The Emperor's Snuff-Box

The Emperor's Snuff-BoxFinally, I have read a John Dickson Carr book This has been one of those authors I ve been wanting to read for a very long time, and now that I ve finally done it, I can see myself reading a lotThis was a mystery that was carefully crafted and full of tension, which is amazing given how short of a period of time the story takes place in Normally, or at least in my experience, when a mystery takes place in a short period of time, the book seems to be frantic in it s pacing, almost schizophrenic, not sure where it s supposed to be going With The Emperor s Snuff Box, Carr kept the pace at a steady clip, giving me just enough energy to keep it interesting, without losing the tension that needs to be built up.I think a large part of that had to do with the character of Eve Neil She may not behave in exactly the same manner I would, given the same set of circumstances, but the force of her personality is what the entire books revolves around It is impossible for this book to have been written, with a different type of character as the lead, it just wouldn t have worked For that matter, there wasn t a weak character in the group, though there were one or two that I could have done without I get why they were there, to divert attention away from the truth, but they still annoyed the hell out of me.There were really three male leads in this one Ned Atwood, Eve s ex husband, who definitely isthat he appears to be, Toby Lawes, Eve s fiance, quiet and old fashioned, but it s always that kind of man who is hiding something, and then there is Dr Dermot Kinross, a specialist in the criminal mind Ned is a rake, a scoundrel, and just a tad bit dangerous, but you can t help but like him Even at the end, when everything is out in the open, part of me wanted the two of them back together Toby on the other hand is, on the surface, the kind of man you are supposed to like Solid, dependable, and just a tad bit stuffy, he is the stereotypical Englishman Too bad he is an immoral snake who can t keep it in his pants It s a good thing the story takes place in France, otherwise he may have been as stodgy as he appeared I never liked him, and I m glad the book ended the way it did, at least as far as he s concerned Then we have the hero, Dermot I really enjoyed his character, and I really wish Carr would have continued with him in further books Not sure why he didn t, though some of what I read online suggest a bias of Carr s part, but then why did Carr write him to begin with Either way, he is the detective of the piece and has no problem getting to the heart of the case, discovering the truth in a most logical way, but still using a bit of instinct to guide him.If you couldn t tell by now, I loved the book The mystery itself was ingenious, and not one I really had a clue about until the big reveal But it wasn t an ending that comes out of the blue, yeah, I didn t pick up on the clues, but they were there I guess it s just a good thing I ll never be relied upon to solve a murder or two. Actually seven stars, if that is possible A masterpiece This is the third time that I ve read the book and even though I knew who the murderer was I still could not put it down And when I was finished I looked at the ebook version and read the first chapter again The story is so good, so well written and so brilliantly conceived This is not an impossible crime like most of Carr s other books or a historical mystery like some of Carr s later books But it shows that he has a command of many genres of the detective story Carr also gives us all the clues to solve the mystery on our own I am a great fan of Carr and this is among his best. I became hooked on John Dickson Carr when I read The Devil in Velvet His best books were written in the Golden Age of detective fiction, the 1920s, 1930s and early 40s.The author always left a clue in his books as to who had committed the murder Sometimes I could achieve this but other times, as in this book, I couldn t.Based in France, the story begins when Helena, the wife of Sir Maurice Lawes, finds him murdered Eve Neill lives over the road and can see, not everything of course, what is going on in their villa At the side of Sir Maurice s body the remains of a snuff box are found, that had once belonged to Napolean.What baffles M Goron investigating the murder is that Eve had never seen the snuff box before the murder but she claims that she saw it at a distance of fifty feet.I had my suspicisons about Ned Atwood, the divorced husband of Eve who reappears on the scene but I couldn t put my finger on it.I m not going into the story further Just read it as it s brilliant. A neat murder mystery with the main clues hidden in plain sight and a snarky author s voice Dated, especially in respect to the main female characters, but I had an enjoyable time with it. 