A Matter of Magic (Mairelon, #1-2)

A Matter of Magic (Mairelon, #1-2) When A Stranger Offers Her A Small Fortune To Break Into A Traveling Magician S Wagon, Kim Doesn T Hesitate Having Grown Up A Waif In The Dirty Streets Of London, Kim Isn T Above A Bit Of Breaking And Entering A Hard Life And Lean Times Have Schooled Her In One Lesson Steal From Them Before They Steal From You But When The Magician Catches Her In The Act, Kim Thinks She S Done For Until He Suggests She Become His Apprentice Then The Real Trouble BeginsKim Soon Finds Herself Entangled With Murderers, Thieves, And Cloak And Dagger Politics, All While Trying To Learn How To Become Both A Proper Lady And A Magician In Her Own Right Magic And Intrigue Go Hand In Hand In Mairelon The Magician And The Magician S Ward, Two Fast Paced Novels Filled With Mystery And Romance, Set Against The Intricate Backdrop Of Regency England

Patricia Collins Wrede was born in Chicago, Illinois and is the eldest of five children She started writing in seventh grade She attended Carleton College in Minnesota, where she majored in Biology and managed to avoid taking any English courses at all She began work on her first novel, Shadow Magic, just after graduating from college in 1974 She finished it five years later and started her se

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  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • A Matter of Magic (Mairelon, #1-2)
  • Patricia C. Wrede
  • English
  • 24 October 2019
  • 9780765326324

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    This book actually contains a duology Mairelon the Magician and The Magician s Ward The first in the set, Mairelon the Magician , is about the mystery aspect and a bit of the social conventions of the time, but not much in the way of romance It was interesting and a fun, though it was slow to start and, overall, just a touch above average.My biggest complaint about this part was the number of people involved The mystery surrounds the disappearance of a magical artifact Our hero, Mairelon, is falsely accused of the theft, and hides from the law while trying to find the items and clear his name pretty standard stuff.But there are so many other people also trying to find it, and I quickly got confused as to who was who, and who was on which side I enjoyed the farce elements of the multiple burgarly attempt, and the ending, but, again, I only give this 3 1 2 stars, with 3 being average.The second story in the set, The Magician s Ward , is much heavy on the romance, but still involves a high dose of mystery and magic.In the first story, our heroine, Kim, encounters Mairelon when she breaks into his wagon, and becomes part of his entourage Even though we see everything through Kim s perspective, and we go through the Pygmalion routine as Mairelon tries to teach the street urchin how to be proper, it s very much Mairelon s story.The second story is much Kim s It s 6 months after the first story, and Kim, having been taken in by Mairelon as his ward, has struggles as she as to fit into society This story is very much the novel of manners, as we go through the various bits and bobs of being in Town during the Season There are dinners and shows and coming out balls and all that.The mystery takes a secondary role, but it still very important to the overall story, which I appreciate While I have always enjoyed a romance aspect to stories, I rarely like it when the romance is the story, so the way that it was woven into this story, as both prominent and yet almost secondary, was well done.Overall, I enjoy the characters I really like Kim and Mairelon, and even the menagerie of secondary characters, especially Hunch and Renee The second story is much better paced, after having established the characters and whatnot in the first story, and than pays you back for the sluggishness and confusion of the first story I give this one 4 stars.ETA I m very glad that I heard of and was interested in these books before I read Thirteenth Child I enjoyed these books much better, but if I was judging the author just based on Thirteenth Child , I might not have picked up this set.

