Wings of the Wicked

Wings of the WickedLife As The Preliator Is Harder Than Ellie Ever ImaginedBalancing Real Life With The Responsibility Of Being Heaven S Warrior Is A Challenge For Ellie Her Relationship With Will Has Become All Business, Though They Both Long For Each Other And Now That The Secret Of Who She Really Is Has Come Out, So Have Hell S Strongest Reapers Grown Bold And Vicious, The Demonic Threaten Her In The Light Of Day And Stalk Her In The NightShe S Been WarnedCadan, A Demonic Reaper, Comes To Her With Information About Bastian S New Plan To Destroy Ellie S Soul And Use An Ancient Relic To Wake All The Souls Of The Damned And Unleash Them Upon Humanity As She Fights To Stay Ahead Of Bastian S Schemes , The Revelations About Those Closest To Her Awaken A Dark Power Within Ellie That Threatens To Destroy Everything Including HerselfShe Ll Be BetrayedTreachery Comes Even From Those Whom She Loves, And Ellie Is Broken By The Deaths Of Those Who Stood Beside Her In This Heavenly War Still, She Must Find A Way To Save The World, Herself, And Her Love For Will If She Fails, There Will Be Hell To Pay More Cadan this time,please Hah More like Wangst of the Wicked I kid, I kid.I made a comment about the first book being Buffy Season One Disney Channel Version Well, the sequel jumped straight into Buffy Season Six territory It s dark, sexy, and witty Much so than the first.Admittedly, I wasn t too impressed with Angelfire, the first book in this series, but Wings of the Wicked is abundantly fun than it s predecessor.The characters are starting to get into a comfort zone with each other and the chemistry between them is coming alive The straight forward no frills prose carries you right into the action and drama The Rundown With the help of her guardian Will, Ellie battles the forces of darkness She is the Preliator, the only one in the world who wields awesome reaper slaying, sickle shaped swords that are infused with the heavenly flame of Angelfire, and she s getting even better in battle Things have gotten complicated with angelic Will, and he and Ellie fight the feelings they have for each other A demonic reaper named Cadan begins to make advances toward Ellie, but can she trust him Now a strong force of darkness is rising up and it will take everything the Preliator and her friends have got to face this new evil Characterization and Romance In the first book, even though it s written in first person, I never felt like I was getting to know Ellie because of her Mary Sue tendencies Yet somehow, I ve really grown to care about her in the sequel, as have many of the other characters There is Love Triangle I know what you re thinking Noooooooooooooooo Or maybe Yes, yes, YES But I actually really liked both of the boys First, there s Will Why does every book have a Will these days His mouth says, I love you but I can t be with you But his eyes say, I can t stay away Then there s Cadan His mouth says, I love you whether or not want to be with me But his eyes say, I m gonna lock you in my basement Guess which one she goes for NOT the creepy stalker guy Oh wait, they re both kind of stalkers Well, they call themselves guardians or protectors but we all know what that means view spoiler PEDOSUPERNATURALS view spoiler Kidding view spoiler It s not at all weird that they are a thousand and she is seventeen hide spoiler Actual final rating 4.5 stars But I rounded up Because it lost half a star on a technicality only.So the other night I had this dream.It was the beginning of the new high school year after graduation Me and my graduating class were chilling in this weird white room that looked kind of like the lunch rooms in Cellblock 6 Female Lock Up and watching, through a set of Perspex windows looking out into the front hall, as the new Grade 12 kids march in to their uncertain fate.This guy I know he graduated at the same time as me Why was he returning in my dream Dafuq was one of those people walking in for the new year I actually lol d in my dream because he randomly lost his footing when he was walking down the hall and spontaneously smashed his face off the display case, but he was fine, no harm, no foul After a while we get bored of this, and head to some kind of weird cafeteria after party where everyone from my old school in the UK is there too Across the lunch room I lock eyes with this guy I was totes in love with when I was like fifteen and OMG It s like a fairytale with Roma Pizza and inappropriate Happy Birthday napkins Gaiz, srsly I have absolutely no idea why this guy appeared in my dream Sure, when I was fifteen it was deep and it was real I went there I really did I wrote his name in all of my notebooks and tore girls hair out to get the seat behind him in class so I could talk to him and fuck, I was