BreathlessHey, Stuart finally did something interesting with the Heavenly Host I ve liked all the books in this series, but the whole evil club theme was tiresome They only have a small role here, thank goodness, but it s a significant one.This was a rare probably the only Stuart book that had me interested in the heroine than the hero I was expecting Miranda daughter of the spoiled hero from Reckless and granddaughter of the decadent hero from Ruthless to be a willful rich girl type, but although certainly headstrong, she is also very sensible She really held her own against Lucien the Scorpion Oooooo using a form of psychological warfare that was comic in a way reminding me of old Catherine Coulter books Come to think of it, the relationship between them reminds me of my favorite Coulter book, The Wyndham Legacy.Lucien is, of course, another Stuart bad boy And he really is quite terrible for awhile too terrible for me to find this book entirely satisfying I do appreciate that Stuart created a different sort of relationship here, one with an unexpected light side that counter balances the dark aspects, but I felt I needed from it Miranda s sensible approach robs the book of some of its potential angst, and Lucien is not just abstractly bad but has seriously done Miranda wrong He needed redeeming.As usual, there s a sweet secondary romance here starring a hero who, judging by his talents at thievery and secretly slipping rings on women s fingers, must be an ancestor of Patrick Blackheart from Catspaw. 4.5 starsHow is it that the best story in the trilogy is also the most disappointing book of the three This book had SO much potential It had everything in it that makes a historical romance for me on the shelf heroine, dissolute, dark, hardened, cynical hero, twisted revenge plothow exciting, I thought Lucien de Malheur is one of Stuart s best dark heroes In the Scorpion she has created someone so dark and so bent on revenge that he is almost irredeemable I usually call her characters sly with a wink bad Not so Lucien He is just bad Stuart is a master at characterization you can see how bad he is and love him anyway.Miranda is a pleasure to read about having been ruined by circumstances beyond her control and unknown to her, orchestrated by Lucien she has picked herself up, brushed herself off, and made a life for herself outside of the strictures of the ton She owns her own home, does her own thing and answers to no one but herself I m not sure how anachronistic she is for her time, but I liked her alot.When she meets Lucien again, orchestrated by Lucien as part of his revenge plot against her family she recognizes a kindred spirit He, too, lives on the fringes of polite society, shunned by society matrons and gossiped about in the corners of ballrooms His overture of friendship is welcomed, and Miranda is quite taken with him Lucien is taken with Miranda than he cares to admit, and the game he is playing takes a turn he hadn t anticipated.Lucien reveals his plot to Miranda and the manner in which she deals with it is quite the opposite to the way Lucien thought she would behave The way she and Lucien dance around each other, each trying to manipulate the other, is a pleasure to read She does the opposite to what she thinks he is expecting her to do, while he is always trying to one up and veers to the opposite of what she thinks he wants It s a twisted mind f %k they are doing to each other, and it is wonderfully written.And it all just went blah It all seems to come together too quickly at the end the resolution is kind of a mishmash and I was left completely unsatisfied by the whole thing.It was the shortest book of the three, in terms of page count, but should have been the longest This story cries out for Lucien s history why is he so scarred what happened to him and to his half sister how did he become so bent on revenge These questions don t get answered until the last 1 4 of the book and the answers are so glossed over that they aren t really answers at all I would have liked to know about Lucien, and the pages that are spent on the secondary romance, while charming, I would have preferred been spent on Lucien and Miranda.Still, when all is said and done I loved the characters, and the story, and I m sorry to see the trilogy end. I m writing this review because this book made me feel traumatized and violated I think it s a testament to her skill as an author that she makes me feel so intensely, but I also wish someone would silently point out the books that would traumatize me I had a real problem with the hero of this book Basically, it is this in the very first pages of the book, he pays someone to abduct and rape the heroine and force her into marriage But even though the heroine says It hadn t been rape, I don t agree In fact, that peeved me hugely To say that it wasn t rape just because she laid there and didnt fight it becuase she realized he was strong