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    This book tried to be one thing too many, and as a consequence, didn t excel at the things it should have been doing The best parallel I can draw is to some of Georgette Heyer s less successful works which are, in my opinion, her most farcical Heyer could be sophisticated, charming, and romantic as can Patricia Wrede but when she tries to put a dozen characters into a situation with all sorts of absurd things happening and lines that try a little too hard to be hilarious, then the work often ends up falling flat.The first novella of the two in the collection A Matter of Magic is called Mairelon the Magician In it, we meet nobleman Richard Merrill, aka Mairelon, who is in hiding as a traveling magician because he was framed for a crime He is seeking a magical artifact in a Regency England which is essentially real Regency England, plus magic and teams up with a young thief named Kim to find it Early on, I was enthusiastic about this book, as we learned about Kim s resourcefulness and as she and Mairelon got to know each other Then the cast began to expand and kept expanding to the point where you d have to try a LOT harder than I was interested in trying to keep all of these absurd supporting characters straight There are wanna be druids, wastrel young nobles, doltish young nobles, crime lords, thugs, insipid ingenues, scheming women, a woman of mystery, a surly servant, and a very nasty wizard All of these people are thrown together in situations where the funny ones say funny things and the scary ones say scary things, and the doltish ones say doltish things and it s just too much In addition to being not as funny as it wants to be and hard to follow at times, the bigger fault in my opinion is that all this nonsense with a supporting cast of dozens detracts from the heart of the story Mairelon and Kim They simply don t get enough focus and development with all that other stuff going on.The second novella, The Magician s Ward, is much successful as an easily enjoyable read The funny bits are actually funnier because they re not tying so hard, and they re not too absurd to seem at all possible The plot is still relatively convoluted for this genre, but I found it interesting and not too difficult to follow The supporting cast is still relatively large, but several of them are well enough developed to feel like worthwhile additions to Kim and Mairelon s world I would say the weak point in this novella is the romantic dimension Kim and Mairelon fall in love, of course, but it s quite secondary or tertiary, even to all of the mystery and magic This isn t necessarily a flaw, but if you re expecting or seeking a Regency Romance, I would say the romance in this is so secondary that this book would barely qualify In a similar vein, there is a subplot in which Kim has another suitor, and that story is also shortchanged in relation to others You see her with the young man a couple of times, and he apparently really likes her, but I don t think there are than 500 words devoted to their conversations in the entire book Certainly not than 1000 It s supposed to be significant that she opts not to marry him even though she isn t certain of Mairelon s feelings, and you re supposed to care that she lets him go with dignity and self awareness but Wrede hasn t built him up enough for it to seem like a really significant part of her story when that happens.Overall, this is a mild recommendation from me if you like Regencies, magic, and a little bit of comedy of errors If any of those things is NOT to your liking, this is not really a book for you, but if you think all of that sounds nice, you ll likely enjoy this book these two novellas on a quiet day.

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    A simple job, that s all it was supposed to be Look around some cove s wagon, and report back an easy job for a street urchin and thief like Kim But no one told her his magic was real Caught by Mairelon, the performer, Kim quickly realizes that not only is he a true wizard, but a toff a.k.a a gentleman as well, and on the run from, well, pretty much everybody But he offers her a chance to get out of London, and Kim takes it, little knowing what adventures lie ahead.Wrede does a wonderful job of merging the Regency romance comedy with a world of magic her tweaks to the period The Royal Society of Wizards has buildings in the heart of London that forced Parliament to expand elsewhere are unobtrusive and believable, and the whole thing is a hilarious romp that places it firmly on my favorite books list When I first read this book, it made me love learning thieves cant, and the addition of magic creates a plausible excuse to break some of the strict rules of society, creating an opportunity to have especially strong female protagonists A delicious book that s as good as chocolate.

