Slaves To The Empowered (Volume 1)

Slaves To The Empowered (Volume 1) No Longer In Print Slaves To The Empowered Begins A Series Exploring What Happens When Good People Find Themselves On The Wrong Side Of Religious Dogma It Conveys The Difficult Decisions And Sinister Allies These People Must Make Simply To Survive This Epic Fantasy Introduces Us To The World Of Lageya, A World Of Illicit Magick And Warring Cultures, Where Seven, Selfproclaimed 'divine' Kingdoms Maintain Rule By Crushing All Others The Empowered Keep The Gellic Nation To Fulfill Certain Services, Thus These Enslaved Must Obey When Ordered To Eliminate A Malevolent Cult In Lands Filled With Wicked And Sexual Activities But Good And Evil Are Not Always As They Seem, And When The Light Betrays You, A Greater Ally Can Be Found In The Dark

Contains Some Adult Language And Situations

Jeremiah Cain is an epic fantasy writer creating a gripping world of rich cultures wherein sword and sorcery collide. He served as an army medic and has a BA in Communication with a minor in English. His current day job as a photojournalist takes him to everything from active crime scenes and fires to art shows and galas. In addition to reading and writing, he loves video games, particularly RPGs.

❧ Slaves To The Empowered (Volume 1)  free download ➛ Author Jeremiah Cain –
  • Paperback
  • 302 pages
  • Slaves To The Empowered (Volume 1)
  • Jeremiah Cain
  • English
  • 24 February 2019
  • 9781449502171

10 thoughts on “Slaves To The Empowered (Volume 1)

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    Seems interesting...I like to lose myself in fantasy occasionally

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    On the back of the book, the author writes Good and Evil are not always as they seem. Jeremiah Cain has written a book which perfectly illustrates this point. The world of Lageya is one which will keep you in delightful suspense as when you think you have figured out who the bad and who the good are, you are suddenly thrown into a awakening. The Gellic Nation are there to serve the Empowered, who are essentially the rulers and in their eyes, the only ones with enough wisdom to call the shots. The Gellic Nation must obey and have to carry out the extermination of cults which are filled with illicit activities, which are sexual in nature. You will find yourself deeply immersed in the Gellic Nature as well as the Empowered and wonder if you have completely misjudged one side or another. I do not want to give anything away in this book as the reader will fimake his or her own determination of the good and evil. I will say that the ending made me shed tears and Kaleb, in my eyes, performed a true and heroic act and won my heart.

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    Jeremiah Cain,, gives his readers everything that the spoiler on the back of the book promises. While reading this book, I found myself in an exciting medieval, fantasy type of realm. I am passing this book on to my friends so they can escape from the reality of everyday life. Thank you, Jeremiah Cain!

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    Great fantasy novel and it kept me on my toes! It was easy to really get into the story!

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