enough to make it happen anyway, is just bull She decides not to fight because she doesn t think she has a choice and he s bigger than she is That my friends is rape.I kept reading, because it s Anne Stuart And I know Anne Stuart does bad heroes not like fake bad, but really bad When it s good, it s great But when it s bad, it s awful And this wasawful The whole way through the book Im waiting for the hero to do something really spectacular for me to believe that he deserves the HEA But he doesn t I loved her heroine she was fantastic, which is why I ve given the book three stars But at the end of the book, I wanted her to shoot her husband dead and walk away laughing. Gather a round o readers for I have a moral tale to tell, one with many twists and turns, with love and hate balanced on that of a sharp blade knife A story of a Scorpion named Lucien de Malheaur as he finds a mate in a woman by the name of Miranda Rohan in the act of vengeance to destroy the Rohan family Although vengeance and passion go hand in hand with this twisted romance between the dancing courtships of Scorpions, you may be surprised to hear twisted romance Really Then gentle reader you need to catch up on your Jerry Springer, because the dance between Lucien and Miranda may make one glad for their own easy relationships of long since past Now, Lucien you see, has vengeance on his mind, for his beloved but very troubled sister killed herself in the act of passion, once she was denied her man, then again pointing a gun and threaten him and his family isn t really the best way to a man s heart, perhaps she missed the memo Ah, but no matter, this story is about Lucien, and once the boy heard of his sister s death, he vows to make the Rohan family pay an eye for an eye, or perhaps a sister for a sister So Lucien all grown who happens to be part Spider weaves his web, and sets out to destroy Miranda slowly, seeing that this woman wasn t to be easily broken, oh no, she enjoyed her freedom after being ruined but being ruined and an outcast does no good for a lonely heart, which Lucien sets to win, but all of Lucien s devilish plans don t count on Lady Miranda Rohan turning the tables of Lucien and giving as good as she got no sirree Miranda might not all the rules to the game but she starts her own set and sets out to win, and perhaps win the heart of the said Scorpion As the two dance in a deadly courtship, little do they know their two dear friends are failing in love with one another Jane and Jacob one the gentle and plain and the other the King of Thieves himself falling and finding true love, if only it could have been as easy between Miranda and Lucien Now you must be wondering to ones self of course, how does one villain win the heart of his lady love BY FORCE of course, on the lady s part ever heard the phase Weak Heart, blah blah No Miranda is devilish on her own right, smart as a whip she is, while not the greatest beauty the world has ever seen, she starts to win by force Lucien s heart, as she tries to be one step ahead of Lucien Lucien the fellow isn t that much of a bad sport, while scarred, he can be very yummy in his own dark sort of way, and the two Miranda and Lucien came set a bed on fire with their lovemaking Now, by this time in the fairy tale romance when hearts are finally won they would finally turn their ways, of course this is a deadly courtship and nothing is very easy between the two as Miranda family comes riding in to save their beloved sister, but no help is needed by them, for Miranda already gave her beloved a huge smack upside the head with a huge oar and wanted to drown them both like that other bad couple Romeo and Jude..methinks, telling him whose boss, and not looking to be murdered in his sleep and knowing his heart was loss, accepts in good graces Miranda into his heart and bed making a mental note to remove all sharp objects from her reach just in case Ah, what Well that s the story dear readers, might messed up, but still a fine enjoyment indeed, oh the moral of the story you wants to know Well, everyone s knows that if a male scorpion isn t careful he s likely to be stung and eaten to death by his scorpion mate, guess Lucien didn t get that memo either 4.5 starsThis romance isn t for everyone What book is It s provoking at times and features a controversial antihero One who is thankfully saved from the darker aspects of himself by the power of love which is what makes this so compelling I know some readers think Lucien, aka the Scorpion, doesn t deserve his happy ending However, I felt the author successfully conveyed the motivation behind the vile schemes yes, there s than one Lucien masterminded in his quest for vengeance, making me sympathize with him to an extent Just as important, I believed Lucien really loved Miranda by the novel s end Falling for Miranda is a mixed blessing for Lucien He s driven back out of the pit of hate he s been festering in and, at