PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives

PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives New York Times BestsellerThe Project That Captured A Nation S ImaginationThe Instructions Were Simple, But The Results Were ExtraordinaryYou Are Invited To Anonymously Contribute A Secret To A Group Art Project Your Secret Can Be A Regret, Fear, Betrayal, Desire, Confession, Or Childhood Humiliation Reveal Anything As Long As It Is True And You Have Never Shared It With Anyone Before Be Brief Be Legible Be CreativeIt All Began With An Idea Frank Warren Had For A Community Art Project He Began Handing Out Postcards To Strangers And Leaving Them In Public Places Asking People To Write Down A Secret They Had Never Told Anyone And Mail It To Him, AnonymouslyThe Response Was Overwhelming The Secrets Were Both Provocative And Profound, And The Cards Themselves Were Works Of Art Carefully And Creatively Constructed By Hand Addictively Compelling, The Cards Reveal Our Deepest Fears, Desires, Regrets, And Obsessions Frank Calls Them Graphic Haiku, Beautiful, Elegant, And Small In Structure But Powerfully EmotionalAs Frank Began Posting The Cards On His Website, PostSecret Took On A Life Of Its Own, Becoming Much Than A Simple Art Project It Has Grown Into A Global Phenomenon, Exposing Our Individual Aspirations, Fantasies, And Frailties Our Common HumanityEvery Day Dozens Of Postcards Still Make Their Way To Frank, With Postmarks From Around The World, Touching On Every Aspect Of Human Experience This Extraordinary Collection Brings Together The Most Powerful, Personal, And Beautifully Intimate Secrets Frank Warren Has Received And Brilliantly Illuminates That Human Emotions Can Be Unique And Universal At The Same Time

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives book, this is one of the most wanted Frank Warren author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 278 pages
  • PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives
  • Frank Warren
  • 15 March 2019
  • 9780060899196

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    Frank Warren left 3000 postcards in library books, coffee houses, and other random places He asked people to share a secret with him and mail it back The rules were simple It had to be a secret that the sender had never told anyone else and it had to be true.The results were dramatic, heartwarming, heartbreaking and funny As I read these anonymous confessions, thrown into the universe by those with quirks, tortured pasts, regrets, secret fantasies and sometimes heavy burdens I felt, I don t know whatbut I FELT, you know Amazing compilation I am so glad that there are of them to pour over.

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    The correct title should be Postsecret Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives People Are Secretly Pretty Sad And Have Some Intense Shit That Hopefully They re Dealing With in Ways Other Than Anonymous Postcards.

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    if you re going to read this book, i highly recommend doing it the way i did it if possible.i bought this from a library book sale, which means i spent 2.50 on it, rather than whatever astronomical price it probably is normally it also, importantly, meant at least one person had read it before me.this book is made up of a series of postcards creatively inscribed with anonymous secrets that person had marked up a series of cards with sections of blue post it notes.i spent this book not only marveling at and feeling known by the secrets of others, but also those of this person before me, who had donated this book without removing their markings.maybe they d simply forgotten, or maybe it had been donated by someone other than that reader.but i like to think they d found their own way of freeing their secrets through PostSecret.bottom line this is coffee table book than book, and in some ways is no better than looking at the PostSecret website but it was in my case i do love knowing secrets

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    I m just as appalled as you are that this is listed on my read shelf GR needs a looked at every single page shelf in order to better classify books such as this.Taken at face value, this collection of confessional postcards is poignant, disturbing, and beautiful in equal parts However, the same cynicism that causes me to assume that everyone on the Internet who is not on my GR friends list is in actuality a hairy, swaybacked, middle aged man by the name of Lou also pulls me in the direction of doubting the validity of some of these confessions He s an arty typeno principles W.S BurroughsDuring junior high, the high school psychology classes would often visit in order to give us anonymous research surveys My dumb buddies and I were the self appointed yes men of Mrs Wilson s third period English class Whatever the question, we had zestfully partaken Freebased cocaine Yep Sniffed glue Just before soccer practice last Tuesday.Sex Do you even have to ask Luckily this was the Bible Belt in the mid 80 s, so it was still bad form to broach the subject with seventh graders of collaboration versus solo project Assuming that our questionnaires were not quickly trashed, I would have loved to have seen some of those research papers Most likely they hypothesized that the seventh grade English class at T.S Hill Middle School was comprised mainly of the understudies of Rick James, the Marquis de Sade, and late period Elvis Presley Did anyone else ever do this Why the hell did we Two reasons I think 1 We thought that we would look cool to the high schoolers through osmosis, evidently, as it was a secret questionnaire.2 It was a lot of fun.I have great difficulty dismissing the possibility that the submitters for this book were not operating under similar motives.Regardless, this is an interesting book I suggest at least a once over flip through.

