent It could have just as easily been a coffee shop, craft store, book shop, or art gallery It was just an element place where characters could interact At times, Gabe s self destruction was a bit overwhelming but my main problem was that the mystery bad person who turned up at the end seemed to be a bit too pat The threat was vague, and I would have appreciated a bitemphasis on wondering who was behind it and some hint that I could look back on later and say, OH, yeah, I can see why that person did that and I probably should ve seen it coming Also romances that equate happily ever after with herds of children are going to cost them at least one star Sorry, child bearing romantics More like 3.75 I wasn t a fan of the side love story between Marlys and Dean. It is with sadness I must give this book 1 star The writing was good and the romance side of me got all mushy and enjoyed it But the reasonable side of my brain knows that a woman CANNOT save a man from alcoholism and depression To suggest that the love of a good woman could take away the desire to drink from a man who goes on several day long benders and suffers from suicidal thoughts is SO dangerous Not only does it put too much of a burden on women, it diminishes addiction and mental health In a world where violence against women is so often perpetrated in the name of some man s warped sense of blame for his own unhappiness, this cannot go unchallenged. Kindle Registered at Bookcrossing I was deeply sleep deprived when I read this book, so that may be coloring my review.I feel like Ridgway was going fordepth than she normally hits Gabe is a troubled, troubled man that she s been setting up for two novels, and Marlys, the secondary plot carried over from Unravel Me, is no piece of cake herself and just doesn t make her target I know this is romance and Ridgway does some of the better stuff of the genre out there but for multiple books, these characters have been nothing but heartache and hell on wheels And, miraculously, some really great sex fixes both of their deep seated issues Just slightly off pitch.But as for the series, I d recommend it The Epilogue tied out all three books so nicely that I read it twice and smiled the whole time. DIRTY SEXY KNITTING is a romance book that actually hademotional depth than I was expecting to get The hero of the book is Gabe He s the landlord neighbor of the heroine Cassandra Cassandra owns Malibu Ewe, which is THE place to be if you re into knitting She s also the one to call when some bartender needs to get Gabe out of their bar after another one of his benders Cassandra has been taking care of Gabe for far too long and she s frankly tired of picking up the broken pieces of a man she has really come to care about.Cassandra s thirtieth birthday is coming up and she s decided to dramatically cut down the time she spends worrying about Gabe and taking care of him Granted Gabe has had some pretty traumatic things happen to him with the loss of his wife and little girl to a drunk driver But Cassandra wants to move on and stop pining for a man that is basically hopeless Both of her half sisters have found their happily ever after and Cassandra yearns for her own After Gabe s latest bender he wakes up in Cassandra s bed, naked, and without any memory of the night before Now that Cassandra wants some space between them Gabe can t help but wonder if he somehow took advantage of the closest friend he has Gabe knows Cassandra deserves a great man in her life, someone way better than him, and yet he can t find the strength to leave Cassandra alone.Even though I had absolutely no previous knowledge of these characters or their stories I still found myself completely drawn into their lives The range of issues in the story were realistic and emotionally compelling I was drawn to both Gabe s wounded but passionate personality and Cassandra s nurturing strength I was rooting for their romance to work and I loved their interactions together There was also a secondary romance in the novel that was just as intriguing as Gabe and Cassandra s Marlys and Dean are from one of the previous novels in the series but there was a good enough description of their relationship and their previous actions to put all the pieces together.Overall I absolutely loved the book I did think the end of the story wrapped up too quickly and the epilogue was a big ole sugary bow placed on a present The emotional depth I found in the entire novel just disappeared in the ending and epilogue But it doesn t matter I still had a huge smile on my face when I closed the book The only thing I m worried about is going back to read the other two books and not enjoying them as much as I would have had I read the trilogy in the correct order But I m still going for it

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