all on imagining what our wedding would be like.Hopefully, you can all appreciate the growth and change I ve thankfully gone through since the days of yore.But I left for Canada, and I ve had no contact with the guy for literally years I haven t thought about him for a long, long time And then suddenly he pops up in the dreamscape lunchroom What s a girl to do So we get all cozy and he kisses my forehead like Edward Cullen Naturally, I get distracted by the nearby hotdog stand, which is basically a fish tank full of hotdog buns Where s the meat, I ask Fifteen Boy points to this steel door behind me and oh, yeah We re suddenly outside now, and it s got that dream lighting You know, like the lighting in Sleepy Hollow This is when I realize some creepy shit is going on.So he takes two hotdog buns I also take two and heads for the steel door seemingly leading to nowhere I go after him and we head up through this elevator to a weird compound that s round, outdoors but enclosed with a ring of high rise stores above Each of the stores is numbered one to thirteen I swear to SHIVA This is not a rickroll Suddenly the guy is gone and one of my best friends in Canada is with me She seems largely unimpressed, but she s like that in real life She s the most calm, chill, easygoing Jamaican person ever It s such bliss hanging out with her You don t even need to make conversation You just have to be.So anyway I figure I d better get an actual hotdog to put in the bun Innuendo not intended There are rainforest trees all around this compound and the air is kind of humid if any of you have ever been to the aviary in Niagara on the Lake and been through that bit with all the waterfalls and the hilarious red birds with pipe cleaner legs, then you ll have a rough idea of the terrain here.So my friend runs off to one of the big doorways in the side of the compound kind of like the opening into the ruins at the beginning of Tomb Raider Anniversary except without the flesh eating wolves and I stop by the entrance, because there s this little button you need to press to make the elevator inside the walkway, up to the shops above, work My friend waves me in and I follow her, but she gets into the elevator before I do and then I m stuck there like a spanner with my empty hotdog buns.I head back out to the button It sits like a catherine wheel, colored orange and yellow, and you have to spin it to the right number of shop you want to get to, then press the Go button in the center I promise you guys, I am not fucking with you This is the serious truth So I spin it to shop number four, but I m not fast enough to get into the elevator I have to go back and press it again, and then I leap into the elevator just in time.Let me explain to you what this elevator was like.The doors opened vertically, and were made of wire and wood When you jumped inside, you landed at the bottom of this wet, muddy slope, and then you somehow were pushed up that slope at lightning speed, and there were all these trees and rocks and shit and a voice came over the intercom telling you to curl up in the fetal position to avoid hitting any of the crap on the track Swear it.So I reach the top, and I m literally thrown off this slope, right into the air I m headed for this Super Marioesque mushroom cap, pink with yellow spots, where my friend is waiting for me Suddenly my dog is with me, and she s being carried by this weird bug that I swear is one of the monster companions in Final Fantasy XIII 2 and then we re dropped and we land on the mushroom cap, which is all light because it s inside this room with all these windows around it There are a few other people there, and they all have dogs with them, but my friend is allergic to dogs so she doesn t have one I say she can share mine.Even in my dreams, I m a giving soul Lol So then all of a sudden this GI Joe guy comes blasting out of nowhere and he orders us to do this massive obstacle course before we can get our tiny insignificant fucking hotdog Like, what the fuck It s a fucking hotdog, not a Nobel Prize I just wanted my hotdog, dammit Anyway, we have to do the obstacle course riding on our dogs backs like horses My dog is relatively small she s a spaniel but somehow I managed to get upon my steed and we start the obstacle course, which is kind of like those challenges you have to do in Super Mario Sunshine if you go through the green pipe looking for a cheat of a Shine Sprite.So anyway, me and my dog NAIL it and we win We veer off course a little because it s like playing a video game, with controls like the fucking painful ones you have to grapple with when you re on the hang glider in Assassin s Creed Revelations getting pulled along by Sophia Anyway, we win, and then tra la la The dream is over And I never got my hotdog Wings