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Mördare utan ansikteOne Frozen January Morning At Am, Inspector Wallander Responds To What He Believes Is A Routine Call Out When He Reaches The Isolated Farmhouse He Discovers A Bloodbath An Old Man Has Been Tortured And Beaten To Death, His Wife Lies Barely Alive Beside His Shattered Body, Both Victims Of A Violence Beyond Reason The Woman Supplies Wallander With His Only Clue The Perpetrators May Have Been Foreign When This Is Leaked To The Press, It Unleashes Racial HatredKurt Wallander Is A Senior Police Officer His Life Is A Shambles His Wife Has Left Him, His Daughter Refuses To Speak To Him, And Even His Aging Father Barely Tolerates Him He Works Tirelessly, Eats Badly, And Drinks His Night Away In A Lonely, Neglected Flat But Now, With Winter Tightening And His Activities Being Monitored By A Tough Minded District Attorney, Wallander Must Forget His Troubles And Throw Himself Into A Battle Against Time And Against Mounting Xenophobia Back Cover

Henning Mankell was an internationally known Swedish crime writer, children s author and playwright He was best known for his literary character Kurt Wallander.Mankell split his time between Sweden and Mozambique He was married to Eva Bergman, Swedish director and daughter of Ingmar Bergman.

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  • Mördare utan ansikte
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    Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell All detectives have to have their personality quirks and personal problems to keep the story interesting But Swedish detective Kurt Wallander has so many things going on that it would take a full hour with Dr Phil to even make a dent.His wife left him three months ago and she is filing for divorce He may be falling in love with a beautiful young prosecutor, but she is married He is estranged from his wayward daughter who travels around the world not telling her parents where she is and appearing unexpectedly for brief times The detective s elderly father lives alone in a farmhouse and is getting dementia, walking through the fields with suitcases in the night.He s also drinking too much And gaining weight because without his wife cooking, he eats only junk food.The main crime to be solved is the brutal torture and murder of an elderly farm couple who lived in an isolated house The only initial clue is that the female victim said the word foreigner just before she died This gets leaked to the press and starts a frenzy of anti immigrant feelings among the neo Nazi types of Sweden who want immigration to cease and foreigners to be deported Wallander and his team have to investigate these additional crimes as these Nazis murder one man, injure others, and set fire to a local immigrant refugee camp The style of the Wallander series is that of a police procedural This book is the first in the series of eleven I thought it was a very good mystery and better than the other one I read and reviewed, The Man Who Smiled There s a bit of local color of Sweden and I liked the map that allows you to follow the action around the southern section of the country, especially around Ystad, a real city where the detective is based Ystad from offbeattravel.comThe author 1948 2015 from irishtimes.com

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    During one of my periodic efforts to prove to myself that I m not one of The Great Unwashed, I watched PBS s Masterpiece Mystery series featuring the Swedish detective Kurt Wallander as played by Kenneth Branagh Yes, it had English actors playing Swedes and was filmed in Sweden Just go with it I liked it quite a bit and since I also loved the The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, I decided to read some about these murderous Swedes And now I m really hooked.Written in 1990, this book introduced Wallander as a police detective in a backwater town in Sweden When an elderly couple are brutally assualted and murdered in their rural home in an apparently motiveless crime, the initial clues make some citizens think that someone in the flood of immigrants seeking asylum following the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe is responsible A wave of anti immigrant violence and hysteria is on the verge of being unleashed.Wallander is having enough trouble dealing with his messy personal life His marriage has just failed, his emotionally troubled teenage daughter flits in and out of his life, and his estranged father is showing signs of dementia The strain of balancing his increasingly unmanageable personal life and his police work are starting to take a serious toll on him In addition, he s constantly worried about the new wave of crime and violence he s noticed rising in Sweden.Wallander is a great sort of every man detective Not brilliant in a Sherlock Holmes or Columbo kind of way, and definately not built for leaping into action against the bad guys, Wallander just comes in and attacks the tasks he thinks he needs to complete to solve the crime and get his life under control Even though he doesn t manage to get through the list most days and experiences numerous setbacks, he just starts over again the next morning even if doesn t really feel like trying Despite his frustrations with his own shortcomings and the government bureaucracy, Wallander manages to make progress with his steady two steps forward one step back method Good writing with an intriguing crime and a very relateable main character made this an interesting read I ll be checking out of the Wallander books.

