RecklessSetting 1804 England Series 2 of the House of Rohan Trilogy Can be read stand alone.Sensuality NC 17 Tropes Older woman, the Rake Spinster, There is no such thing as a frigid woman, and best of all, No I will not marry you even tho I am carrying your baby because you re not in love with me Plot Charlotte is a 30 year old spinster and poor relation living with her cousin, Lina Charlotte has the hots for Adrian, Viscount Rohan, the greatest rake in all of bloody England For convoluted reasons, Lina decides that it would educate Charlotte to view all the fornication that occur during one of the three day orgies at the Heavenly Host a thinly veiled Hellfire Club house party Charlotte goes as an observor only but guess who is there Adrian and Charlotte then engage in a 48 hour boink a thon, after which he might have possibly shoved Charlotte off a cliff as his tip Strike that Actually, his tip turns out to be a little nugget in her cave Wink wink, nudge nudge There is also a secondary romance involving Lina the local parson and a suspense plot that is marginally thrown in there Ramblings According to my records, I have read seven of Stuart s previous works Altho I don t consider myself a fan, I ve always admired her clean, almost terse writing style which I think is especially suited to her romantic suspense novels For those who have read her earlier historicals from the 1990s like the much admired A Rose at Midnight, Reckless in comparison, is a much faster, wallpaper ish read For about the first 250 pages, I was enjoying this very sexy story until I realized that Adrian Charlotte do not have much of a connection beyond great sex and aren t going to.Stuart s specialty is the Bad Boy Hero so Adrian the Rake is a character she can do in her sleep And probably did He has no discernable characteristics beyond being beautiful, dumb, and slutty.This is where I find the secondary romance bothersome It is problematic because of the following 1 I don t like secondary romances as a rule 2 Like most secondary romances, it is better and interesting than the primary romance Charlotte s cousin, Lina, is arguably the most interesting character in the book She is a widow who survived a horribly abusive marriage and unapologetically participates in the Heavenly Hosts orgies Since she can t have sex with the reformed sinner turned parson think Russell Crowe s preacher in The Quick and the Dead , yum , they do a heck lot talking and communicating than Adrian Charlotte 3 I couldn t help thinking that if the secondary romance wasn t present, maybe depth could have been added to the primary romance, what there was of it As the story petered to the end, I was tempted to grade this a C but decided that I might be a little harsh After all, there is really nothing wrong with a shallow, smoothly written, by the numbers, sexy historical It s not Stuart s fault that I wanted.Grade C 5 STARSI m not pretty Some of the most beautiful women in the world are here and available tonight, and I m quite ordinary You don t want to waste your time with a plain elderly spinster Perhaps I was looking for something different I m not worth the trouble, I assure youWell, I loved this one almost as much as the first one The only thing that bothered me at all, if you could call it that, was it s similarity to book one at the end Otherwise, I m all in for the series The characters are just fabulous, male and female alike Anne Stuart always provides us with some delightfully wicked male heroes And she opposes them with equally strong willed and wonderfully spirited heroines I can t wait to see who will be next And if bum s offend you, I apologize, but this was a PERFECT photo for the story If I get banned from GR s for posting it, so be it. See, I m not all about the old bodice rippers I ll read the new crap too OK, so I read it Boring as batshit I ve even got a shelf for it now, thanks to this book Quite a few have qualified in the past, but this one actually motivated me to create it So thanks, Anne Stuart, for getting me off my procrastinating butt with this tripey tidbit of tommyrot and twaddle.You might find it hard to believe, but I ve actually taken a day long breather before writing this review to let the vitriol ebb a bit You should have seen me yesterday.I m not going to go into the plot All the rave reviews here cover it from end to end I m just going to say why this romance was a massive fail for me.The Heroine.This romance was one of the breed that IMO have types, not actual characters We have the spinster with self esteem issues She constantly laments her hair, her complexion freckles , her lack of experience with guys, her gawkiness, her height, etc OK, fine, I can see why it would be such a big deal for a woman of 30 in 1804, but she deliberately dowds herself down and then has a perpetual