of the Wicked is just like my dream No, it s not about Ellie s tormented quest for a hotdog, but it is about a whole lot of weird, scary, colorful and bizarre happenings that somehow, for some reason, come together to make sense.Let me explain.Like my dream, Wings leaps into the plot from the very first chapter I went straight for the hotdogs Ellie goes straight for the reapers And it was this that I appreciated Any of you who know me are probably aware that Angelfire is definitely not my favorite book in the world for two staple reasons Ellie, and the writing.In Wings, Ellie grows from a little sapling that can be annihilated by one peck from a chicken to a sword wielding foxglove foxgloves can stop your heart with their poison DON T GO NEAR THEM DON T Where as the Ellie from the first book would make a joke of her duties, this Ellie is absolutely serious about them She still takes time out for partying and homework and shit, but a wake up call is all it takes for her to realize that shit just got real, and you have to stop giggling when something tries to gut you with their fingernail.Will gained a little favor with me here I wasn t that chuffed about him in the first book either, but in Wings he gains a little depth and backstory, enough for him to prism from a piece of cardboard to an actual character I loved the revelation that he slept with Ava It gave him this fabulous, human quality, a real weakness and a mistake from the past that negated the whole perfect love interest trope that s been sniffing around YA of late.Speaking of Ava um, hello, Favorite Character I fucking love this woman She s amazing She has so much depth and interest to her, so much so that I was desperate to find out about her I wanted to get inside her head and find out a little about her story which was heart breaking, but added to her resilience A pretty large portion of this book revolves around the deaths of secondary characters, and being aware that people would die before I started reading this book assured me of two things a There is every chance in the world that these deaths will wind up being oddly funny rather than sad b There is every chance in the world that these deaths will make me want to die too From grief And lack of hotdogs.It was pretty much a B all round.Seriously, the deaths in this book took it out of me I do feel like you have to have a certain kind of relationship in your own life to really connect with the deaths in Wings, and I m one of the lucky ones Let s look at this I was reading the portion where Ellie s mom dies when we were driving along the highway, headed for some Swedish fun at IKEA The horrific torment of reading the death scene haunted me for the rest of the day, so much so that I did the whole tourist thing and held on to my mom s bag strap all the way around the store I did not want to let go of my mother, ever, because then a reaper would get her, and fuck, that can t happen.That is literally what this book did to me It made me terrified.And that s awesome.Nathaniel s death was an absolute blindside I was sobbing, yelling at the book, slapping myself, comfort eating my weight in chocolate muffins Just why, Courtney Why d that have to happen As if it wasn t enough that I was a blubbering mess, the characters in Wings really mourn with you Remember Katniss when Finnick died, how she made it all about herself and then forgot about him as if fuck, it s just a death of my friend, at least it wasn t me, because I m the most important one Well, Wings is nothing like that NOTHING It s brutal Ellie and the gang wear themselves out mourning over the friends they lose They go crazy, they scream, they cry, they ask God why, because that s what happens when people you love die This book has this honest, human, emotional aura that I couldn t shake It was like a coming of age story Trials and tribulations from a group of relatable characters Awesome.The romance was the romance sweet, cute and yes, a little sexual I like that There is entirely too much no sex before marriage dogma in YA today, and the fact that Ellie was planning to sleep with Will after prom it s only interrupted by Will getting poisoned and ending up on the brink of death Shame, dat is justhonest It s refreshing and true and warmed me to the characters I d previously been so detached from.Look I won t say it was perfect, because it wasn t As much as I liked the Ellie Will dynamic in this book, I really wish Ellie had battled as hard as Will did She didn t She could have, but she didn t I don t know why that is I guess I felt like in battle Will was either in the way and a liability, or leading the charge Ellie is the one with the angelfire she is the one who ought to be heading up the war against the reapers She was far too idle.The Ellie Will partnership