Greyhound Greyhound is the story of Sebastien Raines, a timid white boy about to turn twelve who is abandoned by his Mother who drops him off at a Greyhound station in Stockton, CA with thirty bucks and a ticket to his father s parents in Altoona, PA Very soon after leaving Sebastien meets Marcus, a young black man recently released from prison travelling to visit his mother in New York City Marcus will become a profound influence upon Sebastien, teaching him about Langston Hughes, respecting others while not being a victim, and how to be a man and not a coward You ll never need to look too far for friends if you just be yourself And don t forget that it s easier to be a man than it is to be a coward It s just harder to be an honest man than an honest coward You can always lie to yourself, even if you never lie to others Greyhound is a wonderful coming of age novel set in 1981 Having spent a few days on a Greyhound for a round trip from Greenville, SC to Boston and back long ago I can speak of the novel s authenticity It s one of the best literary novels I ve read in quite a while It is currently free to borrow on your Kindle if you have an Prime membership. Loved this book easy read but a real feel good Great for YA and book clubs A coming of age story that shows how one person can make a huge difference in the life of another Don t want to give too much away NWE Our book club selected this book to read Two of our members, Melanie and Cheryl were posting about the book, and all of a sudden the author chimed in He left a detailed message about the story that was very enlightening The story is very autobiographical, and he did have a Greyhound experience, complete with a Marcus He is now raising his son in California It was wonderful to hear his story, and it makes the book even heartbreaking Ushered Out From His Stockton, California Home By His Emotionally Detached Mother And Her Latest Boyfriend, Twelve Year Old Sebastien Ranes Must Fend For Himself And Travel Two Thousand Miles Across The Country He Is On His Way To Live With His Grandmother And Sister In Pennsylvania Along The Way, He Will Learn That Sometimes Caring, Guidance And Understanding Can Come From Some Unlikely People Marcus, A Fellow Bus Passenger, Is A Man Who Has Been Neglected By Society Than His Family As A Young Black Ex Con, He Is Not The Epitome Of The Person Most Would Pick As A Chaperone For Their Child S Cross Country Trip Yet Rather Than Be Held Apart By Their Differences, Marcus And Sebastien Are Drawn Together By The Things That Make Us All AlikeAlong The Way, He Acts As Both Guide And Protector, As Virgil Was To Dante And Jim To Huck Finn Imparting His Own Style Of Wisdom, He Shows Sebastien That, Despite The Darker Parts Of The Human Condition, People Can And Do Care For One Another This Is A Modern Day Journey Not Just From One House To Another This Is A Journey Taken By A Young Boy Into Manhood, And By The Reader Into His World Like Every Trip, There Are Many Stops Along The Way But This Journey Differs In The Way Young Sebastien Arrives At His Destination Greyhound Is The Story Of This Journey What do you do once you ve sat in your seat on the airplane, and you re either sitting next to someone who has similarly been slid into the seat with a shoe horn, or you re waiting for the person to take the seat next to you A majority of the people who have been seat mates on an airplane have immediately put their nose in a book, or pulled out their crescent shaped pillow and closed their eyes But I have had some of the most amazing conversations with people who were willing to engage with another human being who happened to be only an armrest away.This book is about two people who decided to engage each other in an ongoing conversation cross country on a Greyhound bus I wonder how many opportunities we are given when people cross our paths, to have an impact on each other like Marcus and Sebastien did on the bus And I wonder how many of those opportunities we miss, or don t take advantage of.The themes of this book are clear how many young boys grow up unmentored by their father How many fathers fail to show their boys how to become men Either a man or a coward Why do boys have to find their mentor and protector in a stranger Also, there is evil in the world Sebastien encounters it But he also encounters amazing, random acts of kindness along his journey Those people go on with their lives, and may forget about the 12 year old boy they did something nice for, but he will never forget That s why we do random acts of kindness not so we can remember what we did, but that others who were the recipients will never forget, and smile when they think of them.This was a great book, most of which happens within a greyhound bus It s amazing what all can happen on a bus This book almost motivates me to take a bus ride someplace and find out for myself. Emotionally satisfying story of a lonely boy who is put on a Greyhound bus to travel alone across the country to live with his grandparents His mother, a failure as a parent, has a habit of taking up with men and shipping him off and out of the way.On the bus he finds himself befriended by an ex con who speaks honestly with the boy and something no adult has ever done before, listens to him I loved that this black man stayed with this white child and protected him