Letters To My Mother

Letters To My Mother We Were Reaching The Student Union When Dr Rosenau Broke The Silence You Know, I Never Eat Young Ladies On Fridays Only On Tuesdays I Couldn T Help Laughing Do I Look That Apprehensive Yes, Rather He Opened The Door For Me But I Have Just The Cure For You It S David Rosenau S Patented Shyness Remedy, Strawberry Shortcake Garnished With Whipped Cream, To Be Taken At Least Once Weekly In Charming Company Doctor S Orders Kate Is A College Junior, A Gifted Student Who Skipped Two Grades In School, A Naval Officer S Daughter Who S Lived In Places Than She Can Remember Shy And Bookish, She S Never Had A Boyfriend, Let Alone Been Kissed Or Gone On A Date Kate Thinks Falling In Love Is Something That Only Happens To Other Girls David Is A College Professor, A Brilliant Scientist Trapped In A Failed Marriage Aloof And Reclusive, He Buries Himself In Teaching And Research David S Convinced He Ll Go Through Life With An Empty Heart When Kate Gets A Campus Job As David S Typist, They Discover They Re Both Mistaken Letters To My Mother Is A May December Romance Set In S Seattle

In 2003, after 30 years in I.T., my husband and I retired and moved to Italy We studied Italian at the Universit per Stranieri in Perugia for a year and a half, decided la dolce vita suited us just fine, and bought a house in the region of Umbria, about 100 miles north of Rome Here we enjoy bicycling on country roads amid the fields of corn, wheat and sunflowers and we eat While studying at the

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  • Letters To My Mother
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  • 14 April 2018

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    I came across this online novel in a google search and decided to take a look at it with plans to just read the first chapter one night Soon I found myself diving into the story and absorbed in the lives of the characters we meet throughout the story.The story focuses on Kate Collins in the present time as she goes through her mother s possessions after her death She comes upon the letters she sent from college and we re transported through Kate s memories via the letters as she goes to Washington University college at the age of 19 in 50s Seattle Kate is a smart girl, often working hard to keep ahead of her classes and as we come to find out later often a head of herself She gets a part time job typing a book for one of the biochemist teachers, the handsome and much older Dr David Roseneau The two become friends through their love of knowledge and learning and soon feelings and relationships grow into as Kate s and David s lives forever change.I LOVED this book It s like finding a treasure in the midst of a wide ocean Author Rebecca Heath presents a story which reads like an old friend telling you her life story It feels like a memoir autobiography in a way Kate and David go into detail talking about sailing, opera, poetry, classic books and much which ties to their interest Some readers may not be comfortable that Roseneau was in a unhappy marriage while involved with Kate but in a time before no fault divorce and the connection these two make with each other, it works especially as we see them in the epilogue There s lots of frank talk about sex and love that I found refreshing and none of the book felt formulaic or forced David and Kate felt like real characters I would like to get to know myself As they met and shared their history with the people they met and knew, I felt like I was right there learning about their life story As Kate had a sexual and emotional awakening with David, I could relate to her curiosity and growing love The author took time to show us the strong friendship and eventual love between Kate and David and the end results were so satisfying I didn t want it to end.Letters to My Mother is a wonderful love story mixed with a coming of age tale that any one could relate to as they recall their first and or greatest love The novel is offered free from the author It s so good I wish she would make a tip jar or donation button somewhere because a story this good deserves some kickbacks for its wonderful creation.Although the book was published in 2008, this is definitely going on my best reads of 2009 and my virtual keeper shelf I hope the author makes a print edition available one day because I d love to place this on my shelf with my other favorites.

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    I absolutely adored this book Couldn t put it down once I started reading it I read it in the winter but it s really of a perfect beach read Romantic and bittersweet.

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    At the University of Washington in the 1950s, nineteen year old Kate works as a typist and falls in love with the professor she works for They go sailing a lot, have an affair, and the letters she writes home to her mother hello, title skirt around what s really happening in her life.I loved the sailing I also enjoyed the atmosphere of a 1950s university and thought that was quite interesting I liked that a lot of the protagonist s flaws were acknowledged that she was immature, cries a lot, and is hopelessly proud , but I was baffled by the careless and unabashed public ness in which she and a married professor carried out their affair He publicly mills around in the dorm s receiving room, right with all the other girls boyfriends you know, boyfriends who are probably among his STUDENTS , to wait for her prior to their date She gives a postcard to another professor to send to her boyfriend professor, scribbling an obviously teasing inside joke on it I mean, okay, you two have little shame about committing adultery, okay, that s your problem, not mine But it didn t endear me any to these characters to have so little qualms or idea of privacy when it came to having an affair And I m not the kind of reader who can completely set aside moral judgements when reading Sorry Adultery is not a good thing at all, but I know it happens and am willing to read about it Being shameless about committing adultery, however, is not something I can swallow easily It s not a romance, but it doesn t try to be Even putting the adultery aside, the characters aren t hero or heroine material The professor is a guy who refers to his teenage children as banal to the teenage girl he s having an affair with Not A Catch His sobstory backstory and exceptional intelligence do not excuse him from being a jerk The writing was good but frustratingly shallow at times In a story where an illicit relationship is at the forefront, I d like insight into the character s headspace The protagonist s narration was lacking in depth and was mostly just description of things, so that when the narrator got to their dialogue though there was a lot of characters trading off monologues structure to the dialogue , my reaction was, Wait, THAT is how you feel I would not have guessed that, because there was no indication of your feelings in your narration And there was the time the main character had a breakdown in response to her mother s drinking problem that wasn t built up convincingly so that I was left rolling my eyes, but had the in character ness gone deeper, I would have at least been able to follow her emotional state Instead, there were just clumsy signs And then the matter was completely dropped External plot getting completely dropped was a frequent occurrence Another professor committing suicide His story wasn t integrated into the actual story it was brought up slightly, covered in a chapter or so, and then he and his suicide were never mentioned again.The relationship itself was one I d be counseling a friend to get the hell out of adultery, a student dating a professor, feeling like a kid around him, first sexual relationship becoming HER ONLY DEEP RELATIONSHIP EVER EVER EVER and while I wasn t convinced it was a healthy relationship in the end, I felt the two characters both very arrogant and proud about it probably deserved each other anyway At the same time, I thought it was a compelling enough read to keep on reading it I wanted to know how the relationship would resolve, and I did adore the sailing parts.