isn t the reason why I dropped the half star, because it s not really a fair test of Ellie s prowess In the first half of the book, she kicked so much ass I was cheering, so I suppose her lack of that same prowess in the second half was perhaps due to her losing her mother and Nathaniel and still being in a state of downtrodden grief The technical reason why I took off half a star is that the Rule of Abeko was broken by this book It was broken spectacularly, and no book that breaks the Rule of Abeko can ever be a true five stars for me That s just the way it has to be, I m afraid And no book is an exception On the plus side, the plot and writing of this book thrilled me The action scenes were hardcore awesome and the plot, which accelerates at breakneck speed with just enough time in between to sweeten the characters, made me physically tense I also love Court s mythology With the exception of the Rule of Abeko, her blending of Eastern religion with rather tired Judeo Christian lore is really refreshing What I love about this series is its unpredictability curveballs come at you like gnats in the summertime You heard it here, kids.Is there anything else I have to say I don t think so, but I would definitely recommend this book Even if you hated Angelfire, you should at least take a stab at this one It s killer I swearThe Rule of Abeko states that Lilith is evil only because Biblical patriarchy declares her to be so It also states that the imagery of Lilith being a baby eater and a destroyer of virginal maidens is only in place because she must be Biblically demonized for a not being a baby making machine and b not being meek Breaking this rule would be to represent Lilith as evil, a baby eater or a raging jealous bitch Examples of Rule breakers include Supernatural, the Fallenseries, the latter half of the Mortal Instrumentsseries, and many than I can t be fucked finding. I hope her writing improved.ETA This just in I no longer care. This book is everything that is wrong with books Possibly ever In the existence of the world I caught very few usage and spelling errorsso I guess it got that right Here s what s wrong with the book 1 The plot There isn t one Most books have one of these This one, for some odd reason, went another wayof meandering endlessly.2 The main character Let s see seldom does she actually kick butt, even though, supposedly, she has some sort of super human powers Waiting on those She whines Endlessly She s stupid She s not funny She s short She s redheaded I wouldn t count it against herbut this character deserves knocks She s pathetic Unlikable Snotty Stuck up I could pretty much go on forever.3 The love interest He s boring His personality is thus I fight bad guys I love Ellie I fight bad guys I love Ellie It s really not much I can t even fathom how this nothing personality guy likes her Not sure which character that reflects worse on.4 The supporting cast All bad Snotty, rude friend Check Brainy guy Check Funny but not really guy Check Gorgeous girl to be jealous of Check Other love interest who is somewhat interesting but makes no sense because he s only in 5 short scenes in the book and spends the whole time saying he s in love inexplicably with main girl who he has spent about 5 minutes with, and she cares about him too Check Pointless parents Check.5 The bad guys They apparently hate executing their evil scheme They like to give Ellie huge breaks and chunks of time to party and do school and makeout with Will Nah, they say, Let s raise Lillith and Sammael tomorrow Don t you know Ellie has a bowling party tonight Too Important 6 The fight scenes So abominable that I actually didn t read them yup Skipped em.7 The parties Oh My Gosh Let s seethe world is going to become Hell, and all of the humans will be banished to Hell foreverand 80% of this book is parties, school, and Ellie and Will making out.Okay I have to stop I could go on forever The book was so bad Don t even glance at it in passing I m pretty sure that people reading this book is a scarier apocalypse than the whole Hell on Earth situation. Not even posting the synopsis for this one It doesn t deserve it I m still pissed that GR doesn t offer a minus stars option JustWHAT How does stuff this bad actually get on SHELVES Is everyone in the publisher on drugs Basically, after I ranted to a bunch of my friends about the awful first book in this series ANGELFIRE some of them read it too I ended up feeling much better about the whole thing after we d all laughed ourselves into hiccuping puddles over how dire it was So then we decided to give this book a try because, after all, it had to have gotten better, right Surely everyone concerned would be doing their best to improve on the balls taped to the cement and smashed with a brick HORROR of