pity party for herself with Woe is me inner monologues Maybe I was expected, as a reader, to want to assure Charlotte that she s gorgeous and beautiful, but she instead struck me as pathetic and a whiner She s the beautiful swan who thinks she s an ugly duckling, with as much depth as a two page fairy tale Seen it Read it Didn t like it the first time Believe me, I could have sympathized with her plight, but she overdid it way too much.Also, her character was all over the place When the book opens, she s coming back from a meeting of some lame Bluestocking Grrlpower Society where the girls had a swearing lesson from a maidservant, learning how to say bollocks and arse and bastard and fuck and all kinds of other naughty words Nothing about if this was super secretive or not Yet when Charlotte finds herself cornered by the hero in a pleasure garden, she doesn t want to scream because she ll be the laughingstock of London Ain t that always the way in these Regency set tales I swear, Napoleon could have buggered England six ways to Sunday if he d distracted London with a marriage wager Anyway, I thought that for someone touted as smart, she seemed awfully stupid.The Hero.Just so Charlotte won t be lonely in her corner because she d never shut up about it , I didn t like the hero either This was my biggest pet peeve Adrian is a Tell, Don t Show Rake I hate those I don t want to be told just how big and bad he is, and then find out that all the unpleasant stuff is now part of his past If he s got a rep as The Villainous Viscount, his exploits have been fodder for the newspapers, and is this looming ogre of amoral lust and every vile proclivity known to Man, then I will be than mildly disappointed when his character is revealed to be when we first see him a reduced opium user to the point where he rarely does it any , a former indulger of orgies, he never drank from the communal vessel at the orgies, and in all other ways is nearly neutered in comparison to his famed persona.OK, I know I m a dinosaur when it comes to romances since I prefer ye olde bodice rippers, but I like seeing those old heroes who are said to be rakes and bounders actually being rakes and bounders Where a chapter opened with them banging their mistress and being a callous bastard, or at least actively unpleasant But it s much easier for readers to love an asshole when you don t see his assholery in action.A couple times when Charlotte is staggering around like a ninny in the dark, Adrian accosts her and seems to be pawing some nameless lovely, and I thought, OK, now he s acting like what we ve been told he s like butno He always knows it s her, just from her movements or something else convenient Can t have him acting like an asshole where we can see it.Add to that his My dad loved my dead brother most but he died, so I m the heir and a disappointment sob story, and he was a huge fail on all levels I don t want lost little boy in a man s body heroes that I want to cuddle This guy would have had his lunch eaten by some of romance s Golden Age alphas.I want a story and people who live on the page The kind of characters that were in this book invited the reader to self insert in order to make them seem fuller, and that s not the type of reader I am I want the author to write the story, the whole story.Verdict Adrian was as much a big bad rake as this is a Hell s Angel.The Secondary Romance.I started off liking the secondary romance between Lina and Simon Pagett better than Charlotte Adrian but that quickly took a downturn when, yet again, it became a battle of caricatures rather than actual characters Lina the bright and gay whore disguising a psychosis about sex, and the reprobate turned vicar who is a sexual dry drunk Their encounters were predictable and hit all the points at the expected times The zingers were of the I know you are, but what am I kind both in this pairing and our main couple Nick and Nora Charles can rest easy Their banter is safe.So because of its utter written in her sleep dullness, this predictable subplot quickly became an obnoxious distraction And since the main storyline was no great shakes, I knew I was screwed, glued, and tattooed.Everybody knew everything about everybody, exceptLina really hates Pagett, which screams Wuv to everybodyexcept Lina Charlotte really hates Adrian, even though she s had a crush on him for two years, and yet everybody knows that she is really in love with him, exceptCharlotte Everybody The old bed ridden queen Lord Montague, Lina, Pagett, Meggie the Foul Mouthed Maid, even the bloody villain comments on it Maybe it was supposed to be poignant that poor Charlotte thinks she s guarded this secret for oh so long and oh so carefully, and yet every s.o.b and their brother knows she s a trembling wreck over some guy she had a disastrous dance with two years