Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning Genre Paranormal Menage Friendship Torn Asunder, Nick And Brian Vie For Kathryn, Body And Heart But Kathryn Refuses To Chose Between The Two Men Struggling To Protect Her, And Also Refuses To Reveal Her Deadly Secret When The Ghost Of Her Murdered Friend Tries To Contact Her, Kathryn Will Have No Choice But To Drag Nick And Brian Into The Nightmare That S Plagued Her Since Childhood But Her Psychic Connection With The Murdered Victims Attracts The Attention Of The Serial Killer Responsible For Their Deaths When The Killer Returns And Threatens The Life Of The Woman They Both Love, Nick And Brian S Friendship Will Either Be Mended Or All Three May Be Destroyed Forever Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Menage M F M , Violence

Hi I m an erotic romantic suspense author I write for Liquid Silver Books, Loose ID, and Ellora s Cave.I live in the land of dreams, where alpha men are tender, heroines are strong and sassy, and villains are brutal and conniving When not deep in the mind of my next serial killer, ghost or futuristic space pilot, I can be found in the mountains of TN, spending time with family and friends At l

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    Dead Reckoning by Trista Ann MichaelsParanormal M nage May 25, 20104 stars Dead Reckoning is a fast paced thriller with plenty of HOT scenes and a little of the paranormal to keep it exciting and suspenseful A serial murderer is on the loose Sheriff Brian Scott thought the murderer was gone and the case dead But a body of a tortured woman is found years later with the same MO And this case is personal because one of the victims was his old girlfriend, Lisa Brian and his close friend Nick both loved Lisa But after her vicious death Nick couldn t stand the memories and left Brian and Lisa s best friend Kathryn to comfort each other Brian has grown to love Kathryn He longs to have a real relationship with her but is afraid getting close could ruin their friendship He is about to tell Kathryn his feelings but is surprised and angry to find Nick Now a hot shot FBI agent has come back and wants in on the case Brian also discovers Nick has been keeping touch with Kathryn and wants her, too Kathryn loves Brian and Nick she was always a bit jealous of Lisa s m nage relationship with them and she wants the same When she finds them fighting over her she gives them an ultimatum All of them together or nothing at all Brian is very reluctant to have another m nage with Nick as the 3rd partner because he doesn t trust him any and was hurt by Nick s desertion To make matters worse they are afraid Kathryn may be the next victim And Kathryn complicates matters when she reveals her ability to see the ghosts of the dead The dead who want her to help solve the murders Trista Ann Michaels never fails to please The author s intense books are extra steamy and never fails to keep my interest I am always surprised at how much detail and emotion she can fit into such a short story The characters are very believable and I could feel the love and intense attraction they had for each other I particularly liked how Nick and Brian mended their differences with the help of Kathryn And the m nage scenes were super sexy Plus I loved then thrilling and climatic ending.Dead Reckoning is a satisfying thrill ride with a perfect blend of romance, mystery and smokin hot sex Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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    4.5 of 5 StarsI love Trista Ann Michaels Her Their One and Only is one of my favorites In this one though, the ending felt too quick There were several problems between the three that I felt were not worked out I want to know how they decided on the resolution Other than that, though it was great The sex scenes were steamy and realistic, none of those that you have to question yourself or pfftt that s not even possible kind of stuff either.

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    Bravo It s amazing how some authors are able to combine something creepy, hot and sexy, mild bdsm, and a good story all in one, without sacrificing the overall content, Trista Ann Michaels is definitely one of those authors.First up, the paranormal angle Kathryn seeing ghosts hooked me in, I ve always been a fan of those, it reminded me of The Sixth Sense Then there are Brian and Nick two hot men all over Kathryn, taking care of her and looking out for her I liked how smooth the story progressed, it never dragged, I felt like I was watching something out of a police drama.The mystery was good, although after reading a lot of suspenseful mysteries, I was already able to pinpoint the culprit but still, good work Another good point that worked for me is the timing of the sex scenes, they re pretty steamy, no mind games involved, just plain pure fun They made love to comfort each other, to distract each other from things, and sometimes just because they want to.Unlike in her novel Their One and Only , the killer has his motives, but the one here is just plain sick In this novel, Ms Michaels underscored the point that this type of psychos exist, and she just moved up another notch in my esteem I ll definitely read of her works.

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    At least there s a plot to this one And a half way decent one too What I hated about this book is that the trust issues are never really resolved And sorry if this is a spoiler, but I did not finish this book feeling like the 3 main characters could really pull off a healthy menage relationship together There was entirely too much jealousy outside of the bedroom on both male characters parts and I thought that the heroine was being entirely too selfish by demanding that they work it out I think that this was a MAJOR loose end An epilogue would have solved this problem and would have definitely improved the story But Brian really did have a tendency to piss me off because of his jealousy This is why I prefer menage stories with brothers twins no trust issues and no jealousy.

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    Have read this one a couple of times now, it is good I love the fact that the author tells us about the struggle and trust issues they go through with the relationship, and the mystery is really good too.

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