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Star Island Meet Twenty Two Year Old Cherry Pye N E Cheryl Bunterman , A Pop Star Since She Was Fourteen And About To Attempt A Comeback From Her Latest Drug And Alcohol Disaster Now Meet Cherry Again In The Person Of Her Undercover Stunt Double, Ann DeLusia Ann Portrays Cherry Whenever The Singer Is Too Indisposed Meaning Wasted To Go Out In Public And It Is Ann Mistaken For Cherry Who Is Kidnapped From A South Beach Hotel By Obsessed Paparazzo Bang Abbott Now The Challenge For Cherry S Handlers Ber Stage Mother Horndog Record Producer Nipped, Tucked, And Botoxed Twin Publicists Weed Whacker Wielding Bodyguard Is To Rescue Ann While Keeping Her Existence A Secret From Cherry S Public And From Cherry HerselfThe Situation Is Complicated Than They Know Ann Has Had A Bewitching Encounter With Skink The Unhinged Former Governor Of Florida Living Wild In A Mangrove Swamp And Now He S Heading For Miami To Find HerWill Bang Abbott Achieve His Fantasy Of A Lucrative Private Photo Session With Cherry Pye Will Cherry Sober Up In Time To Lip Synch Her Way Through Her Concert Tour Will Skink Track Down Ann DeLusia Before Cherry S Motley Posse Does All Will Be Revealed In This Hilarious Spin On Life In The Celebrity Fast Lane

Carl Hiaasen was born and raised in Florida After graduating from the University of Florida, he joined the Miami Herald as a general assignment reporter and went on to work for the newspaper s weekly magazine and prize winning investigations team As a journalist and author, Carl has spent most of his life advocating for the protection of the Florida Everglades He and his family live in southern

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  • 04 February 2019
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    Actual rating 2.5 stars.I dunno Carl Hiaasen used to be one of my favorites, but his recent novels seem awfully light Carl s schtick is to infuse specificity and detail into an almost endless series of wacky incidents, some plot related, some thrown in just for fun, like this Jack Bogsworth was decapitated in mid sentence while arguing with a former spouse on an iPhone in the driver s seat of his 2009 convertible Corvette while driving on Interstate 95 by a flying miniature dachshund which had been furiously flung from the cab of a passing White Freightliner by a one armed hooker named Maude who d been picked up by the truck driver at a freeway rest area 50 miles north of Miami, who was angry with the dog for chewing a hole in her knockoff Gucci purse The schtick is getting old As is Hiaasen s habit of giving all but his most sympathetic characters extraordinary deformities, impediments, or personality disorders Hiassen s novels are populated with mental and physical mutants to an extent you would never see outside of an institution I m not saying Hiaasen isn t a fun read, just an increasingly inconsequential one It s probably me I suspect that if I were to go back and read an earlier Hiaasen novel, one that I particularly enjoyed like Strip Tease , I d find it very similar to Star Island light, contrived, cute, filled with freakish characters My tastes have changed I want meaning.

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    I ve never met a Carl Hiassen book that I didn t like Star Island was no exception His books are funny, quirky, and chock full of pop culture references Some criticisms of his books cite the sameness found from one story to the next but I see them as lively variations on a theme Each Hiaasen book has the same elements the strong and witty heroine, the overweight slimeball, the fraudulent property developer, a colorful mix of supporting characters, and of course the governor himself I look forward to each book to see how Hiassen will take on lottery winners, amusement park owners, hurricane victims, and now the world of celebrities All of it set in the a Florida that s so crazy, you can t make this stuff up I think as long as you know what you re getting into, you will always enjoy a romp in the tropical sun with your buddy Carl.

