Matka dzieci Holocaustu. Historia Ireny Sendlerowej

Matka dzieci Holocaustu. Historia Ireny SendlerowejWhat an amazing lady She said, I did as my conscience dictated This was no easy thingshe could have lost her life for helping She was put in prison and on the day she was to be executed, was freed by a bribe I remember hearing recently or reading, that when ever there is a disaster, etc., to look for the helpersthere will always be helpers I think that is so true There is so much hurt and sadness in the world, yet there is always someone doing their best to help. I can not find this book anywhere After seeing the movie, I am very interested in learning about amazing Irena. Irena Sendler S A Retired Polish Roman Catholic Social WorkerDuring World War II She Was An Activist Of Polish Underground And Polish Anti Holocaust Resistance In Warsaw, Where She Helped To Save About Jewish Children From The Warsaw Ghetto By Providing Them False Documents And Hiding Places In Individual And Group Children Houses Out Of The Ghetto Not the best written book, but a fascinating account of a woman who saved Jews mostly children than did Schindler, but about whom the world knows next to nothing Irena Sendler. I felt the book was a bit disorganized and wanted of actual Irena, but that does not mean the information the publication carries are without value On the contrary More people need to read about Mrs Sendler. An excellent account from the great lady herself I think The author never crosses the line and Irena gets the final word on everything She did not trust reporters or the media and with good reason That explains so much of the misinformation about this amazing woman She speaks of those she and her friends saved then herself No one, reporter or author, was ever going to get her complete story After all she had been through I do not believe she trusted anyone enough to truly open up about herself This is a really good book but do not expect to learn much about Irena Sendler then one did before reading it I believe Irena took her true story to the grave Este libro me costo demasiado entenederlo y terminarlo La historia de la ayuda que presto Irena durante la segunda Guerra MUndial, el valor y la fortaleza de la mujer sin duda son bastante inspiradoras El inicio del libro fue bastante rapido, pero tiene demasiada informacion y aveces es facil confundirte con nombres fechas y situaciones, todo pasa al mismo tiempo.A mi gusto no tiene la mejor redaccion, ya que es demasiado denso y confuso.Probablemente ustedes tambien llegaron a el, queriendo indagar mas en como fue que esta extraordinaria mujer se las arreglo para salvar tantas vidas durante epocas tan duras, bueno la cuestion aqui es que, si claro que se comenta en el libro, pero de alguna manera no es el giro o la informacion principal con la que cuenta esta redaccion, yo mas bien lo etiquetaria como una recoleccion de hechos basados antes, durante y despues en Varsovia durante la ocupacion alemana y la vida de una mujer de un espiritu enorme I ve looked for this book for a long time It s exciting to finally get an English copy and to start reading it I m done with the book I was a little disappointed in that the book did not give a lot of detail but I suppose it is understandable in that she probably did not want to bring to much out too much detail because of the way she felt I thought the book was significant in that it did reveal life the way it was at that time during the Nazi occupation of Poland Good book. This memoir about this amazing women was worth the read Irena Sendler saved thousands of children from the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII and has interesting and heart breaking stories to tell It was a slow read for me because I had to break it up with things that weren t so serious, but I m glad I read it. La intenci n de la autora al escribir la historia de Irene Sendler es muy buena, pero la estructura del libro me parece desorganizada y confusa, especialmente para las personas que no conocen nada de la historia de Polonia durante la II guerra Mundial.

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  • Matka dzieci Holocaustu. Historia Ireny Sendlerowej
  • Anna Mieszkowska
  • 14 December 2018
  • 9788374952453

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