The Devil's Backbone

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KIM WOZENCRAFT is the author of the internationally best-selling novel Rush, which was adapted into a major motion picture starring Jennifer Jason Leigh. Her sixth novel, "Neglect," will be out in spring 2021 from Arcade.

Her work has appeared in The Best American Essays, Texas Monthly, the Los Angeles Times, and numerous literary magazines and anthologies. She was executive editor at Prison Life m

❴Reading❵ ➿ The Devil's Backbone Author Kim Wozencraft –
  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • The Devil's Backbone
  • Kim Wozencraft
  • English
  • 04 May 2019
  • 9780312290634

10 thoughts on “The Devil's Backbone

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    great mystery. it kept me guessing till the end. i read it in one sitting, basically. i wonder whether it's common nowadays for mysteries written by/centered around women to use trauma as a pivotal idea. i wonder whether it's common for mysteries written by men, too! maybe some mystery readers can tell me. as always with these things, my feelings are torn: on the one hand it pleases me to see that the language of trauma and PTSD, not to mention the events that often lead to trauma, are getting such a wide hearing. on the other, i don't like to see this intensely complex and puzzling psychological reality portrayed over-simply. actually this book is not too guilty of this, especially compared to other examples in the mystery genre.

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    I'm not sure any of Kim Wozencraft's novels can top her biography: a narcotic informant who ended up becoming a junkie and subsequently having a long stay in jail. But! The Devil's Backbone is a fine novel, driven by a hypnotic, racing hard boiled prose that rockets the reader from incident to incident. In fact, it rockets one right past a few cliched plot points and reveals that the well-read reader might guess around the one third mark, but this novel is so firmly rooted in character that I decided to forgive the few slight spots and just go with it. I'm glad I did. There weren't really any surprises, but Wozencraft's style is well-crafted, featuring long, drifting sentences that sweep you up and then shorten to terse, truncated machine gun prose that batters you. It's affective.

    The Devil's Backbone is not a classic of the genre, but it's certainly worth checking out. It's a shame she hasn't published since 2006.

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    Have to put in 20 words or more or Amazon won’t accept my five-star rating so I’m typing until it

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    Good twist... had me guessing for quite a bit of the book

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    So the influence of my best friend continues as I read crime-suspense books simultaneously. I remember buying this with her because we love hunting books on sale. She saw the book and told me that the book looks promising based on its description. She was not planning to buy it though but I insisted because same with Suspicious Origin, sisters were involved so I still purchased it for us and because it only costs less than a hundred bucks.

    As I read the book, I learned that it was about a woman named Kit whose father is a Ranger and her sister is a cop. Here comes the irony, she was involved in a crime and didn't bother telling her family because of the fear that her family might discover her job until her sister was also involved in a crime. She was murdered, to be precise.

    Actually the story was great to begin with. It has a lot of different and very interesting characters. There are also a lot of different twists that add up to the suspense and mystery of the story line. Every character and event was vital so that you can understand the whole plot. I really appreciate that but the negative side was also very easy to pinpoint.

    First is Kit's memory lapses. I understand that she had gone through traumatizing experiences but I really don't see the use of that in the story. At first, to tell you the truth, it tickled my curiosity that I came up with a lot of conclusions about the story but as I went towards the end, I realized its uselessness. It actually made me confused and somewhat pissed of at Kit's character. I wish it was explained thoroughly to the readers to avoid vagueness.

    Second is that as you go through the climax, the story was like a mixed bowl of different food that you cannot distinguish the flavors. There were numerous key points given that were not, like I said, explained well that I think were useless and should be removed.

    Third, I got sort of disappointed with the ending. Romance actually drives the story to another level so I think it lacks in that department. Yes, I was satisfied with the events but I think it should have ended differently. The energy went really low and I want something more from it because the story started really strong. The author actually showed a little love between two characters but I was dismayed when she didn't pushed through with it.

    Fourth, I really wanted to know who assaulted Kit and if it was related to her sister's murder even the threats that she received beforehand. There were so many loopholes that were not explained well. Maybe for some of you who have read this, you have not notice such but I did that's why this questions haunt me at night.

    That's it then! Hope you understood my points.

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    Wanted, by Kim Wozencraft was a much more exciting book. However, Wozencraft's books are unique because of her characters. The dialogue and thoughts of prison inmates (Wanted), strippers, and other non-mainstream characters are raw and gutsy. She doesn't write dainty books!

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    I thought is was a pretty good read.

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    Just a good suspenseful read. I don't know if I was disappointed with the ending or not but it was definitely sad!

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    This was a very easy read with just a few characters. It was suspenseful without being confusing and having to really "think" about the story line.

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