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    Here s a quote from one of the postcard that wiped the smile from my face while reading this amazing book Income from teaching creative writing 32,654.00Income from writing creatively 0.00I admire how Frank Warren got his idea for this collected postcards book, and reading the anonymous es confessions somehow made me realize that I m not the only person on this planet that have deepest darkest secret s that I m dying to share but so afraid that anyone I know or know me find it them out.

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    A Goodreads friend recently read this I will link you when I get the chance to do so on my laptop Dita and I remember how years ago I frequently checked the website to see what the latest updates were So I decided to pick up this book as well The secrets go from small things to stuff that makes me want to cry We all carry our sins with us but I hope writing them down helped at least a few of the people who participated in this project to cope with what was going on in their heads and lives at the time This book brought up a lot of nostalgic feelings from when I was a teenager, and back then those postcards helped me realize a lot of things about humanity and myself, good and bad.

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    I really adore these PostSecret books I feel like I m kind of late in finding them, but what the hell So I m not on the cutting edge That s no secret.Anyway, I am touched by the secrets strangers tell to strangers, so saddened by the guilt and hurt and loss that ordinary people are carrying around I can only hope that telling their secrets has helped this folks heal Does that sound trite But it s true, it s really true I am also amazed and pleased by the art that people create on these postcards to help them express themselves.This is really good stuff.

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    In 2004, Frank Warren printed out 3,000 postcards and invited people to share a secret with him, anonymously, by writing it on one of these postcards and mailing it to him The secret could be about regret, fear, betrayal, desire, confession, or a childhood humiliation Reveal anything as long as it is true and you have never shared it with anyone before Be brief Be legible Be creative The response was overwhelming And, some of these postcards are shared in this book perfect as a coffee table book as you can look over the postcards a bit at a time, or all over the course of an hourI feel like I attended a FASCINATING art exhibit this afternoon with my GR friend, Dita, who discovered and recommended this bookThank You, Dita As the book says Human emotions can be unique and universal at the same time And, this collection certainly illustrates that

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    I ve seen bits of the books before, and articles about it, but this was the first of the books that I ve read all the way through and really took some time with For some reason it reminded me of the film Amelie one of my all time favorites I found it to be beautiful and inspiring and heartbreaking and funny and depressing all at once Some secrets made me laugh, a few made me cry, I judged some, I felt like praying for others, but almost all made me feel something, and I think that s what I loved most about it The book, and the project as a whole, touched me and elicited emotional reactions The project continues on A whole community has been built around it, some are displayed in art galleries, others on Warren s website People respond to them and give follow ups to what sharing their secrets did for them Some have found it to be therapeutic, others have been helped just by reading the book and knowing they aren t alone I saw an interview with Frank Warren, and I think he summed up the power of the project for me when he said, Every single person has one secret that would break your heart If we could just remember this, I think there would be a lot compassion and tolerance in this world.

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    This books is oddly inspiring and terrifying at the same time People from all over the country sent postcards to this guy with their deepests secrets and fears and some will scare the hell out of you and some will make you cry and the worst part is some will make you nod your head and agree The postcards touch on every human experience we have and let you know you are not alone The author still receives postcards from all over the world and has made a sequel as well, there is also a website and the postcards were used in the song and video Dirty Little Secret by the All American Rejects.

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