Confession Chief Inspector Daniel Jacquot Has Been Enjoying The Quiet Life In A Peaceful Provencal Village A Former Rugby International, Who Once Scored The Winning Try Against England At Twickenham, Jacquot Sports A Trademark Ponytail And Loves Food, Wine And One Woman, Artist Claudine Now, However, He Must Leave Her To Go To Paris, Where Marseilles Magistrate, Solange Bonnefoy S Niece Has Been Abducted As The Trail Of Violence And Corruption Leads Jacquot Back To The Ancient Seaport, With Its Bloody History Of Slave Trafficking, Another Utterly Shocking And Unexpected Murder Sets The Investigation Galloping In A Wholly New Direction And Jacquot Has To Go Undercover

After graduating from Hertford College, Oxford, Martin O Brien was travel editor at British Vogue for a number of years, and as a travel and life style correspondent he has contributed to a wide range of international publications As well as writing the Daniel Jacquot detective series Rich, spicy, and served up with unmistakeable relish The Literary Review , he has also written straight to p

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  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Confession
  • Martin O'Brien
  • English
  • 08 June 2019
  • 9781848090552

10 thoughts on “Confession

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    Took me a while to warm to this one, a bit darker and visceral and violent read than the previous ones The supernatural emelments like in The Angel to me add a little but do take me out of it Not my cup of tea, but it made for a good read My butt puckers thinking of the shiny phallus, poor Alain Very creative scene haha.

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    Jacquot is called back to Marseille to take on a personal undercover assignment for his old friend the magistrate Solange Bonnefoy Bonnefoy s teenage niece, daughter of a wealthy Paris family, has gone missing without a trace no ransom demand, no clues at all There are two sets of criminals in this tale the traffickers who have kidnapped the girl and several others and the Cabrille crime family headed by the elderly Achille, whose ruthlessly ambitious daughter Virginie, a sexual sadist, makes the two hit women from Prizzi s Honor look like pussycats Jacquot s old rival, the crooked cop Gastal, is sticking his nose in everywhere, looking for a chance to stick it to Jacquot and feather his own nest Marie Ange Buhl, the psychic who helped Jacquot in the past is back to help again.It s kind of a busy plot, with action and graphic violence than is typical in the series And not so much of the wonderfully descriptive writing that creates the strong sense of place in the other books The shoot out as sea is kind of fun though.

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    I enjoy the occasional thriller This was a good one The amount of eating in it amused me You know how in historical fiction scenes stop while the clothes are lovingly described heck I do it too well in this one, everything stops for food The Marseilles dining out culture is explored in some detail with loving descriptions of the grub not a complaint, but an observation I would have enjoyed this if it hadn t contained a very gratuitous torture scene, but nevertheless, a very readable novel and I will read by this currently new to me author.

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    This fifth book is the series is filled with a great deal of graphic violence absent from the first four It also has a theme of women in peril.

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    Another fantastic read

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    Far too bitty a page and a half and the scene and character changes, then again two pages on, and again a page after that Far too bitty for me.

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