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    This is another very engaging book from Carl Hiaasen On the surface, it s hilariously funny, but as is usually the case with Hiaasen s books, lurking just below the surface is a serious dose of moral outrage As usual, Hiaasen s targets include the real estate schemers, financiers and others who are laying waste to Florida in the name of progress, but in Star Island, the author also skewers the superficial celbrity culture of the day.Jailbait Records recording star Cherry Pye who was born Cheryl Bunterman possesses virtually no talent, even less self discipline, and an enormous appetite for booze, drugs and sex Nonetheless, her determined parents have relentlessly groomed Cherry to be a star from the time she was a tiny child, singing maudlin tributes to Joan Bennet Ramsey in child talent contests.Sensing something marketable in Cherry, Jailbait Records signed her to a contract at the age of fifteen, but after some initial success, her star is falling and the last, best hope of her parents, her manager, her record label and the retinue of others who have been riding the gravy train along with Cherry, is her comeback CD, Skantily Klad, which is soon to be released.The only one not with the program is Cherry herself She d rather party endlessly than learn how to lip synch the lyrics to her forthcoming release Things are so bad that Cherry s handlers have been force to hire a look alike to stand in for Cherry at parties and other events, when the star is too blitzed or otherwise unavailable to appear.Veteran readers will understand what Carl Hiaasen is capable of doing with a setup like that, and he doesn t fail to deliver The cast of characters is larger than life and there are huge laughs on virtually every page But there s also a very sober message underlying all the good fun that makes a reader think long and hard about the state of what passes for culture in the United States these days.

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    A ludicrous and outlandish story about a starlet with no talent and with a suicidal drug habit In this book, the reader meets some real scum bags It would be otherwise pathetic but author turns it into a hilarious send up laced with biting sarcasm If found myself laughing to tears on many occasions listening to this book The narrator does a fantastic job nailing the character voices and impeccable timing with the humor.The main plot of the story is a young woman who managed to make it to stardom by the illusion created to public by her parents, publicists and promoter as being a singer entertainer She actually has no talent She lip syncs her music and just acts outlandish She just happens to be good looking and has no moral values when it comes to sex and drugs To keep her propped up her handlers hired an actress Ann double looks amazingly like the starlet Cherry Pie The main difference between them in appearance is that Ann doesn t have green eyes Ann stands in for Cherry when she is indisposed with drug overdoses and to put out a false trail for the paparazzi Enter in the paprazzi particularly one named Abbott who has almost obsessive interest in photographing Cherry in a compromised place yeilding a high dollar money shot for the tabloids and media It is hard for me to be sure the great lengths paparazzi go through to get a picture is made up or real I imagine some the antics described in the book has some factual basis In any case, this is just another colorful aspect to a zany story Star Island is a book that also features a reoccurring character called Skink Skink is an ecological wild man vigilante who has unique way dealing rich slime balls who want to destroy his precious Florida environment and wildlife Skink is also a former state governor and decorated Vietnam veteran He gave it all up to live in the swamp A subplot in the story is how Skink deals with a real estate scam artist who wants to build condos where a wild mangrove swamp currently exits.All these characters and story elements add up to a tremendously entertaining, funny albiet a bit on the crude side and surprisingly interesting story.

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    Just getting a little burned out on the Hiassen forumla Woman in Trouble she s intelligent, good looking, smarter than people give her credit for, and someone has wronged her, she s fighting the system somehow that wants to keep her down The Bad Guy s bumbling fools that you loathe, creeps, and that are probably somehow polluting the Florida environment but not always They are out to take advantage of the Woman in Trouble somehow steal her money, blackmail her, force her to do a job for them Then there is The Flawed Hero almost always an older man, he s rough but you grow to like him, there is something weird about him that most people don t like but the Woman in Trouble looks past it, he knows better but gets involved anyway, tougher than he looks and smarter too, outwits the bad guys, and usually gets the girl in the end Toss in the Weird Character somehow this guy ends up missing a body part or attaching something to his body golf club, weed whacker to use to attack people And that s basically it This book was different in that our Flawed Hero turned out to be someone that was a Weird Character in other books, and the Weird Character is also from other books making a reappearance And while there was a subtext about polluting the Florida environment that wasn t the main story This would probably be fine to read on its own but having read all his other works I just am looking for something outside of his usual story line, and this didn t do it.