over the three day trip It was similar to the situation in Bryce Courtney s The Power of Onewhere an English South African child travels alone on a train, and finds himself looked after by a black man who changes his life It s just lovely to read about good people learning to care about each other as they are confronted by one traumatic situation after another On this trip the man and boy work as a team To find a guide like this when you re eleven and life is not so pleasant it just couldn t be better.I m giving it five stars just because I loved it.I m on a quest to read a novel representing each of the 50 states This one is for Pennsylvania, the destination of the bus. DNFWidely appreciated as a touching, enjoyable story about a young boy alone on a cross country bus trip Sounds promising enough Many reviewers have best book ever feelings about this one Some think that if you don t appreciate this one you have no heart or soul It s that kind of book So much there to feel muchly about Unfortunately that s not my kind of read being neatly, predictably set up with everything that I MUST feel about After the first couple of paragraphs I felt I could tell this story without reading it, and I was going to be continually hit over the head with all the things about which I should feel heartstrings plucked and compassionate, motherly outrage A few chapters in and I kept being right This one isn t for me I lack the heart and soul I ve survived a few long distance Greyhound trips though fortunately never cross country, ouch , and some family angst though fortunately not to the degree of young Sebastian, ouch again , and picked this book off the new releases shelf on a whim I figured it would be a quick read to pass some free time on a weekend retreat I wasn t expecting to enjoy it anywhere near as much as I did The synopsis on the back makes it sound like it s going to be a series of amusing encounters along the voyage, but it really is a deeper study of making our way in the world, deciding how we will be shaped by the events of our past we all have baggage be it in a suticase or black garbage bag stuffed under the bus , but it s how we carry it onward that determines our futures. Sweet and heartfelt There are so many perfect descriptions of the 80 s here The author balances humor and heartbreak as his character discovers that his mother simply does not love him enough Rather than try to win her love, Sebastian realizes that others can fill this void if he lets them A touching and memorable story. Greyhound is one of those books that stays with you long after you ve turned the last page It s one of those books you hate to put down A book you can t wait to get back to.The story follows 11 year old, Sebastian, as he embarks on a solo cross country bus trip His mother has shipped him off to his grandparents so she can begin life again with a new husband and no baggage Sebastian meets a number of Greyhound employees, bus drivers, and passengers, some good, some not so good, along the way The novel is evocative, tugging at a range of emotions as you journey through Sebastian s travels I felt a sense of loss and abandonment as Sebastian is dropped at the bus station with his luggage and a few bucks to get him to the east coast I felt relief whenever he met a kind soul and I feared for his safety numerous times during the book The novel is uplifting as well as tragic, amusing as well as thoughtful.I loved how the author built Sebastian s relationship with fellow rider, Marcus Marcus took it upon himself to become Sebastian s guardian along the way But Marcus needed Sebastian as much as Sebastian needed him There s was a supportive and touching friendship.This coming of age story was brilliantly crafted, with authentic voices and unique, believable characters It s one of the best books I ve read in a long time It made me think and feel It s resonant. dnf 20%It s 2018 and I have less reading time and I ve decided that I m going to be better at dnf ing things I m just not interested in.Sorry Greyhound but you didn t keep my attention This started out decent with an 11 year old Sebastien Ranes being put on a bus by his mother to travel from California to Philadelphia so that she can run off with yet another Mr Wrong in a long line of Mr You ll Do For the Moment This is a journey story and I probably just wasn t in the mood for one of those right now that doesn t involve elves, dragons or magic I was thinking it might be a little like Secondhand Lions but to this point it has just had some random situations on a bus including a passenger beating up the bus driver for being a jerk and taking over the bus Not really in the mood for this so I m off to read something a little fantastical.

Born in Pennsylvania and raised in California, England and various parts of Alaska Attended school at the University of Alaska,Anchorage and the University of Los Angeles, California Served honorably in the U.S Marine Corps and is a Veteran of The Persian Gulf War.Once a resident of Alaska, the Mayor of Nome asked him to leave and never return, due to a minor misunderstanding.Steffan Piper

[Reading] ➺ Greyhound  By Steffan Piper –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Greyhound
  • Steffan Piper
  • English
  • 23 September 2019
  • 9780982555095

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