ago I hear a violin, and yet my eyes are still dry.Oh, and while everybody seems to be getting psychic waves about everybody, we ve got a Frenchie who is a beat the whore til she bleeds libertine and who practically twiddles his fingers and chuckles evilly in the corner, and yet it s a staggering surprise when he is revealed to beDUN DUN DUNthe bad guy Hooda thunk This assclown provided the token intrigue and suspense that was given a few chapters at the end Fell short of the mark Oh, a tad.Honorable mention from the Clich Hall of FameWhen the bad guy and Adrian do confront each other, I swear to God this is a line of dialogueYou are too much like me, Adrian Well, it s not exactly the super villain Freebird of We are very much alike, you and I but it s damn close and I had to chase my eyeballs across the floor.And a final note about the dialogue the dirty talk from Adrian didn t get me moist As if I needed persuasion not to try another Stuart book, if that s indeed one of her trademarks, this will be the first and last AS book I read.I ve never had a book with such big print and huge margins take so long to read When something is as boring and dull as this one was, it can slow a girl down.I don t know about you all, but I m feeling much much better now. 5 stars Historical RomanceAs much as I enjoyed Ruthless, this left me even satisfied, mainly because I thought it had a better story and I felt of a connection between the H h, even if it was often antagonistic.Adrian, Viscount Rohan, son of the H h from Ruthless, is as deliciously sexy, devilishly wicked, and utterly dissipated as his notorious father A tall, awkward, redheaded, freckled, bespectacled, bluestocking, virgin spinster like Charlotte should hold little appeal to a rakehell with his depraved experience and lusty appetites, but for some unfathomable reason, he finds it impossible to resist or dismiss her Adrian demands Charlotte s acquiescence and undertakes teaching her all the naughty delights of sexual pleasure, but can she make the cynical libertine surrender his heart Reckless is another decadently dark, lushly erotic read in the sexy House of Rohan series with a sinfully delectable hero who makes this a sensual, luscious treat to savor like the finest chocolate 5 stars Adrian Alistair Rohan Lost His Faith, And Now, A Dedicated Member Of The Depraved Heavenly Host, He Loses Himself In His Only Pleasure The Seduction And Debauchery Of Beautiful Women Rich, Charming And Devastatingly Skilled In The Arts Of Love, He Never Fails In His Conquests Until Charlotte Spenser Charlotte Is Facing A Desolate, Passionless Future, None Of Which Matters To Adrian, Who Imagines Her A Toy Until Better Prey Arrives But Beneath Her Drab Exterior, Charlotte Is A Woman As Enchanting As She Is Brilliant And, Lured Into Adrian S World, Soon She Becomes The Seducer, And He The Seduced I know this have many stellar ratings, but I was not impressed.The first half of the book is all about lusting and f cking and lusting and f ucking some I admit that I skipped pages because of too much inner lustingThe only character I enjoyed is Montague he s dying, but maybe because of that, he s the only one with his eyes open and his mind functioning.All the other characters are completly and willingly blind.Where, in other HRs, the point is to save her virtue, here the totally opposite is true.Mostly is was bored The stars were in alignment for this book I sat down with it and just expected to read for an hour or so before bed But that ended up turning into reading until 4 30 am luckily I had a holiday the next day Reckless was just perfect for my mood Everything just seemed so right about it There was humor, romance, a little angst, and some sexy scenes sigh Perfect for my mood.While I enjoyed the first book, Ruthless, I also saw a lot of flaws I hadn t felt an urgent need to try out the next two books, even though I had already bought them But then one of my friends, Quinn, started posting all these excellent quotes in her status updates I am a total sucker for quotes So I just had to start this book Reckless felt a lot smoother than Ruthless I ve only read four so far, but I ve noticed the trend That doesn t mean that Adrian is a saint He s nowhere near that He plays with the heroine and manipulates her to get what he wants out of her He also is a weenie and runs at the slightest sign of emotion I actually think that his actions after they developed an attachment were what bumped him up in my eyes He played his games and acted like an ass, and she wouldn t take it Charlotte had some quite brilliant scenes where she shoved Adrian s behavior back down his throat I loved it But while Adrian played the game, he played it for a reason And he knew what he was doing and he did it quite deliberately But then he d get his way and discover he