the same time, is eventually pulled away from the revenge he wanted so badly A revenge which consumes him for the majority of the story So deep is Lucien s hate that even those not responsible for the harm done upon his loved one will pay Who says hate or any negative emotion is rooted in logic view spoiler Lucien s mentally fragile half sister committed suicide after being rejected by Miranda s older brother hide spoiler 4 stars Historical RomanceThis was my least favorite of the lushly sensual House of Rohan series, mainly because the ruination revenge plot was exhausting and the hero, scarred, depraved Lucien de Malhuer, aka the Scorpion, wasn t quite reformed or redeemed enough to make up for some truly heinous, unforgivable acts perpetrated against the heroine I love Stuart s dark, tortured, gamma heroes, but emotionally empty, borderline evil Scorpion Lucien was a bit too much at times His feelings towards Miranda Rohan seemed like a sick, twisted sense of control and power or a kind of morbid, rapt fascination akin to an entomologist with an exotic butterfly pinned and trapped under glass, rather than anything remotely genuine or caring enough to ever be considered love Lucien s actions and slightly softened disposition towards the very end made me start to think it was possible that he might actually feel some real affection for Miranda, but the ending was far too abrupt for it to solidify This really could have used another chapter and or an epilogue to provide a believable, satisfying HEA Still, Breathless is a sexy, enticing read with intriguing characters, great writing, and an engaging secondary romance that I enjoyed almost as much, if not than, the main couple So I m rating it 4 stars. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceBreathless is a book I was really nervous and excited for, its the third book in the House of Rohan series by Anne Stuart I was introduced to this series last year and I have just fallen in love with the slightly erotic and gothic like feel to these books and these alpha reformed rakish heroes that this author writes These books ARENT going to be for everyone They are deep and packed with suspense and intricate sub plots and they are a bit edgier so if you looking for something fluffygo the other way hehe but if you are always on the lookout for something with a bit depth in a regency historical.grab up a Anne Stuart These books are also narrated by a very talented narrator.Breathless is book three in this fabulous series and the heroine of this book is the sister of the Rohan clan She is much loved by her family, and this family is very close knit and support each other no matter what happens or what foolish decisions they make Our heroine, Miranda, is seduced and then forced up to Gretna Green, but before he can make any marriage happen, she is no longer a virgin thanks to his forceful actions but she manages to escape but doesn t tell her family the real truth But now she is disgraced in the eyes of society and is considered an outcast She lives on her own, with her own money and independence She decides that she wants to be daring so she ventures to a party by the Heavenly Hosts and there she meets up with Lucien who is also known as the Scorpion We also have a side to side love story with her friend Jane who meets up with a infamous jewel thief Jane is engaged to a man that is boring and dull but respectable but she yearns for adventure and passion and has a stolen kiss from a thief who puts on a diamon ring on her finger that she is unable to get off her finger.Our hero Lucien, has a plan for revenge against losing his sister and he blames the Rohan family and he wants his revenge to be sweet So he plans on seducing Miranda and having her become his wife and to send her to his estate in the north where she will be away fromo anything or anyone she loves including her family But Lucien doesn t realize that Miranda will be a fitting mate for him Matching him for wills and wits and will also soften the ice around his heart But will his plan for revenge be worth losing what he has gained with Miranda This man was truly like a scorpion, a poisonous sting when one least expected it.What a fabulous and well written story and even though it does have its flaws, I simply adored seeing the book evolve the way that it does in this one What we have in this book is a story that won t be for everyone to enjoy Its a bit darker than you normally find in historical romance and most especially with a regency theme It does have a sensual quality to it and these books do display darker heroes than your normally find even for a rake But I actually find these books entertaining and refreshing from the norm of the regency romance that is so common now This story is one of revenge but we also have a sweet side story that I dearly loved.Jane s story I was definitely rooting for her and her jewel thief because boy they won my heart from the