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    Dark, brooding and earthy like a good Swedish crime mystery should be.Writer Henning Mankell first published Faceless Killers in 1991 and an English edition, translated by Steven T Murray, was published in 1997 Besides being a good book, this is notable as Mankell s introduction of his famous detective Kurt Wallander.Set in the small city of Ystad, in the southern most tip of Sweden, and farther removed from larger cities like Malmo or Stockholm, Mankell has given this mystery a sort of small town charm, distinguished from the tense and energetic crime novels in urban settings No ulcer ridden, overworked police chief barking orders here, or lengthy descriptions of cityscapes the author has created an ominous, heady atmosphere of fear and simmering outrage after a murder of an elderly couple in a bucolic farming village.In Wallander, Mankell has crafted a complicated and darkly charismatic protagonist With his drinking, poor eating habits, surly manner and clumsy way with close relationships he is almost an anti hero.Well told and with a close eye for detail, Faceless Killers also deals with such issues as racism, national identity, immigration policy and individual rights Known for his social activism, Mankell uses the crime novel as a vehicle to reveal and discuss inequalities and societal problems.Good book.

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    An elderly couple is robbed and brutally murdered and it s up to police inspector Kurt Wallander to find the killer or killers Can Kurt act on the meager information he has available and solve the case as his private life disintegrates around him On the heels of reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire, I decided to branch out and try a couple Swedish crime authors Faceless Killers is the first such book to fall into my hands.Faceless Killers isn t a happy book, much as its title indicates It s bleaker than a visit to an insurance office, mostly due to poor Kurt Wallander and his life.The mystery is an intriguing one and delves into the secret life of one of the victims The mystery is not of the solveable variety but that s ultimately not that important My main attractions to Faceless Killers were the glimpse into Swedish society and Kurt Wallander himself.The fact that one of Wallander s clues is that the killer is a foreigner thrusts the reader into a world of refugees, racism, and red tape There are false leads and I have to admit I wasn t sure what was going on in the investigation part of the time.And that brings us to Kurt Wallander himself He s no super hero unless lonliness and not having anything go right in his personal life is a super power He s getting older and fatter, his wife left him, his daughter is a stranger, his relationship with his father is strained, and all he has is his job Instead of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, what I was primarily reminded of when I read this was John Lutz s Alo Nudger series starring a similarly sad character.Faceless Killers is a good police procedural story It s pretty bleak and moves a little slowly for my tastes but is still a good read I ll give it a 3, possibly upgrading to a 4 somewhere down the line.

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    Henning Mankell might be the most famous Scandinavian writer of crime novels in the US May I humbly ask why I can think of at least three Swedes and two Danes who are far, far superior And let s not forget the Norwegians Read Frederik Skagen for Christ s sake I m not sure he s been translated but he s brillant when it comes to the twisted mind of killers and rapists.Actually, I don t like being hard on writer colleagues, but this book is simply not very good The prose is flat, only two of the characters come alive for me, and I was a tiny bit bored as well I made the mistake of teaching this novel at Portland State University and my students absolutely hated it Every single of them I didn t though I like the portrait of the main character and the small meditations on immigrants and racism in Sweden.

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    Ugh.Maybe this book is dreadfully translatedor maybe it s like Ikea furniture Mostly you end up with a bunch of bits that don t make sense It s a popular theory in Australia that Ikea furniture is some sort of revenge upon people who live in sunlight Maybe Henning Mankell is a plot to get the people who escaped the Ikea trap.We all over here prefer Abba and less bad furniture and miserable books please.

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    I think I understand Kurt Wallander better now than I did when I read the series in my mid twenties It isn t all that easy to grow older, tired and disillusioned in Sweden After all, we re supposed to be a role model for others, and what if nothing works out here Marriage, work, parenting, fitness, happiness, all those things come crashing down on us here in our welfare system as well, and then it is dark and rainy most of the time, and just before Midsummer, we all get the odd nostalgic feeling that it is going to turn next week , and get darker again bit by bit, and that ruins summer not entirely, but like a ticking time bomb Who can deal with rising crime rates and mystery in a climate like this Maybe we produce and read so much crime fiction to vent the dark melancholia stemming from knowing that life s difficult here as well, despite the good reputation we suffer from but don t live up to