the first one Nope Apparently the horror quotient wasn t high enough yet I m convinced at this point that this series is some kind of an experient on the part of HarperCollins They want to see just how crappy they can go and still get money out of people It s the only explanation.From the moment in the first few pages that Ellie, having been thrown to the ground by a giant Reaper, lies there with her eyes closed for several minutes recapping the previous book while the Reaper that threw her obediantly stands waiting alert enough to growl, drool and make threats, but not actually bite her head off with its huge motherfreaking teeth and Ellie s boytoy Will battles with another one unaided, I could see that things had actually managed to get worse The laughably bad dialogue between Ellie and the Reapers was pretty much a surety after that Then we get to Ellie s reaction to being grabbed by one of these monstrous beasts that she s supposedly been created to fight Let s see you re superstrong and fast, and you have two huge flaming swords, and a mission from heaven to kill Reapers A Reaper attacks you What do you do Well, if you re Ellie 1 Drop swords2 Scream for help3 Allow yourself to be grabbed by the monster s talons4 squirm and struggle helplessly in said talons while said monster flies off with you because it s not like you re some kind of badass that could snap a talon in half, kick this bastard in the face and jump down before it gained altitude or anything5 Scream for help AGAIN6 Get saved and in the process crush your boytoy almost to deathYeah, that s Ellie She s the one standing between the humans of the world and eternal damnation.WE ARE ALL DOOMED.And the publishing industry is doomed too, if it keeps producing these sort of slimy scrapings as its lead titles My five year old niece could come up with better shit than this armed only with a sippy cup of juice, the back of a cereal packet and an orange crayon I m 100% serious And I m 100% done with this crappy ass book. I am so lucky I got to read an ARC of Wings How incredibly beautiful is the love story, the complicated plot of heaven vs hell i.e., the war of endless battles between good and evil , and the archangel Gabriel in all her Glory Will s courage, devotion and undying love affection was than I could ask for Plus the hot sexyLOL Review to comein Feb 2012 when the book is actually released.CAM I am your little crazed sessed REAPER Came on board with my lil sis, Momo Absolute must have novelall you angel fans, get ready for one helluva ride SPOILERS BELOWYou ve been warned Oh, and sorry for the bad language in advance First of all, let me get one thing straight This book was I know, it s not the newest book in the stores, but I got my signed copy proud last week, and you know for waiting for it And it s over but I m writing this anyway.So, in the beginning, I mean in the very beginning all that sexual tension was bearable Really But then when the room was getting hotter Ava had to arrive and freeze everything No, not because she is so cool, but because she is so totally frigid that even thinking about her makes my teeth chatter, so I was like I remind you, this was in the beginning As the story went on, things changed Right, what a surprise, I m so smart for writing such a statement Whatever So as we went on, my hatered toward her diminished No, I m not saying I grew to like her, but I don t have any problems with her and I m not thinking when she is on Sorry for the random order, but now come the sad parts of the wonder that Courtney gave us, and yes, by wonder I mean her novel I know there wasn t really an important character to die in Angelfire yes, you know Ragnuk wasn t all that important regarding everything what s going on here but really, was this necessary Our dear author killed 2 kind of main characters, plus one who was just sweet to have, so I m telling you First Ellie s mom died I could handle that, I m tough But then came Nathaniel and it broke my heart into tiny shards and as Will lost his head Courtney was just stomping on the pieces until only dust was left of my dearest organ When Bastian died Well I can t just say to but I don t know I know I should have been kind of happy that the enemy died, but I was sad than content, to be frank Oh yeah, one thing I gotta say Either I m so freaking smart, or I don t know, but how the Hell did I figure out that a Cadan was Bastian s son and b so was Will Because I don t think it was that obvious I know Courtney wanted it to be so extremely surprising, and yeah, if she d dropped that bomb in the previous book, then I would have been surprised, but here Nope Call it women s intuition or whatever you d like, but after the first time Cadan was involved, I would have bet he was Bastian s son And around the