didn t want it that way after all I loved that he would make himself play his game, but then he would come back because he just couldn t resist, even if he didn t like what that meant in the long run He just felt open than any of the other heroes I ve read by the author I don t mean open verbally, I mean internally Charlotte felt like she meshed well with Adrian There s a scene in a coach where Charlotte shoves Adrian s BS back down his throat I really felt she came into her own strength then She let him play his game, but she won in the end It felt like a sweet, sweet victory for me I really liked that she didn t have a drama fit over her relationship with Adrian I do wish that she had been open during some of the sex scenes though I m not the biggest fan of heroines who say no but really mean yes and just want to be talked into it I got that vibe from her sometimes It was pretty easy for me to shrug off, though I just liked how practical Charlotte was I also liked that she wasn t concerned with society s opinion and that she didn t base her actions around what they would think Even though she was naive and a bit starry eyed she still came across as strong I could see her vulnerability, but she never let her emotions control her to the point that she debased herself for anyone I felt that the author did a much better job with the ending of this book It didn t feel abbreviated like Ruthless did I love me some comeuppance, and I felt that I got quite a satisfying portion of it in this book.Here s hoping that I like the third book as much After loving Ruthless, I created a great hype in my head for Reckless, and while it did fall somewhat short of my expectations, it was still a highly enjoyable read Adrian and Charlotte were two halves of a whole, both trying to live their lives out of the mold I felt that Charlotte had Adrian pegged early on as being a young boy in a man s body Adrian acted like a total spoiled child, whom used sex as a game Charlotte tried to fight the attraction and love she felt for Adrian knowing it just lead her to heartbreak, but I think she felt a connection to Adrian because he could be a child, something she wasn t able to be herself Adrian does have some major growing up to do, and while he does it, it s kinda slow on the uptake as the book is highly sexual, so then Ruthless that was highly sensual Don t get me wrong, I love me some hot romances, but I also enjoy a storyline and characters I can understand The sex between the characters was hot, but overshadowed the growth and connection you would expect to see This led to the secondary romance really drawing the spotlight away from the main romance The secondary romances is supposed to be that secondary, to move and add background to the main couple and the book I would have loved to have a book or short story about Lina Charlotte s cousin and a vicar Simon Pagett, their romances had substance then Adrian and Charlotte s Not that their romance doesn t grow, it s just slow going and really doesn t shine until toward the end with another added bump in the road with a evil plot thrown in It was also great to see how Francis and Elinor Ruthless have held up after all the years and how devoted they still are to one another While it didn t live up to my own hype, it was still avenge and good smokin hot read, and had a very sweet ending between a spinster and a reformed rake Not as dark as RUTHLESS, but a whole lot sexier, RECKLESS tells the story of Adrian, the son of the couple from the first book in this series The heroine, Charlotte, is a tall, gawky spinster who follows her widowed cousin to a Hellfire Club like gathering and is swept off her feet by Adrian, Viscount Rohan, whom she has worshiped from afar for years The dynamic between Adrian and Charlotte is similar to that of his parents in the earlier book Mad, bad rake convinces innocent spinster to walk on the wild side and is then tamed by love If you enjoy that dynamic then you will probably enjoy this book There is also an entertaining secondary romance between Charlotte s merry widow cousin and a vicar who just happens to be a reformed rake I loved seeing the devil may care Adrian brought to his knees by the headstrong, spinster Charlotte even if it did take him forever to admit his love for her I m loving this House of Rohan series and can t wait to read the next installment Anne Stuart s rake reformer pairings might be a bit old school, but I am not ashamed to admit that I m digging them Hard. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceReckless is the second book in the House of Rohan series I just gobbled up the first book of the series And Reckless features the son of Rohan and ElinorAdrian Now the first book does take place in Paris, but the family has moved to England I first want to mention how fantastic this book is I don t know why I took so long to get to book two, but Adrian s book was wonderful I will say that this author s writing style is unique from most Victorian era definitely has a higher level of steam and sensual.Our delightful story begins with the setting of a house party in the countryside where the group of Heavenly Hosts meet Now we were first introduced to the depravity and focus of sexual encounters in the first book Our heroine, Charlotte, has been captivated by Adrian Rohan for years But her cousin is attending the Heavenly Hosts party, and Charlotte is curious She doesn t necessarily want to participate but she wants to observe When she arrives to the party however, her cousin Lina soon leaves her to her own devices when she is called away Charlotte ends up wandering the grounds and caught up in a passionate two nights with Adrian of all men He teaches her the pleasures of sex and she finds passion and desire But even though they never plan on seeing each other again, fate has a way of getting in the way of best laid plans and love they neither of them expected to find You ve been pinning for him these last three years, God knows why Admittedly he s gorgeous, but you re hardly the type to be overset by simple beauty Why Because he has sad eyes, she could have said Because he tries so very hard to be bad, to be mean, to be cruel, and all you have to do is look past the studied ennui to see a hurt little boy trying to emerge And yes, because he s bloody gorgeous We also are introduced into a secondary love story, involving Charlotte s cousin Lina and the local Vicar Simon I was really intrigued with this set up Lina had a really rough marriage and had bitter feelings toward Vicars One of her closest friends is dying and Simon is being a bit too involved in her business Sparks fly between these two Simon doesn t approve of Lina s lifestyle in seekig sex everywhere she can find it even though he knows that she hates it and doesn t find pleasure in intimacy But she begins to feel desire for the first time in her life with a man so opposite from herself You d be better served ifyou gave me a moment to regain my self control and let me remove my boots It s the least agentleman can do And you re such a gentleman Not with you, love But I m trying These two stories were simply fantastic, and I was drawn completely into this book I love the writing style of Anne Stuart, they just pull me in and the narrator for this series is SUPERB Susan Erickson really brings this book to life and I love the way she narrates the sensuality and the vibrant emotions that speaks to the listener I wasn t sure what I was expecting when I picked up Reckless I didn t realize it was a different setting since I really liked the Parisian setting However, this isn t your average Victorian Era romance and Anne Stuart just adds such energy to her books and Reckless is no exception I really had a blast with this book even if the heroine drove me nuts up the wall She gets a bit violent against the hero slapping him when she is being a hypocrite in a certain situation So I don t approve of heroines slapping heroes.yes Adrian is a rake but she didn t have much cause in slapping him So whenever I see this in a romance it really drives me crazy and probably is the only aspect of the story that I didn t like and keeps the story from being a five star rating.However, despite some of the heroines actions, I understand why she does it in some ways She isn t ready for the emotions that Adrian brings out in her including the desire she is feeling for him or the fact that she is loving having sex with Adrian There is such a focus of being shamed by sex in society in this time period, so she really has to face up to some tough things for herself We see such a close bond that Adrian and Charlotte have together Even though Adrian isn t the type to settle down and Charlotte knows it When she suspects that she is pregnant despite the precuations that they take to prevent it, she doesn t want to tell him at first Of course, it hard to hide it from him and then the plot takes a new twist with Adrian s cousin Etienne Now Etienne is the most depraved human you can know and what a villain he was From the beginning we see how truly evil his character is.I will say that I found Charlotte and Adrian and Lina and Simon s stories were simply wonderful I love how they just seem to work together and these stories just flow in and out of each other I was really imressed with how this book was written and once again I have fallen madly in love with another book by Anne Stuart This series is one I can t wait to read of, Reckless was vibrant and unique and packed with sensuality that makes the reader melt A STORY TO DELIGHT IN foogallery id 52137

Kristina Douglas.

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