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    I ve been a fan of Wrede s books ever since I discovered her Enchanted Forest Series when I was fourteen I also recently read her book, Sorcery Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot which delighted me just as much as her other books So when I heard about the publication of A Matter of Magic I immediately added it to my wishlist and waited impatiently until I finally got a hold of it Unfortunately though, A Matter of Magic ended up being rather disappointing and not at all the kind of book I had come to expect from Wrede.Part of what makes Wrede s books so charming and delightful are the wit and humor of her female protagonists I loved Cecelia and Kate from Sorcery Cecilia and Princess Cine from the Enchanted Forest remains one of my favorite book characters In comparison, Kim was uninteresting and somewhat bland, lacking the verve and the mischievous likability of Wrede s other female protagonists.On the other hand, I did enjoy the character of Mairelon who reminded me of Howl from Diana Wynne Jones s Howl s Moving Castle.The story was OK, but didn t really rise above any of the other books with similar plots It moved a bit slowly for my liking and the end was played out in an unoriginal and chaotic manner with all the characters gathered together as the mystery is revealed, along with everyone s roles in it The second book was a bit interesting, this time taking place in Regency London The plot was another one that I ve read several times already, of an unsophisticated, low class young woman being taught to become a lady, with some magic thrown in But although I found it to be an improvement over Mairelon the Magician it still wasn t as good as Wrede s other books.So would I recommend A Matter of Magic Perhaps to someone new to fantasy who hasn t already read several similar books already But I would probably also try to guide them towards Wrede s other books and suggest that they might want to try those instead Those who are already fans of Patricia Wrede might want to read A Matter of Magic just because she wrote it, and to them I would just offer a warning that in my opinion it s not her best work.

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    While there was nothing actively disappointing to it, the sad fact was that I found not a lot to this book that really excited me, either The end of the first book was a confusing name salad, with a big load of exposition at the end seriously dragging down the tension of the scene, and the romance of the second book was a bit told not shown for my tastes a bit too Regency Romance in the bad way And that s speaking as one who rather enjoys historical fantasy, and the Regency period in particular.One of the troubles I had with it was that until better than halfway through the first book, I couldn t entirely tell that it WAS a Regency story, and not a Victorian one Understandably, the plight of a London Street Urchin didn t change awfully between one century and the next, but the author might have done a little work to make her setting plain rather than recounting the whole of the Dictionary of Thieves Cant she clearly inhaled during the research process.All that said, it wasn t bad at all I don t feel cheated for having picked it up, paid for it, and read it, and while I might not read it again, I ll probably find someone who ll like it well enough on my holiday list.

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    A Matter of Magic is actually two books in one, Mairelon the Magician and The Magician s Ward I was expecting of a fantasy when I started this, but it is of a historical mystery with small elements of historical fantasy and romance The first book is a mystery surrounding a magical item and while it was a nice read it didn t really pull me in as much as it could have I found the mystery rather dull and kept waiting for a lot magic There is no romance in the first story The second story is better I liked the mystery in this one a lot , but I felt the characters could have been written better I was waiting for the romantic tension to start, like the characters glancing into each others eyes and looking away, or one of them noticing how nice the other looks, or a spark between them while they are dancing Just something, but unfortunately we get none of that Mairelon is about as romantic as a statue in my opinion, which is too bad because it would have really lent a great deal to the story The result is that this book is mainly a magical mystery with no romance until almost the end The ending was sweet and I did like Mairelon and I loved Kim I just think it could have been better.

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    Didn t think this book was absolutely terrible, some parts were good but I felt it had so much detail that I was getting bored during chapters and wanted to just skip it The romance in the book was not heaps as well and it was fine but it only started when it got to the endish of the book

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    So this book is actually two relatively short stories, bound into a single volume The first one was..not great It was ridiculously slow, there were about a million named characters all of whom seemed to be fighting over one stupid silver plate, and the back cover reviews kept being all Regency romance and I was just sitting there all..okay, a I m insanely bored, and b there is literally no romance in this at all Ever Why are you describing it as a romance So the first book was pretty average as far as I was concerned, and it wasn t helped by the fact that Kim could have been anywhere between 8 and 18 The second book was a vast improvement There was plenty of action, we got to know a hell of a lot about the magic system, and I actually chuckled a few times But then there was a shoehorned romance that went from 0 to we re getting married in like a chapter And on top of that, I STILL had no idea how old Kim was supposed to be, and yet she s being shoved at every eligible bachelor under 30 Which, no thank you Anyway, the first story was 2.5 stars The second was 3.5 stars Which balances out to a healthy dose of mediocrity.

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    There are no words for how much I adore this book.

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    Reissue of Magic Malice Mairelon the Magician The Magician s Ward 3.5 stars

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