Undercover Submission (Graceful #3)

Undercover Submission (Graceful #3) When A Famous Actor, Who Just Happens To Be A Dom, Is Rejected For Being A Womanizer, He Does What Comes Naturally Costumed As A Famous Lover, Several Of Them, In Fact, Cedric Goes After His Prey Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Bondage D S Lifestyle Anal Intercourse Spanking With Paddle And Whippings Use Of Leash Voyeurism

Melinda Barron loves to explore Egyptian tombs and temples, discover Mayan ruins, play in castles towers, and explore new cities and countries She generally does it all from the comfort of her home by opening a book.Melinda loves to lose herself between the pages of a book The only thing she loves is creating stories from the wonderful heroes and heroines that haunt her dreams and crowd her

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  • ebook
  • 120 pages
  • Undercover Submission (Graceful #3)
  • Melinda Barron
  • 27 March 2019
  • 9781596327856

10 thoughts on “Undercover Submission (Graceful #3)

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    Another sweet SugarKink tale from the talented Ms Barron This story was sweet in the once again large woman who disses on herself yet a rich and handsome movie star wants her Is the story believable Totally not This is one of those fairy tale movies where the Prince finds the lowly comely peasant and wants to wed her This never works in real life, but females who don t fit the mode will dream about this scenario until the end of time I find this stories to be amusing if a tad bit sad Why do I find it sad Because what it tells me is that the average normal guy isn t good enough for the average female Instead, the average female desperately wants that uber unattainable handsome rich man, who will overlook her physical lack of perfection and low economic status And we the reader are supposed to cheer her on That love will conquer all and we ll live happily ever after Because what this story tells me is that a woman can t make it on her own until somebody gives her a helping hand cough charity and a man loves her to validate her worth.Regardless of my repugnance in this type of theme, the story is still well written and a sweet romantic contemporary novel I recommend it for the women still waiting for their Prince Charming to show up.

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    So I did not like it as much as the first one BUT I did like it Cedric was such a great Dom and all around guy Plus he was patient and sure in what he wanted Kennedy, was a little naive and scared but she was okay.I liked the fact that the heroine was curvy but did not like the fact that there was really no build up or explanations about previous relationships, their lives, etc It just seemed like they just jumped into it, which really isn t reality On the plus side, I was happy to see Grace and Toffer doing wellBut still it was well written, had a few hot scenes, and the expected happy ending

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    3.5 stars this was good but too short I wanted Kennedy and Cedric s relationship to be developed a bit before they rushed to their HEA I also wanted investigation into Kennedy s past relationship since that was the major block to Cedric and her being happy That being said, I still really enjoyed the story I loved seeing Topher and Grace again as well I thought the BDSM aspect was a little heavier than in Graceful Submission but it was still on the lighter side a really good choice for beginners.

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    This was good I liked how it brought back Grace and Topher love them and had them introduce Kennedy and Cedric The scenes were smokin with out seeming over the top or creepy Kennedy acted like a normal person would with meeting a celeb and having a relationship with one And Cedric was yummy with giving her time to decide while he knew she was the one for him.I did read another book by Barron but didn t like it half as much as this one or the Graceful Submission Definitely a keeper

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    I liked the first book well enough This one picks up right where the other one left off Grace and Toffer want to fix up their friend Cedric Kennedy is Cedric s love interest I found the writing to be a lot of telling and not much showing Cedric isn t a very believable Dom He meets Kennedy and immediately falls in love with her He comes off desperate, annoying bossy pushy , than hot Dom bossy pushy Overall, Undercover Submission seemed boring and repetetive.

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    This sequel to Graceful Submission was a nice follow up to the first title Not really a plot or characters that stay with me for a while after I read it, it fact I had even forgotten that I had read it until I checked the description This title fun, fluffy, escapism that was a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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    A sweet romance with decent BDSM elements, this book was a satisfying quickie read, albeit there were some aspects that I found unrealistic But hey, that s why it s fiction The characters were interesting enough I would ve liked to have gotten to know them and to have a in depth look into their relationship than what the short book allowed, but it was well written and provided good company if only for a short time.

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    This was a short story with a longer story feel The plot was well fleshed out for a story it s size and the pacing was quick but not jumpy The protagonists were easy to like and root for and the HEA was first rate.I generally like Melinda Barron s books, I pick them up when I want a fun, REALLY smexy read with a nice HEA A total hit with me

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    This book is the follow up to Graceful Submission I was not as impressed with this work as I was with Graceful Sub The D s play didn t have the emotional commitment that GS had It was a nice afternoon read, but on the erotic side than the roamnce side.

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    Tired of reading stuff about doms and subs Really.

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