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Charity Girl2019 ReviewAt the risk of simply parroting other reviewers on herethis isn t Heyer s best She s done this plot many times before none of them come across so dry and uninteresting There were a few scenes I loved The younger brother dealing with the con man The last scene with the main couple The lady housekeeper But for the most partI d rather read The Corinthian Or Sprig Muslin Or that one short story in Pistols For Two At first I could not figure out why this one failed but I think it comes down to the fact that the main three characters don t interact Charity Cherry meets Lord Desford for a few chapters and then they don t see each other till the end Henrietta takes charge of Charity Cherry but we never see them interact We only read of Henrietta worrying about her And finally, Lord Desford pops by to chat with Henrietta once or twice but their conversations never last long.It becomes a story where three characters do their own thing and in the case of Lord Desford, their own thing means lots of talk about hitching up horses and dashing uncomfortably across the country Which is too bad because Desford certainly has potential and I loved him with Henrietta I wanted .2013 ReviewLoved the main couple, didn t care much for the runaway girl I enjoyed reading Charity Girl very much but this is the first Heyer book I have read that slogged through the middle before bringing me to a delightful conclusion I am a true fan of Georgette Heyer s clean romances and even though this is not her best offering, I still crossed the finish line with a smile More a comedy of manners than a romance, Charity Girl has a buffet of regency slang terms that kept me in good humor throughout the entire narrative That said, many things crossed my mind while I was reading this book One of them was that the hero is almost too nice and too absent for much of the book No, really, he s a great guy and that s a good thing It s just that in other Heyer romances, the reformed rakes have been muchentertaining Maybe it s justsatisfying to read about a hero that is willing to mend his ways for the sake of love The bottom line is, many readers will be tempted to set this book aside when they get toward the middle and they are nodding off due to the leisurely pace and the characters seem to be going around in circles Do not be fooled by this Heyer is shamming you The ending is not to be missed and by the way, everyone gets what they want in the end I would recommend this book to anyone who is in the mood to read a regency romp Is that a thing This is a very delightful regency romp Someone stop me Buddy read with my friend, Anne. A Young And Lovely Runaway Alone On The Road To London Miss Charity Steane Is Running Away From The Drudgery Of Her Aunt S Household To Find Her Grandfather Not Expecting Her Visit, The Old Gentleman Is Not In London But Is Away In The Country The First Time The Young Viscount Desford Saw The Girl, He Thought She Was A Child A Child In Trouble, Running Away But She Was A Girl Nearly Seventeen And When Viscount Encounters Her Walking To London Alone, He Feels Honor Bound To Assist Her But After Desford Rescued Her, Everyone Assumed That He Had Run Off With Her A Scandal Broth In The Making, And Dashing About The Countryside Together, The Viscount Must Prevent His Exasperating Charge From Bringing Him Ruin Upon Herself And Him Now In Disgrace, Desford Had To Find The Truth Behind Cherry S Strange Behavior Before His Own Life Came ApartWho Else Should He Turn To In Such A Scrape But His Childhood Playmate, Henrietta Silverdale And Although They Refused To Oblige Their Parents By Marrying, They Have Always Been The Best Of Friends But As Desford Pursues Cherry S Grandfather And Father Around The Seedier Fringes Of Society, Hetta Is Forced To Wonder If He Might Not, At Last, Have Fallen In Love Without The Timely Intervention Of His Brother And Hetta S Suitor Gary Nethercott, Desford Is In Danger Of Making A Jumble Of His Affairs Not one of Heyer s best, but an enjoyable read This one is mostly a comedy of manners, and while it s never laugh out loud funny, I read it with a smile on my face.The romance is quite weak, although I was glad that the story didn t go in the direction I first expected These are not modern romances so you must be prepared to enjoy the spectacle of wealthy gentlemen coming to the rescue of hapless females, but Heyer usually comes through with a balanced match.The prose does bog down a little when Charity s father shows up There are rather too many obnoxious speeches from him and too many indignant explanations on the part of the hero s friends The book is also jam packed with the typical Regency slang, enough