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    Teen pop sensation Cherry Pye is about to release a comeback CD her second Her entire future is riding on its success, however her partying is getting in the way of preparing for the tour In fact, her family has hired Ann DeLusia, a look alike, to fool the paparazzi Unfortunately, for Ann, she s about to be kidnapped With everything spinning out of control, what will happen I d been curious to try one of Carl Hiaasen s books for a long time, and when I needed an audio book, I decided this was the best chance Sadly, I didn t care for it Outside of Ann, there weren t any sympathetic characters Oh, I get that we are supposed to find them crazy, especially with how whacky some of them are, but I did Especially since several of them were self destructing before our eyes The plot was interesting enough to pull me in, but the characters got on my nerves I won t be revisiting this author.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

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    This is the first Carl Hiaasen book I ve read, and I didn t really enjoy it I could tell that it was meant to be a biting satire of the celebrity world and our society s obsession with it, but I just found all the characters and situations so ridiculously over the top that it did not appeal to me at all Even the names were over the top Cherry Pye, Ann DeLucia, Chemo, that country singer Presley Aaron, who I guess was a nod to Elvis I enjoy a story that has interesting characters that I can identify with Unfortunately, the characters in this book were like caricatures there was little depth or complexity to them I didn t have sympathy for a single one of them they were mostly people of questionable or no morals just out for money, fame, or power or they were just crazy.On the positive end, the plot moves along at a swift pace, so it kept my interest, but for me it just didn t make up for the unlikeable characters or the over the top scenarios.If this is a typical Hiaasen novel, I think I ll be passing up on his books in the future.

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    A laugh filled biting satire on Americas befuddling obsession with no talent singers who become alcoholics and drug addicts and their money hungry parents The father of the singer sums up his feelings on p 201, his daughter was a simpleton, shallow as a thimble But he never gets her the help she needs Throw in a body guard with a weed eater for an arm, the crazy paparazzo system and the guffaws never stop Highly recommended

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    Hiaansen takes aim at the glitterati and the paparazzi in this sixth novel starring Skink Cherry Pye, a young rock start with all of the troubles of Lindsey Lohan and Brittany Spears, kicks things off as she is struggling with an overdose Like usual, her entourage is preparing to get her treatment on the downlow One of the things that makes that easier than you would think is the fact that she has a double Cherry doesn t know anything about AnnDeLusia, but Ann has gotten her out of no shortage of sticky situations, particularly when Cherry is too wasted to gout in public.Bang Abbott is a paparazzo who used to be a respected journalist In fact, he once received a Pulitzer Prize fgor his photojournalism Unfortunately, that resulted in infamy when there proved to be controversy surrounding the photo in question That is when he turned to covering celebrities, and he proved to be quite good at it One of his primary targets is Cherry, which is not totally separate from his obsession with her As with most of Hiaasen s books, thinks take a bizarre turn This time it happens when Ann ends up unintentionally kidnapped by Abbott, who is really hoping to capture Cherry in the hopes of getting some pictures and special time with the pop star that will change his career and his life One would think that Cherry s entrouage would be there for Ann as well, but that doesn t go as planned Some of that is due to the real bizarre people who make the entourage up the ultimate stage mom a dad who only stays involved because of her money a record producer who puts his career before the needs of his clients a pair of bizarre twins who are her publicists A body guard with a weed whacker for one of his hands.Thankfully, Ann is not totally on her own After a run in with former governor turned ecowarrior turned Skink at the beginning of the novel, Ann does seem to have a secret ally that is out to try and save her.This was actually a pretty fun read It definitely does a great job of highlighting the horrors of the celebrity gossip industry in all of its evilness With that said, it is all done with no shortage of fun along the way.

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    I can always count on Hiassen to make me laugh out loud with his zippy lines and totally inane characters The author hardly disguises his snarky view on modern day pop music and Hollywood culture And rightfully so.It perhaps goes on about 50 pages too long, but that s about my only complaint.After a week reading about adulterous, homicidal husbands, child serial killers, vengeful KGB agents, sociopathic scientists and a mind invading, amorphous alien at the bottom of the ocean, this one provides a welcome break from the seriousness of it all.

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