Space Captive

Space Captive Shhhh The Finger Pressed A Little I Said Nice And Still, And Quiet Don T Make Me Angrier Than I Already Am I Don T Like Finding Federation Scum Roaming Unsupervised Around My Section Got It The Pressure Of The Finger Increased, And Liz Could Do Nothing But Allow Her Lips To Peel Apart And For It To Push Into Her Mouth The Pirate Smirked, Pulled The Finger Out, Cupped Her Chin, And Pushed Her Head Back Against The Wall Now, I Have To Search You, He Went On, His Face Mere Centimetres From Hers For All I Know You Could Have A Nasty Weapon Concealed Somewhere

Captive, sex slaves, punishment

☁ Space Captive  PDF / Epub ✎ Author Martin Hughes –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • Space Captive
  • Martin Hughes
  • English
  • 02 October 2017
  • 9781901388114

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    I am really hard pressed to refer to this as erotica as I didn t find this even remotely erotic Normally I can at least reason out why someone would find this erotic, but this one has me incredibly confused I suppose someone could, but this rates up there with the tentacle monsters in Hentai I just don t understand that stuff Luckily this has no such monsters In any event, the whole reason I picked this up was because I am a major fan of science fiction Most other erotica I ve read has been set in modern times or around the 1700 1800 s So, being the sci fi fan I am, I decided to see how this measures up Frankly, this book didn t do well for me It s not because of the torturous aspects, because I ve read Sade and loved that I think it has to do with the fact that basically no one is attractive and the story feels overly ridiculous Basically Space Captive seems to derive its major influences from Star Trek I m not sure which iteration of Star Trek, but this totally feels like a Star Trek derivation The name of the starship is even called the Explorer I ve only really spent time watching Star Trek The Next Generation , but it has familiar elements of not letting the enemies get their hands on the starship because of its advanced technology Space Captive seems to be centered on a conflict between Earth and a separatist group that is living in the Megellan sector Basically the Explorer is captured by these pirates and the entire crew is taken hostage As I m sure anyone can guess, the crew needs to be interrogated and since this novel is classified as erotica you can expect the method of extracting this information is through sexual torture Well sort of The second in command is a beautiful woman named Elizabeth Hartley and we basically journey with her through her misadventures The pirates seem supremely focused on her rather than the captain, though they use her as leverage to get the captain to cooperate Anyway, she s put through all sorts of sexual trials that involve bondage, being whipped, rape from males and females , and even this bizarre maze thing they make her go through that involves being naked, freezing water, and rats I was perplexed while I was reading the latter, because I didn t find that erotic at all, nor did I find it a logical final punishment by the pirates It was just goofy, in my opinion Now, the mind boggling aspect of this novel is based on the fact that very few of the pirates are attractive So just picture a bunch of ugly people committing sexual acts with someone beautiful I guess some people might find this hot , but I found it confusing how a whole community was like this They had one beautiful woman in this one area, but all she did was fight with Elizabeth The worst were the dwarves These aren t the ones we encounter in real life, these are apparently mutated and strange, they are trolls than dwarves Apparently they were originally bred to work on the engines of starships, because those areas of a starship were too small for normal people, but now that the technology is better they don t need them So a huge exodus of dwarves went to the Magellan sector because they couldn t find work on Earth any I felt like this was a stupid idea Anyway, these creatures get to have fun with the captives and what not None of this was erotic I m not entirely sure who would find this a good book The excuses related to the sexual abuse and rapes are tiresome, because Elizabeth always responded favorable and secretly liked it I think that s absurd, frankly Some of the bondage setups weren t bad, and there was one scene that I genuinely liked with one of her own crew members again forced , where he took advantage of her chest and made her quite messy But the secretly liking it thing got annoying after a while and typically ruined everything at how illogical it all was There was also one scene where the male captain is pleasured by another man, but this was brief and quite mild in content, but as you can expect this is a pretty liberal community sexually There were also a few scenes with Elizabeth and another woman, but the other woman was old and ugly, so that didn t work for me In the end the erotic science fiction did not work out so well in this book There are vastly creative things you can do in the realms of science fiction and erotica I ll keep looking, maybe at some point I ll find a decent book that makes sense to some degree Ultimately I can t say I recommend this.

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