to be annoying if you were to read two or three of these books in a row I m familiar with most of the slang by now, but there are still a few mysterious expressions. After rereading The Foundling Cousin Kate having an improved opinion of both, I did hope my assessment of Charity Girl would improve I didn t expect to like this novel, mind, but hoped to find it an average read Wrong Charity Girl is still terrible owes a lot to The Foundling Sprig Muslim both far better books Reading Koestler s biography it sounds like GH wasn t well when she wrote this genuinely thought she had written a good book To be honest I had hoped on her usual diet of dexdrine, gin cigarettes, she had phoned this one in That at least would have been an excuse Not much actually happens in this book, the hero heroine spend very little time together the ending feels rushed I have read enough times in GH s works about inn servants not being allowed to handle a hero s boots, in case they put a thumb mark on them I did like some of the minor characters most notably Simon view spoiler Wilfred Steane s first scene, while laboured, gave me a chuckle hide spoiler 1.5I ll just leave this as an explanation for myself I cannot believe the same person wrote The Grand Sophy wrote this You never get the feeling of who should be together One of the positive things in this story is the hero himself He is rarely with the heroine since he is trying to solve Cherry s problem so that could be the reason The rest of them are as annoying as they can get I neither liked snobbish Henrietta, nor Cherry one of the dumbest characters I ve come across in fiction Everyone else is either horrible and selfish or simply dumb Except Desford.I admit that the beginning of the story is pretty good and funny so there s that. Like Sprigged Muslin, which has GH s wit and carefully crafted characters but little romance, this story involved the hero, a viscount and heir to a title, becoming entangled with a secondary character, the charity girl of the title, who is not his love interest He spends much of his time apart from the one with whom he belongs in his effort to help the young girl who was cursed with a louse of a father who s absconded to the continent years ago and is presumed dead He feels honor bound to help her escape being a drudge for no pay in her tightwad, disapproving aunt s house to a suitable situation In doing this, he is embroiled in the circumstances, relies on his dear friend next door, but spends most of his time away from her It s a well crafted story but, like Sprigged Muslin, isn t much of a romance It sa comedy of errors, with intrigues, lost relatives returning to raise a ruckus over Cherry Charity , and the viscount finally realizing that he loves his neighbor and loyal friend after a lot of roundaboutations I listened to the audiobook of this simply because Daniel Philpott read it, he of the extraordinarily wonderful reading of The Unknown Ajax He does an admirable job here, too, though there are fewer opportunities to bring diverse characters to life as in TUA Sadly, it was the story itself that fell flat for me At least with Sprigged Muslin, the secondary character is very funny while stealing the show Here, Charity is always on the verge of tears and a semi ninny. A fine, good Heyer s Regency novel One of shorter One of her last and I could have seen her professional pen here One may say Good job.Yes, I have noticed many similarities with her other stories, e.g The Foundling , but it didn t bother me because I found here engaging characters Simon was like some splendid heroes from her other romances, Lady and Lord Wroxton had an interesting own story I am sure and so beloved Heyer s language dialogues.In my opinion, this book had also something important to tell Reading it I was thinking about charity girls All those girls women of those times Girls which hadn t the meaning As a rule, women had less possibilities than today, but charity girls had even less I suspect, that many of them would have had better happier life if they had lowered their status getting married with a farmer or a clerk or even working some lighter physical work But they were slaves of their class.So, because it was good written with a deeper level , pure Heyer and I have a nice time I am giving it 4 stars.But I have to admit it hadn t a spark This spark which made some of Heyer s stories simply marvelous, genial For example an adventure in The Foundling, Dominic in Devil s Cub, banter in Faro s Daughter, Sophy in The Grand Sophy This sparkle, which makes that I want to read it again, even before I finish the book. Is this even a Heyer novel What is this Okay, alright, I know I m being harsh The quality is there The gorgeous writing