Tantric Sex for Men

Tantric Sex for Men A Revolutionary Approach To Male Sexuality Offers The Keys To Achieving Sexual Fulfillment Teaches How To Retain Semen For Increased Vitality And Longer Lovemaking Explains The Relationship Strengthening Benefits Of Deep, Sustained Penetration Includes Foreplay Approaches And Position Sequences Fulfilling Sex Nourishes Love, Increases Vitality, And Boosts Mental Health Unfortunately, Prevailing Attitudes About Male Sexuality And What Is Good Sex Work Against These Innate Features By Focusing On The Excitement Of Ejaculation As The One And Only Goal Using The Tantric Guidelines They Have Practiced For Than Years, Diana And Michael Richardson Show Men How To Move Beyond Their Preconceptions Of Sex As A Goal Oriented And Often Unintentionally Stressful Event So They Can Relax Into Sex As A Meditative Union Of Complementary Energies They Explain How Retaining Semen Allows For Increased Vitality And Extended Lovemaking Sessions And Show The Relationship Strengthening Benefits Of Deep, Sustained Penetration They Also Explain How To Perform Soft Penetration And How To Avoid Premature Ejaculation Tantric Sex For Men Includes Tried And True Foreplay Approaches, Diagrams Of Sexual Position Sequences, Ways To Increase Sexual Sensitivity Through Awareness, And How To Have Ecstatic Experiences Through Reaching A Woman S Body On A Sexually Deeper Level The Authors Also Demonstrate How The Sexual Organs Can Be Used To Heal Both Men And Women Physically, Emotionally, And Spiritually

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tantric Sex for Men book, this is one of the most wanted Diana Richardson author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Tantric Sex for Men
  • Diana Richardson
  • English
  • 15 March 2018
  • 9781594773112

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    For some reason the discussion here about the penis being a potent electromagnetic instrument, and how deep, slow and sustained penetration is a vital conduit for swapping life forces let alone juices reminded me of light sabres in Star Wars and its associated mumbo jumbo about the Force.Essentially what this book boils down to is a plea on the part of the authors for men and women to chill a bit when it comes to love making A lot of sexual contact is initiated on the spur of, not to mention in the heat of, the moment.Here the authors urge us to slow down and to take time with foreplay in particular the section on tantric kissing is very interesting In short, we need time and space to explore each other s bodies to the fullest, and to ensure that the orgasms induced as a result are divinely pleasurable also very interesting here is the discussion about men s capability to have a full body orgasm, where actual ejaculation is ultimately not the end result.Occasionally the authors do tend to wax rather lyrical, such as the following quote A man who experiences his penis as a divine instrument of love and ecstasy develops a profound trust in his manhood, which rests easily and gently at the centre of his being This is quite a good general guide to the tantric or Eastern attitude towards sex and sexuality An important point of departure with the West is the fact that the pressures implicit in sex can become a source of anxiety, which gives rise to a sense of insecurity and a lack of self confidence The authors drill down to the root of this social anxiety, which is predicated on a lot of stereotypes and ingrained attitudes about sex and sexuality They offer some keen insights into overcoming such conditioning, and restoring love making to an act of conscious divinity In other words, shifting our awareness from doing to being.Needless to say, this kind of idea flies in the face of conventional religious attitudes that sex is for procreation only, and that any pleasure to be derived from it can only be done so in the sanctified seclusion of marriage and then only with a single chosen partner.I don t feel the authors deliberately set out to be prerogative, but it is surprising how much this book actually challenges orthodox morality and the strictures of gender that serve to subordinate women, especially when it comes to asserting the full power of their sexuality If you can get over your blinkers in this regard, there is a lot of value and practical advice to be attained here.

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    A very practical guide for men A How To on meditative union with complementary energies I like Diana s style, simple and to the point, instructional but not dry Great beginners book.

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    I have no explanation for why I picked this up or why I finished it It was, needless to say, an experience.

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    Very interesting thoughts.I m not ready to completely follow what they say but I will be bringing aspects of it into my life

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    This book allow me to connect to my inner self and understand how my frustration in life have sap my energy and how this affects your sex life.

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    Honestly, I am not sure, how my mindest and spirit would have reacted to the english title I read the german title, as well as my partner is reading the counterpart for female in german.The english title sounds like any sex advice book out there, but it definitely is not The german title conveys that much better So anyway, if you want to develop the sexual experiences in your relation into a bonding and nourishing sharing of love, that is a recommend It is nothing less than changing mechanics, meaning and form of initimacy to be clear, relax, there is no need to go all way from the beginning, and stuff can evolve, some intimate practices that are described, you might never adopt and be happy about what you adopt,get inspired for and experience together The 1 2 page chapters are a delight to read, and each one in itself is inspiring, some even a revelation There is also chapters that might not be interesting to your personal story, just skip them, or read them as the stories of peoples lives out there I really like the simple and down to earth writing.The german title is Zeit f r M nnlichkeit translates as Time for masculinity and from that title you can develop a very genuine understanding of what it means to be a loving masculine partner in a relation and sexual relationship The same for the female book recommend to read them together, great holiday read, also to read to each other and exchange sometimes Zeit f r Weiblichkeit translates as Time for femininity , the english original Tantric Orgasm for Women.Further recommends Diana Richardson DVD Slow Sex 45 min well done docu with interviews and inspiration insights for mechanics and spirit of sexual lovemaking Osho Book of Man funny and inspiring chapters musing of Osho that guy loves jokes of archetypical male human traits In a nutshell I would say relax, be true and present.

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    TRUE MALE QUALITIES VERSUSCONDITIONED DISTORTIONSPowerAbuse, dominationPresenceAbsenceStrengthHardnessClarityJudgmentAssertivenessAggressionCreativityAchievement, ambitionMeditationReclusivenessWillStubbornnessCourageMachismo, compensationLeadershipControl, politics, law and orderProtector, authorityAuthoritarianWildnessBrutalitySpontaneityPerformanceWisdomArroganceCharismaSexual manipulationSun, life givingSunburn, ecological destructionExpression, articulationPomposity, boorishnessActionActivity, bullishnessIndependenceIsolationHeartfelt, loving, compassionateSelfish, egoisticTantric InspirationIt looks paradoxical In sensations, sensitivity is lost Then you ask for and sensations and the kills your sensitivity .

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    Very informativeThis is the second book by Diana and Michael Richardson I ve read They are excellent and knowledgeable writers and their books are laid out in sensible order I recommend this book to any man or woman interested in the study of Tantric sex.

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    all guys should read this

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