PetuniaStill a great book I was obsessed with the copy in my school library and would sneak in on my way to and from the bathroom to look at it. Petunia is the first book created by Roger Duvoisin from the Petunia series In this adventure, Petunia mistakenly thinks that she is a wise animal when she stumbles upon a book lying on the ground and she how tries to give the other animals uncanny advice about their problems Petunia is an excellent book about the importance of true wisdom that young children will enjoy for many years Roger Duvoisin has done an excellent job with both the illustrations and the writing for this story Roger Duvoisin s illustrations are highly creative as he makes some of the pages in the book colored while other pages are in black and white Also, I love the way the animals look in this book as they are drawn in a simplistic way since they are drawn in a sort of scratchy way Roger Duvoisin s writing is hilarious and dramatic at the same time as he details the story of how Petunia tries to help all the farm animals, but ends up making all the other animals miserable as they go through painful trials from Petunia s advice I love the way that Roger Duvoisin uses the concept of true knowledge by letting the readers know that true knowledge comes from reading the book, not carrying it around with you just to make people think that you are smart Petunia is a great story for children who want to learn about what true knowledge is all about and also a great tale about how it is important to not jump to conclusions without knowing the full story first I would recommend this book to children ages six and up since some of the violent scenes might be too much for smaller children to handle.From my Epinions Review This is the first children s Christian book I ve ever gotten.In a charming tale set in a farmyard, Petunia the silly goose believes she has become wise just because she finds a book All farm animals saw her carrying the book believed in her wisdom and seek her advice, and suffered horrible consequences from her unwise counsel, until she told everyone to open a box labeled Candy but instead, it was firecrackers and everyone got hurt.At the end she realized Now I understand It was not enough to carry wisdom under my wing I must put it in my mind and in my heart And to do that I must learn to read Silly goose She had thought that merely holding a book provides wisdom Silly animals They thought that she had become wise because she had the appearance of wisdom Silly us How often do we make the same mistakes We assume that those in academia, government, medicine, and the press have wisdom that we do not possess Much like the goose and animals assumed that holding the book gave the goose wisdom, many assume that holding a position or a credential is the same as wisdom. Now I understand It was not enough to carry wisdom under my wing I must put it in my mind and in my heart And to do that I must learn to read Petunia by Roger Duvoisin. When Roger Duvoisin First Introduced Children To His Proud And Silly Goose, Petunia, In , It Was Love At First Sight Those Children Have Grown Up, But Petunia Is Every Bit As Fresh And Funny And Muddled As The Day She Was Born In This, The First Of The Series Of Classic Books Featuring The Silly Goose, Petunia Finds A Book And, Deciding That If She Owns A Book She Must Be Wise, Dispenses Hilariously Mistaken Advice To The Other Animals In The Farmyard With Its Gentle Lesson And The Kind Of Humor That Kids Love Best, This New Edition Of A Beloved Classic Will Delight And Inspire A Whole New Generation Of Readers Petunia finds a book and carries it around with her, thinking that she is suddenly wiser than everyone else in the farmyard, with disastrous results She discovers thatIt was not enough to carry wisdom under my wing I must put it in my mind and in my heart And to do that I must learn to read Overall, it s a funny story and a good encouragement for children to learn to read.July 2019 update I had the opportunity to visit with a friend and check out a few boxes of children s books she had kept from her childhood and her son s The books are quite old and many are out of print, so it was a wonderful chance to revisit with some stories I read when I was young and to discover others I d never seen before I really enjoyed rereading this book. This little book provides perfect opportunities to interact with a child while reading Every time Petunia encounters a problem, the kids suggest possible solutions and then we read what Petunia has to say Before seeing the result, the kids choose which solution they think would work the best.And, of course, I love the reference to wisdom I wish that wisdom would once again be something we, as a society, value. Best book for preachers I ve ever read. My earliest childhood memories center around two books that my mother would read to me Petunia with head in the clouds and her foot in her mouth was always a favorite story to hear Even a three old knew that it couldn t turn out well Such joyous memories I needed a filler for today due to some unforeseen scheduling changes and ran across the Scholastic iconographic DVD version of this story read by Peter Gwynne Had forgotten all about it until seeing the cover and remembered that I had liked it as a child I showed the book using my ActiveBoard and with subtitles on so that the students could follow along For my 1st and 2nd graders, I used it as a tie in to picking out just right books to help them grow their reading muscles Petunia thought that just carrying a book around made her wise, just as many students check out books they aren t ready to read, adding to their frustration and reenforcing their perception that they are simply bad at reading when it sthat they re trying to bench press 200 lbs without building up to it For my 3 5 grades, I wondered if they would just turn off thinking it was a baby book hate it when they say that , but even my 5th graders seemed to enjoy the story with 4th ad 5th really getting the humor that seemed to go over the heads of some of my younglings As for library lessons with my older students, Petunia offered a good opportunity to explore the concept of main idea as the lesson a character learns in a story and how main idea can vary with our own unique perspectives Yes, I have a problem with the standardized test questions about main idea all too often I don t agree with any of the choices offered I m wondering how many of them I may have confused by introducing them to the idea that none of us ever reads the same book Critical thinking in action

Roger Antoine Duvoisin August 28, 1900 June 1980 was a Swiss born American writer and illustrator, best known for children s picture books He won the 1948 Caldecott Medal for picture books and in 1968 he was a highly commended runner up for the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award for children s illustrators.

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