half of the book, when Bastian was on the spot, and I went to bed to sleep, I was thinking about the last chapter I d read, and the Will part just popped into my head in thatwhat if sort of way I wasn t even totally serious as I think I was half asleep already, but maybe that was the key to solve it And when Bastian revealed the truth, I was laughing in myself, because he just proved what a smartass I am So yeah, it was good the way it was written, I m just delusional Though I really would have appreciated it if Ellie had told Will the truth And now we arrived to the part where pink ponies neigh lullabies and uhh Just quickly Ellie is the character who is standing the closest to me No, I don t mean in the book, I mean in literature on average She is almost perfectly like me, except for some tiny details including that I m not some kind of super warrior kicking reapers asses and I don t have an unbelievably pefect Guardian, which is kind of fortunate considering that I would have to carry a bucket all day long to drool into But she makes the decisions I would, she always changes her mind about things like I do, and she didn t let Cadan kiss her, and I m so so so SO grateful for that Courtney that you didn t make them kiss Because that would have been just and totally clich.Oh and last but not least, Will I swear Will s were the most difficult parts to read Why Because I was constantly getting my hands burned by the steaming hotness coming from the pages and wondering Seriously That sexuality was overwhelming And he doesn t even know about it I mean how freaking perfect and sexy that is Pulling it off just like that And when things are about to turn really really interesting Ellie turns him down If Will was horny and wanted to sleep with meSo you see, I wouldn t want to wait for anything Unfortunately I m not Ellie, so these things are just in my imagination and sweet dreams But let me also express you how cute he is and even though sometimes I feel like he should be less perfect, it s just good this way I guess, because he doesn t make me believe that such guys exist in our world, so instead of the cruel reality.But then One thing I really didn t expect I knew something would happen because it was the calm time before storm, but THIS That reaper bit him And now he is dying And they only have one week to save himAnd something tells me they will only be able to do so in the very last moment Because he cannot die That s impossible. I would bein a moment And Cadan has to be the one to help Why do I have such a bad feeling about this one If he puts his things anywhere near Ellie But all in all, WotW can join my shelf of favourites of course, because it was freaking awesome Thank you Courtney When I started reading this book, I was hoping that after her many near death experiences, Ellie would have grown up, you know, gotten better at prioritizing what s important For example saving the world is a heck of a lot important than partying and having a picture perfect teen life But no, Ellie is every bit as whiny, selfish, annoying, make me want to rip my hair out as she was in the first book I mean, I already hated her when I started, so I assumed that it honestly couldn t get much worse, but oh it does If I was to make a list of the top ten things I would never do as the Preliator, especially knowing that I m an angel on top of that, getting drunk which impairs judgement and much needed fighting skills would be at the top of my list In that list would also include going to movie nights instead of training fighting and whining every ten seconds because life isn t fair Another thing that bugged me was the plot twist with Ellie s dad Why Well for the first book I was completely siding with him for the majority of the time I know, I know, he was horrible to Ellie but from his perspective, she kinda deserved it Example Her awful dad buys her a 40,000 dollar car wish my dad was that awful and she crashes it after having it for like a week Her grades are sucking and at her birthday party she was drinking at 17 and crashed through the window Another thing that hurt poor wittle Ellie s feelings was when he called her a slut on Halloween, although ELlie, when you leave the house looking like this ve gotta be able to withstand the comments So when ELlie s dad reveals himself to be a view spoiler demon that had already killed her real dad hide spoiler

Courtney Allison Moulton lives in rural Michigan with her family, horse, donkey, and a flock of spoiled sheep When she isn t studying ancient civilizations or writing about magic and monsters, she s busy with farm chores Her debut novel ANGELFIRE was published when she was just 24 years old.For information about Courtney, visit her online at

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