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Jazz Age Stories A Generation Grown Up To Find All Gods Dead, All Wars Fought, All Faiths In Man Shaken , Was How F Scott Fitzgerald Defined His Age Perhaps Nowhere In American Fiction Is This Statement Better Exemplified Than In Fitzgerald S First Two Volumes Of Short Fiction Flappers And Philosophers And Tales Of The Jazz Age Penguin S New Jazz Age Stories Gathers All Of These Early Pieces In One Volume, Which Together Capture The Shine And Seductive Sound Of Early American Jazz, The Scandalous Affronts To Religious Pieties, The Nights Of Drunken Revelry, And The Impending Doom Of Financial, Moral, And Intellectual Dissolution Spanning The Early Twentieth Century American Landscape The Minnesota Of His Youth, The Princeton College Years, The Squalor And Opulence Of New York This Collection Contains Unforgettable Images Of Modern America, And Eloquently Expresses Fitzgerald S Theme Of The Enchantment And Disillusionment Of Materialism Jazz Age Stories Includes The Ice Palace, Bernice Bobs Her Hair, And A Diamond As Big As The Ritz

Zelda Fitzgerald.

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  • Jazz Age Stories
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  • 07 November 2019
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    Jazz Age Stories is like a sampler platter of F Scott Fitzgerald for the uninitiated The Ice Palace, May Day, and The Offshore Pirate are all classic Fitzgerald stories and, along with the completely bizarre Mr Icky play, the highlights of this collection The others range from good but slight Benediction, Dayrimple Goes Wrong to the just plain awful The Cut Glass Bowl being the most overblown, melodramatic Fitzgerald I ve ever read, and Jemina, the Mountain Girl left me anything but mirthful.Still, it s nice to see Princeton F Scott finding his voice and playing around with convention I can picture him clapping his own back at the thought of how edgy stories like Tarquin of Cheapside and Dayrimple would be Shakespeare as a rapist That ll shake the academy All the familiar motifs and characters are here the scorned playboys, the hussy debs, the new money, and the old Living out their lives as idle comedies or inescapable tragedies, and sometimes both, the protagonists of Fitzgerald s fiction seem to know all too well that they ve only a moment to shine, grasping for anchor as the twenties whir past them in bright flashes of color, seductive glimpses of leg, and the frantic ecstasy of jazz.

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    F Scott Fitzgerald has this eerily keen way of capturing the spirit of social time As each story unfolds, the correct way of, and reasons for, being are made apparent from the perspectives of the rich, the poor, the wannabes, the socialites, the lost ones, and all the other usual suspects of that period in collective North American culture.

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    Excellent set of short stories Fine character studies Fitzgerald knows how to use language to draw pictures.

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    This is a collection of Fitzgerald s short stories seperated into 3 categories Flappers, fantasies, and some other stuff.Having only read The Great Gatsby before, I was drawn to Fitzgerald and his Flapper stories He practically created the craze, and lived it himself I d read a book about Flappers not long ago Flapper A Madcap Story of Sex Style Celebrity and the Women Who Made America Modern , and that was really what I wanted out of the short stories.Since what I wanted was Flappers, what I enjoyed was Flappers Fitzgerald s strength is capturing booze soaked, sparkling women and dandified men I loved the flapper short stories to pieces, they were short and flashy and full of slang So after the first section, I just couldn t get into the other stories.I had read Benjamin Button before, probably when the movie was coming out, and was pleased and surprised to read that it was set in Balti It was a reasonably unique premise, and was fine, but I didn t find it particularly funny Same with the Diamond story, it wasn t bad, I m sure there was some social commentary in there, but ultimately, I wanted the Flappers back.I read the book less than a month ago, and I don t even remember the other stories Whether that s a sign of my poor reading comprehension, or the stories were blah , I can t say.