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    A touching story, beautifully toldI have to say that I thought this book was wonderful It is the gentle tale of two people who shouldn t be together by the normal rules of morality and the times Kate is a young, extremely bright college student who has never had much time for boys David is a professor at the college she attends Brilliant but somewhat aloof, he is trapped in a loveless marriage where nobody not even his children can see any worth in him But this is Seattle in the 1950s, and nineteen year olds don t have affairs with married men in their late forties Nobody would find that acceptable And yet, these two find a rare love for each other.As a reader, you cannot help but begin to wonder what is going to happen How can this end well It is difficult to say without adding spoilers But somehow Rebecca Heath has managed to tell this story in such a way that the sadness and the happiness mingle to just give the reader a sense of satisfaction Each chapter begins with the brief extract of a letter from Kate to her mother but of course, the letters don t even touch the surface of what is really happening in Kate s life There is no way that Kate could tell her mother the truth, but somehow she manages to talk about her life without telling lies, whilst at the same time failing to mention the turbulent emotions she is experiencing.I would say this is not a romantic novel It s a well written true love story For me there is a distinction This book has none of the hallmarks of traditional romantic fiction, and doesn t attempt to put a rosy glow on life and the lovers It s about real people, experiencing emotions that may not be right, but can t be avoided It is a book for people who have been in love themselves, who will recognise the emotions that shine through in the writing.

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    Adultery is something I ll never approve of not before, not now, not ever In spite of my firm stand on that, I found myself helplessly absorbed in the plot of this book.If you can cast aside what s morally and religiously wrong, I believe you may enjoy this novel as much as I did I stayed up until 2.23 am to read it, but couldn t continue any further as I knew I d have trouble getting up for work later Yes, it s that good, that engrossing, and I find the writing style so homely if I may use such description.In my teenage years, there s a library book about sailing with romance in it that I enjoyed reading so much that I kept it illegally for so long until my conscience got the better of me because by then I already work for the library This novel, Letters To My Mother, reminds me the joy of reading that teenager s novel titled Girl Overboard , except that the two doesn t have much in common apart from the sailing experience by the characters.If not held back by my principle against adultery, I d have given this book a 5 star rating And the best part is, this e book is free.Edited to add The conversations between the two lovers are very lively and intellectual full of ideas and knowledge, and not limited to lovey dovey mushy stuff I believe this is the first romance novel I think that s the accurate category for this book that I enjoy By now I already reread it 2 3 times.The only part that I find lame and not convincing enough is when the Spanish language professor committed suicide That is so abrupt and certainly without a strong plot development to link it with the main characters.

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    I found this eBook while surfing the internet I read the summary and decided to give it a go I wasn t really captivated at the beginning, but after a few chapters I had to get up at 6am to read some pages before school I so loved this book It felt so unbelievably real and I always had this sympathetic feeling for the main character Kate I could feel her deeper emotions, her pain, under my skin Letters To My Mother is one of the best books I ve read this year and I really hope to find some time for it in the future.

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    I thought that this would be a story about a relationship between a mother and daughter, but this was not the storyline at all I did enjoy reading this book, it was about a young college girl and her relationship with a college professor as told by the girl many years later and her walk down memory lane when she finds the letters she wrote to her parents while away at college in her mother s belongings many years later

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    I enjoyed this book and devoured it in a very short time I found it completely compelling, totally moving How a young student with such a personality as hers could fall in love with a person so out of reach, her 47 year old Professor and employee It was painful to read how much they felt for each other and yet how they could never be together as an open couple I fully understand that adultery is wrong and decietful but I was still able to sympathise with the two main characters involved.

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    This is now one of my all time favorite books I will be rereading again soon.

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    I enjoyed it than I thought I would but didn t care for the ending too much.

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