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Rieccolo Dopo l infelice parentesi data da La Casa e da La corte delle streghe , ritornato il maestro della camera chiusa nella sua forma pi brillante e ingegnosa che io amo tanto E quando questo Carr a regalarmi ore di lettura, non ce n proprio per nessuno Ti volti e l ombra di passaggio che intravedi nel salotto di casa ti pare quella dell assassino, avanzante con passo furtivo e avvolto nel suo impermeabile nero senti un improvviso fiato sul collo e ti sembra la lama fredda e affilata di un coltello o la canna puntata di una rivoltella la luce offuscata e tremolante che l abat jour getta sul tuo tranquillo angolo lettura di colpo diventa la splendente luce di un salone corredato da mobili antichi e tappeti lussuosi, su uno dei quali viene rinvenuto un cadavere E brivido, fascino, suggestione Ormai ho imparato che ogni giallo del maestro gioca su un atmosfera particolare Quella che troviamo in La tabacchiera dell imperatore proprio quella dei salotti e studi borghesi di una localit climatica francese degli anni 40 in uno di questi studi Maurice Lawes, giudice inglese appassionato di antiquariato, viene ucciso mentre intento a esaminare una misteriosa tabacchiera appartenuta nientemeno che all imperatore Napoleone Tutta la scena viene vista dalla finestra della casa di fronte dalla giovane Eva Neill, fidanzata del figlio del signor Lawes, la quale finir , per le mosse successive, per diventare la principale indiziata E ovviamente ci crederanno tutti, meno Dermont Kinross, psicologo e criminologo nuovo alle mie letture del maestro, il quale, con un pizzico di sesto senso e incredibile arguzia, riuscir a risolvere il caso, smascherando la facciata di falsit e ipocrisia con la quale tutti i personaggi vicini ad Eva cercheranno di pararsi Gi , perch tutti avrebbero potuto compiere il delitto, ma chi stato In un mirabile gioco di specchi, dove tutto sembra il contrario di tutto, Carr lancia una sfida tesa e intelligente al lettore spezzando il mistero, in fondo pi semplice di ci che appaia, in pi tasselli che solo nelle ultimissime pagine andranno al loro posto Ma la sfida difficilissima, il colpo di scena non mancher e la soluzione sar imprevedibile Un nuovo inchino al maestro che anche stavolta mi ha regalato una gemma di puro giallo classico architettata con sublime intelligenza. Beside The Dead Body Of Sir Maurice Lawes Are The Shattered Fragments Of A Snuff Box That Once Belonged To Napoleon These Fragments Tell A Tale, Or Rather Two Tales, One True And One False Now, An English Expert In Criminology Forces The Evidence To Tell The Truth About What Happened And To Point Out The Real Murderer Good light reading John Dickson Carr wrote many detective stories under several different pseudonyms The Emperor s SnuffBox is representative of the fine stories he created It s based on the classic conundrum of the man having an affair with a married woman They are in a bedroom when they witness a murder being committed in a room across the street They are the only witnesses and when an innocent man is charged with the crime, they must decide whether to reveal what they know, making their affair public, or to remain silent Carr makes the scenario eveninteresting Eve Neill has her ex husband in her bedroom He wants to win her back before she can marry Tony Lambs They witness the murder of Tony s father, who lives across the street Through a series of bizarre circumstances, Eve gets locked out of her house, gets blood on her nightgown, and a piece of a shattered snuff box that was found next to the murdered man is discovered in her clothes That unexplainable piece is the key to the solution of this marvelous puzzle She is charged with the murder but hopes she will be able to count on her ex to substantiate her alibi But Ned is dying of a contused head wound The solution is pure Carr who was famous for his locked room mysteries.

Carter Dickson, Carr Dickson and Roger Fairbairn.John Dickson Carr was born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, in 1906 It Walks by Night, his first published detective novel, featuring the Frenchman Henri Bencolin, was published in 1930 Apart from Dr Fell, whose first appearance was in Hag s Nook in 1933, Carr s other series detectives published under the nom de plume of

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