first chapter I couldn t wait to see how they would end up together and I actually was just as invested in their story as I was Lucien Miranda s story and they are told side by side because of the event timeline and it really works I really have admired the way that Anne Stuart writes her books like this, and it works for me Of course, I will warn you, if you listen to this book, it does take a few chapters before you are fully into it, but you will become sucked into this book and the bantering and sexy times that are put in My hair covers my scarring But we ve agreed that no one notices your scarring once they re around you You woo them like a big, fat hairy black spider, and no matter how much they struggle they re helpless For some reason I can t quite imagine a spider wooing The other downside to this book is the ending, I was admit the ending was so disappointing in a way I kinda felt like it was way too abrupt and wanted with the ending especially with how it climaxes in the end for Lucien and Miranda So I definitely expected However, despite the ending that wasn t my favorite, the story was well worth the listen I had a fun time listening, this book had me laughing and it gave me a few tears too, but it also proved to be a provacative read that leaves you hungering for from this author A TASTY DELIGHT I love that feeling you get when you finish a good book especially a satisfying romance You might give a contented little sigh A peaceful smile or a cheek splitting grin You might sit quietly and reflect on the wonderful journey you undertook courtesy of a talented author, the characters you cheered for and the moments you can secret away for a time when your spirits need uplifting The feeling that all is well, at least within the pages between the cover.Well, I didn t get any of that when I finished Breathless What I was left with was a bad taste in my mouth, and a vaguely dirty feeling Not from any kink or explicit sex, mind you Breathless was fairly tame in that regard Just that feeling of having witnessed something completely wrong Breathless did have potential, but for me it was light years from being realised Lucien is hell bent on revenge He believes a member of the Rohan family caused his only sister to take her own life never mind the fact that she was mentally unstable to begin with, as was their mother , and he is determined that the whole Rohan family must pay the price.Lucien devises a plan for his associate to seduce and then marry Miranda Rohan, leading to her oldest brother challenging him to a duel and being killed The plan fails on all counts, although the outcome of Miranda being ruined and shunned by society was not unwelcome, albeit unplanned.Lucian decides to take matters into his own hands He arranges circumstances, in which Miranda s death is a distinct possibility, purely for the purpose of orchestrating their meeting He then charms and befriends her before revealing his betrayal of her trust and removing her from her family s reach with the intention of marrying her then abandoning her to a life of isolation and misery Thus causing the entire Rohan family to suffer through Miranda s fate.Yup Sounds reasonable to me.There is no doubt that Anne Stuart is a talented author, but she has once again created a hero with no redeeming qualities, and written a romance that is anything but romantic In the hands of a different author, Lucien would have shown some degree of worth, a sign of redemption, emotional growth and the possibility that he deserved his own HEA As it is, all we can know for sure is that mental illness does indeed run in his family, and it is not limited to the female members.Miranda tried to make the best of a bad situation understatement, anyone , but I was unable to fully appreciate her qualities when I was supposed to believe that she cared for a man who treated her so heinously and was potentially psychotic They were continually playing mind games that ultimately became repetitive and uncomfortable to witness.The ending was once again abrupt, with many threads left hanging There was no real resolution of any of the issues facing this couple, and no sense that they were capable of sustaining anything but a dysfunctional, unhealthy, damaging relationship Read the last page if you don t believe me.There were a couple of things to like about Breathless It was certainly well written, as you would expect from this author I just didn t happen to like the story itself I also enjoyed the secondary romance, much preferring Jane and Jacob over Miranda and Lucien There were also some funny moments and a couple of really great lines.Oh, and the cover is pretty.I am so very thankful that Breathless wasn t the first entry in this series, because then I would not have read the wonderful Ruthless and Reckless, both of which have five red stars next to them from me.As it is, Breathless receives an extremely generous three.Thankfully, each book