is there The delightful slang, elegant turn of phrases and general Heyer feels are there BUT Who on earth are those flat, boring, two dimensional characters What the heck is that plot Where is all the fun The humour, the sparkle, the wit After having read such masterpieces as These Old Shades, Devil s Cub, Frederica, Cotillion, Friday s Child, and basically every single other Heyer novel except The Corinthian, of which I also wasn t a huge fan , Charity Girl feels like a fraud We all know the greatness of which Heyer is capable, yet she wrote this If it had been my first ever Heyer novel I think I might have liked it It s well written in classical Heyer style and there is enough going on for a newbie to like, but to a seasoned Miss like myself it falls completely flat because we all know this is just not the author at her best Mind you, if this is her worst it s better than most people s best, but still Having being spoilt many times before, I just couldn t bring myself to like this on very much.Sure, I like the characters Miss Silverdale is nice, Viscount Desford is nice, Miss Steane is nice, Mr Carrington is nice, Lord Wroxton is not so nice, Mr Steane isn t either, and Lady Bugle and her countless daughters are most definitely not nice Yay No one really had any personality, or if they did, we had met them before They didn t stand out, didn t come alive like in the other Heyer books They didn t become my friends like they usually do, I didn t cheer for anyone, and didn t care who Viscount Desford was going to end up with, because it seemed so unimportant The plot was very reminiscent of The Foundling and Sprig Muslin, but at least The Foundling was a wonderful journey of self realization and Sprig Muslin was hilariously funny Charity Girl just doesn t cut it The story was slow, dragged on, and was even sometimes irritating The romance was unconvincing in the extreme, and although I liked the conclusion, the whole thing had been so bleh that I didn t care much Already, I have pretty much forgotten everything that happened in this book And small wonder, because the Charity girl mentioned on the cover isn t that present in the story, the hero disappears for a good chunk near the end, and the heroine only puts in a few appearances too.So I m not even entirely too sure what this whole thing was about I can t say it was a bad book, because it isn t and I still had fun reading it aloud practicing my British accent, but if you re looking to get lost in Regency land and swoon over a dashing hero and become best friends with the heroine, this one really isn t the book for that A fluffy and slightly diverting read, but really there areimportant Heyers out there that need your attention Buddy read with Lori Wow The first Heyer I geniunely, completely disliked The plot has been done much better before By Heyer Many times There were no hijinx Just an annoying search for equally annoying, selfish, awful people who weren t even amusing to hear about The characters were barely people, and when they were, they were terrible or irritating, with the possible exception of the hero, and that s only because he s off stage or being perfect the whole book I didn t want to spend time with any of these people The heroine is a priggish, narrow minded snob, as is everyone else in the book It s incredibly classist for a book about Charity, and the characters spend most of their conversation talking about which family is better than that family, selfish feuds from twenty years ago, and bad blood I have no idea why the hero would care for the heroine Its never really explained to us, and its certainly not shown, which makes the happy ending somewhat out of left field The stock supporting characters, who are usually the comic relief were not at all funny In the least The pairings were contrived, the plot progression a yawn, and I have no idea how she filled 300 pages with the vicious nothingness that was this book.All in all, I ve probably read 20 something Heyers I suppose its a good average that it took me this long for me to really dislike one of her books.

The Black Moth.In 1925 she married George Ronald Rougier, a mining engineer Rougier later became a barrister and he often provided basic plot outlines for her thrillers Beginning in 1932, Heyer released one romance novel and one thriller each year.Heyer was an intensely private person who remained a best selling author all her life without the aid of publicity She made no appearances, never gave an interview and only answered fan letters herself if they made an interesting historical point She wrote one novel using the pseudonym Stella Martin.Her Georgian and Regencies romances were inspired by

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