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    There s something about Swedish authors that both fascinates me and tugs at my heartstrings Henning Mankell does indeed do that for me with his Inspector Kurt Wallander.The air of suspense begins with the words He has forgotten something, he knows that for sure when he wakes up Something he dreamt during the night Something he ought to remember He tries to remember But sleep is like a black hole A well that reveals nothing of its contents And this same suspense kept me utterly enthralled through to the last page where I came face to face with a remarkable and yet unexpected d nouement.We soon discover that a gruesome murder has taken place in a farm, with only a neighbouring farmhouse, outside the sleepy village of Lunnarp.A seventy year old man wakes up at 4.45 am He s surprised because normally he sleeps later but he knows there s something wrong He cannot hear his friend and neighbour s horse whinnying He investigates and discovers a slaughter house next door When Inspector Wallander arrives at the crime scene and observes the atrocities committed on the elderly couple, Maria and and Johannes L vgren, he s determined come what may to find the murderers He s convinced somehow that than one person is involved.There are two elements that intrigue him Why was a noose hanging around Maria s neck and why would the horse have been fed in the stable Johannes has regrettably been killed but Maria clings on to life for a while in the hospital Prior to her death, she mentions an odd word It is this word that is to be the clue in the who, what, when, where, why equation.With dogged determination, following every conceivable avenue, deductive reasoning and going by his intuition, a frustrated Wallander continues in his investigation There are many false leads and dead ends Was it a robbery Did the couple have money Enemies Wrong suspects are interviewed The investigation is indeed frustrating for everyone involved and time consuming, spreading over a six month period.That s the outline but it s the simple and fascinating text and the attention to detail that I m so taken with There s the main plot but then the sub plot showing the personal aspects of Wallander s life I truly empathised with him His wife Mona had left him three months ago and was in the process of divorcing him, his nineteen year old daughter Linda wants nothing to do with him after a failed suicide attempt when she was fifteen He is constantly arguing with his widowed father, a painter, who continuously paints or less the same picture, may add a grouse or a tree to make it slightly different but still manages to sell them He has been painting the same motif all his life in fact He s becoming confused and Wallander feels that he shouldn t be left in the house, that s isolated, all on his own He s also losing touch with his sister Kristina.Wallander drinks too much, is overweight through eating too many pizzas and the like, since Mona left him, loves his opera, especially Maria Callas and Traviata, is loyal to his colleagues at the Ystad police station, especially Rydberg who suffers badly from rheumatism and uses a cane is constantly wondering how he can improve his lot and especially his relationships with his family Works long hours, suffers from loneliness and seems to have a constantly bruised face from fights and the like and yet I loved his character so much.His mantra was a time to live and a time to die He had adopted this incantation many years ago, when he was a young policeman, cruising the streets of Malm , his home town A drunk had pulled out a big butcher s knife as he and his partner were trying to take him away Wallander was stabbed deep, right next to his heart A few millimetres were all that saved him from an untimely death He had been twenty three then, suddenly profoundly aware of what it meant to be a policeman The incantation was his way of fending off the memories The Swedish elements also add to the drama, winds, darkness, snow, temperatures below freezing point There was the backdrop of many refugee camps, with people looking for asylum Violence was increasing.There is definitely an air of gloom that pervades this book but I still love it Overnight a storm moved in across Sk ne Kurt Wallander was sitting in his untidy flat as the winter wind tore at the roof tiles, drinking whisky and listening to a German recording of A da, when everything went dark and silent He went over to the window and looked out into the darkness The wind was howling, and somewhere an advertising sign was banging against a wall There s some light relief thrown in when Wallander meets the deputy public prosecutor, a married woman called Anette Brolin His instincts tell him that he should not get involved with her and yetThis is the first in the Kurt Wallander series I don t really like series too much as they tend, well in my opinion anyway, to become like a template But yes I will read number 2 All in all, a fantastic book and reading about Henning Mankell, I see that he has had cancer since the beginning of this year and is currently having treatment I wish him well and I m quite sure that he ll make a good recovery Treatment has improved and advanced so much from what it was even ten years ago New life saving treatments are constantly being found

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    This is the first entry in Henning Mankell s series featuring Swedish detective Kurt Wallander When we first meet him, Wallander has a boatload of personal problems he is recently divorced he s estranged from his daughter he s drinking too much he has a lousy diet, and his father is showing signs of senility.Against the backdrop of this troubled personal life, Wallandar is assigned to lead the investigation of the savage murder or an elderly farm couple There is no apparent motive and there are virtually no clues, save for the last dying word of the murdered woman, which is Foreign At the time of the killings, some Swedes are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the large numbers of asylum seekers and other immigrants who are making their way into the country Fear and prejudice are on the rise, and although the police have absolutely no evidence to support such a conclusion, some anti immigrant elements jump to the conclusion that foreigners were responsible for the killings They want revenge and they seek to use the murders as an excuse to reverse the immigrant tide.Mankell thus sets the stage for a clever police procedural set against the larger social issue of how welcoming Sweden or any other country should be to growing numbers of immigrants Wallander is typical of the breed of plodding Scandinavian detectives who refuse to give up until they have deduced the solution to the case At times, though, you find yourself wondering why he soldiers along in the face of the overwhelming personal problems in his life off duty.Mankell is a very good writer and I admire what he has done here That said, I find the Kurt Wallander character to be a little too oppressed and a little too humorless for my taste Like a lot of Scandinavian mysteries, this one takes place in the dead of a long, depressing winter, which only reinforces the generally depressing mood of the book as a whole I enjoyed reading it, and I m certainly willing to give the series another try, but I may need a jolt of someone like Lucas Davenport to cheer me up a bit first.

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    Hoped this would be better 5 of 10 stars

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