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    In the past 3 years, I ve been drawn to reading and of F Scott Fitzgerald s work.Like many other teenagers, I read The Great Gatsby in high school and loved it At the time, I remember my teacher telling us that much of Fitzgerald s other work was not as highly regarded, and that he was driven to produce short stories et al to fund his lifestyle.I was surprised, then, at how impressed I was with his last, unfinished novel, The Last Tycoon, which I red for a film class in college Since then, I ve read This Side of Paradise strong start, disappointing finish and Tender is the Night eh I wasn t necessarily planning to read Fitzgerald but I happened to see his Jazz Age Stories on the Books You May Have Missed table at my local library and decided to give it a shot.I made the decision early on not to read all of the stories, just the ones I had heard of before, or whose beginning sentences intrigued me.So, I read The Camel s Back, May Day, Bernice Bobs Her Hair, Jemina, The Diamond As Big As The Ritz, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Offshore Pirate, and The Ice Palace.My favorite was Benjamin Button, but I was also into the Diamond As Big As The Ritz Overall, I liked his stories, but they generally had better beginnings than endings His endings were almost always a little too tidy and contrived.

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    As much as I wanted to, I could not bring myself to like most of the stories in this book Fitzgerald has a way with turns of phrases and can set a story better than most, but I cannot get over the fact that all he writes about is, money, alcohol, parties and women There were a couple of stories that stood out The Curious Case of Benjamin Button the reason I read the collection and O Russet Witch It is interesting to note that both of these are in the section of short stories Fitzgerald calls Fantasies The Lees of Happiness was also a good story, but it is under Unclassified Masterpieces, and The Jelly Bean in the My Last Flappers portion Four out of eleven isn t too bad, but some of them were just odd.Aside from the subject matter, the only thing that bothered me about his stories was the way he wrote about the South It was similar to the way he wrote about cities It was almost as if he d not been there, but had this idea of what they were like His dialogue and colloquialisms seemed real enough, but everything just seemed too caricatured and maybe it was a conscious effort on his part.Click here to read the rest of the review on my blog, The Oddness of Moving Things.

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    A mix of some very good and some kind of strange work from the pen of F Scott The latter half of this collection presents some odd selections which seem to hail, primarily, from his earlier years at Princeton There are two one act plays and a couple of shorts that are concerned with the phrasing than the plot, and some of them work better than others While I disliked Mr Icky and didn t appreciate any of its strange humour, the other drama, Porcelain and Pink , was absolutely great Also a little surprised to catch some of Fitzgerald s darker moments, here Tarquin of Cheapside , Oh Russet Witch , and The Lees of Happiness all have a bit of an edge to them and I didn t realize, or simply forgot, how melancholy an ending Benjamin Button has For a story where F Scott was trying to be uproariously funny, he ends it with an very well crafted and emotional ending that betrays, a little, the comic intent of the story but is all the better for it.Overall a nice, if uneven, collection.

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    An excellent sampler of Fitzgerald s early work, containing all of Tales of the Jazz Age and Flappers and Philosophers. Quite uneven, with some of Fitzgerald s best work A Diamond As Big As The Ritz, Bernice Bobs Her Hair, etc side by side with some really skippable stuff Mr Icky and Tarquin of Cheapside notably All in all, Jazz Age Stories is not nearly as good as This Side of Paradise or The Great Gatsby, but it is an invaluable look into Fitzgerald s early shorter work, which, with the exception of the biggest hits, is unjustly passed over.

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    These short stories possess awfully self absorbed and pretentious characters Interestingly enough, this was my first encounter with Fitzgerald Might be my last, though I m aware that Great Gatsby is supposedly his magnum opus The stories are entertaining but of abysmal personnel The Four Fists is decent and moralistic Towards the end of the collection, I found myself racing to the finish Never a good sign.His writing is superb It s just the content that s dismal However, we must be reminded that he was writing these stories to pay the bills He knew they weren t good I hope.

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    Uneven collection A couple of these stories are really bad I had always heard that Fitzgerald thought of short stories as a way to make money, and poured his art into his novels Or something like that That said, some of these are amazing and worth reading The Diamond as Big as the Ritz is a weird, weird story, almost science fiction May Day is catastrophically depressing especially if you re an illustrator, ha , but beautifully written I can t remember what the second to last one is called, but it s pretty much a downer too, albeit filled with lovely, if slight, character descriptions and plenty of glittering, stupid Jazz Age dialogue.

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