Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty S Enchanted Slumber Has Captivated Readers Hearts For Centuries Now Brought Luminously To Life By K Y Craft S Lavish Paintings, This New Edition Of A Timeless Favorite Is Sure To Enchant Readers Both Young And Old Fairy Tale Lovers Have Been Eagerly Awaiting Craft S Next Magical Romance Since The Release Of Her Cinderella With Illustrations Inspired By The Magnificent Style Of Baroque Painters, The Sumptuous Color And Exquisite Detail Of This Breathtaking Interpretation Make It A Dream Come True

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sleeping Beauty book, this is one of the most wanted Mahlon F. Craft author readers around the world.

[Reading] ➬ Sleeping Beauty ➳ Mahlon F. Craft –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Mahlon F. Craft
  • English
  • 14 November 2019
  • 9781587171208

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    Having explored the world of Greek mythology in Cupid and Psyche , Pegasus , and King Midas and the Golden Touch , the marvelously talented Kinuko Craft has recently turned her attention to the world of classic European fairy tales, among them The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Cinderella In this most recent picture book, she offers a gorgeous version of the famous tale of Sleeping Beauty, with the text arranged by her husband, Mahlon F Craft.Although the tale of the sleeping beauty holds interest for me as a student of the folktale and its transmuted cousin, the fairy tale, I have never been able to truly take it to heart The idea of an enchanted sleep may have appealed to my childish imagination, but the complete passivity of the heroine always prevented me from truly empathizing with her Whatever one thinks of Cinderella s desire to attend the ball, the reader can at least sympathize with her mistreatment at the hands of her step family Beauty, of Beauty and the Beast fame, can be admired, both for the sense of honor that compels her to acknowledge that her father s bargain must be kept, and for the devotion that leads her to take her father s place at the Beast s palace Princess Aurora, on the other hand, is simply unlucky enough to be the target of a vengeful fairy s curse, and faces no personal and or moral challenges that might elicit a sense of fellow feeling from the reader.This is not to say that Sleeping Beauty holds no appeal whatsoever, as it can still be enjoyed on the level of a rather simple fantasy or in the case of some, as a sort of sexual paradigm, ala Anne Rice Kinuko Craft s illustrations are, for me, the main joy of this particularly title As I noted in my review of her Cupid and Psyche , they are quite romantic, and almost overwhelmingly lush The first full plate, in which the queen is seen bathing by the pool with the prophesying frog, is full of charm I often think that Craft is at her most compelling when painting somewhat sinister figures, and here is no exception, as the two page spread in which the king and queen are confronted by a very displeased fairy reveals I would have awarded this five stars for the illustrations alone, but I found that the painting depicting the famous kiss scene was somehow flat This was a real disappointment one of the few I have ever felt in Craft s work , as this is the iconic scene of the tale I cannot understand how the cover illustration, which also depicts Aurora in her enchanted sleep, could appear so dynamic, while the kissing scene could look so bloated and unappealing Oh wellOne other note, for the fairy tale fan I have noticed in my perusal of many different editions of Sleeping Beauty, that although this name is taken from the collection of tales by the Frenchman, Charles Perrault, the actual tale which we now commonly associate with this title is taken from the Brothers Grimm It is called Briar Rose in their collection, includes the prophetic frog at the beginning, and ends with the fateful kiss and resultant marriage The Perrault version, sometimes also called The Princess of the Sleeping Wood, includes an entire second section, which takes place after the marriage, and involves the prince s ogreish mother I have always found it fascinating that although it is the tale of Briar Rose we see so often reproduced, it is almost never called by that name This version is clearly from the Grimm collection, and although Mahlon F Craft acknowledges this by mentioning the name Briar Rose in his text, I would have liked to see something official Craft may have translated and reshaped the story, but it was written by the Brothers Grimm, and they are not mentioned at all, even on the title page While I am sure that this is completely legal, as this tale has long been in the public domain, some acknowledgment of origin is in order, I believe

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    What a beautifully illustrated book, absolutely stunning The retelling is simple and enchanting I love fairies tales and Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite.

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    Simply beautiful The illustrations in this retelling are exquisite and almost like delicate portraits from a bygone era the illustration of the king carrying Aurora is very touching There are also gorgeous details both in wording and illustration the falcon, the dog, the rose oh, and the Prince s horse is beautiful K Y Craft made a very wise decision, I think, by matching such intricate illustrations with a fairly high level of vocabulary The tale will still register with younger readers, but be warned that there were a few times I found myself stumbling over the speech patterns or word choices however, if you know this going into the read, it shouldn t be an issue but will instead enhance the retelling Also, the attention to detail in this story really help to take the tale to a elevated level of read aloud I also was intrigued by K Y Craft s decision on how to represent the King Typical of this version of Sleeping Beauty, the evil fairy is not invited because she is believed either dead or under spell since she hasn t been seen for than fifty years However, it is quite apparent that this was simply the King s excuse for not inviting her, because he didn t want the expense of creating another costly golden set place setting for his treasuries were nearly as dear to him as his daughter Zing However, the King realizes his selfishness, and his character does have quite an arc by the end.In this tale it appears that the prince wants to rescue Aurora, which appears selfless than in some other retellings The thought of a sleeping beauty such as Briar Rose lying unprotected in a thorny prison was than his good and valiant nature could bear A warning, there is an illustration of the fallen princes within the briar, though they pretty much look like they ve been sleeping Perhaps my favorite part was the last page, I won t spoil it, but I thought it was very poetic and a great way to summarize the lives of the characters.

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    Sleeping Beauty may not be one of my favourite fairy tales nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed this version and especially the absolutely beautiful illustrations Each illustration in this book is a painting The narration is excellent too It is faithful to Charles Perrault s Sleeping Beauty.

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    Good book, but I didn t really like it as a child.

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    Gorgeously illustrated As a fan of fairy tales, I found these illustrations to be some of the most beautiful I have seen They are rich in color and the details are exquisite Kinuko Craft also managed to include a German Shepherd in some of her artwork, which as a dog lover I found rather endearing.

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    The illustrations were just gorgeous The story was very simple, which is fitting for a children s book The best thing about this book were the illustrations I could just stare at them for hours just to soak up all the details and colors.

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    Fine version Lovely pictures.

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    Beautifully illustrated.

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