can be read as a standalone, so there is no need to read this one if you want to quit while you re ahead. I ve finished this book and all I can say is holy crap I don t even know how to rate this book It was justI don t even know Have you ever watched one of those dramatic, crazy reality shows You know they re seriously messed up individuals, but there s something compelling and enjoyable about watching their brand of crazy That was how I felt about Lucien and Miranda by the time I ended the book.Let me set the mood by giving you a very apt theme song to listen to while you read my review Theme SongYou see that relationship in the video That s them Crazy, right But it was incredibly entertaining and compelling at the same time Things that would usually ruin a book for me weren t so bad here All of Lucien s plots there were many and they never turned out well for the heroine were bad on their own, but with Miranda s attitude they never seemed as bad as they would have with a weaker heroine Any situation he stuck her in for the sake of his vengeance got turned around on him I m not saying he ended up suffering, but she sure did manage to take any real victory away from him She figured out what made him feel like he was winning and she took it from him If he wanted her desolate she d be the happiest damn person you ve ever met Lucien was a likable guy for all that he was an ass but he sure did some seriously screwed up things to Miranda Here s where the crazy relationship like they had in the theme song video comes into play Miranda and Lucien played this game of wills She d go along with his plots and make him suffer by complying They stared each other in the eye and dared each other to back down first Their relationship was one big crazy game of Chicken SPOILERS Eight pages before the end of the book she finds out about another plot and tried to kill him Literally Then she tried to die with him Maybe some readers laughed that off, but that did not come off as a joke She was dead serious But he managed to save them both and let her wear herself out trying to beat the crap out of him Then she took him inside and bandaged his head wound from her and poked at it to punish him a bit But then they were smiling and admitting their love for each other The end Crazy, huh They are so perfect for each other, but their relationship is kind of scary END SPOILERS I think they re going to have a future of huge blowups and crazy fights with one of them joking the other out of it and then having crazy sex But the book was so good at the same time There were so many awesome quotes A particular favorite of mine was from page 218 Well, you see she said, faintly exasperated You sounded as if you didn t believe me when I said I forgot about your scars But you wander around like Lord Byron, all broody and interesting and romantical and it s no wonder women fall at your feet likelike things that fall at your feet And Byron s almost as lame as you are He stared at her in real horror Romantical he echoed in total disgust Broody Like that ass Byron My dear Miranda, you have a tongue like a barbed whip He used the phrase deliberately, like prodding a sore tooth to see if it still hurt.It did.This time her smile was genuine, a pleased grin that she d managed to wound his amour propre Well, if you don t want to be a mysterious, romantic hero you need to gain at least two or three stone, talk about finance and belch Your clothes are too dramatic, as well I think colors would suit you rather than the funereal black you mope around in Perhaps a nice puce, or a pale chartreuse And you could cut your hair It s too long for fashion nowadays Something a la Brutus would make you very much ordinary My hair covers my scarring But we ve agreed that no one notices your scarring once they re around you You woo them like a big, fat hairy black spider, and no matter how much they struggle they re helpless For some reason I can t quite imagine a spider wooing.The author swung between tones in the book Dark and grim one moment and then sarcastic and humorous the next And sprinkled through it all were some surprisingly tender moments My one big complaint is that the end cuts off suddenly just like in the first book, Ruthless I much preferred the leisurely ending like in Reckless I decided I had to give this at least 3.5 Stars Ruined Beyond Repair And Shunned By London Society, Lovely Miranda Rohan Rebelliously Embraces The Freedom That Comes From Having Nothing Left To Lose However, This Dangerous Course Throws Her Under The Power Of The Darkly Enigmatic Lucien De Malheur Known To Many As The ScorpionSeeking To Destroy The Rohans, Lucien Traps Miranda In A Marriage She Thinks Is Based On Friendship But Instead Is Rooted In Vengeance Yet Even When She Realizes The Truth, Their Enmity Fuels A Shocking Passion And Perhaps EvenSuch A Man Might Drive Anyone To Murder

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