Secret Identity

Secret IdentityWhen Jena Maxwell Meets Eric Bliss, She Forgets Her Disappointment About Not Going To Europe For The Summer, Forgets Everything That Has Been Upsetting Her Eric Is Gentle, Handsome, And Jena S Falling Deeply In LoveBut As Their Fabulous Summer Passes, Jena Begins To Wonder About Eric Why Is He So Mysterious Where S His Family, His Friends Then Jena Learns The Truth About Eric, And Her Beautiful Summer Of Happiness And Love Is Shattered


[Epub] ➝ Secret Identity Author Joanna Campbell –
  • Paperback
  • 0 pages
  • Secret Identity
  • Joanna Campbell
  • English
  • 04 November 2019
  • 9780553243277

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    Jena Maxwell heads to the La Paloma ranch for summer while her parents are in Europe While there, she meets Eric Bliss, and love begins to develop between them However, little does Jena know, Eric is actually Eric Clayton, a member of the famous rock band The Ravens What will happen when his true identity is revealed to her If I found out I was dating a rich rock star, I wouldn t mind at all Lol This was harmless teen romance fluff There s not much else to say about it than that I liked the supportive friendship between Jena and Susan There isn t a whole lot of depth, but it s only a short 165 pages, so everything is quick and sweet Gosh, how did teen romance work before the advent of mobile phones Jena and Eric could have avoided much heartache if they d had the technology

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    This is a book I would have loved as a teen It is exactly what I would have read How as a 16 year old can you resist riding a black stallion on the beach with a gorgeous cowboy turned rock star This was given to my teenage daughter to read and so I read it first to see what was in it She will like it, but probably in a year or two She just barely turned 13 and isn t really into boys yet thankfully All though this is a pretty clean read there is still lots of kissing involved Now, as an adult this story was kind of blah It definitely reminded me how grateful I am that I am no longer a teen LOL Young love is so sweet, but can be so painful It was fun to bounce back to my childhood dreams, but how grateful I am that reality is even better sometimes than dreams of my youth.

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    Driven by my Sweet Dreams craziness, I hunted down this book in our school library It doesn t disappoint, though I like the flow of the story There s this kind of barrier between Jena and Eric that will be broken down in the end of the story Similar to Too Good to be True, the music scene makes the story interesting I like it because it s like Hannah Montana my all time fave show Eric leads a double life, while underneath all the zeppelin and heavy metal, he s a normal, down to earth, almost perfect guy This book isn t a waste.

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    Its a really old book I really enjoyed the setting of the story which was out on a ranch where there is horses and beaches I enjoyed the characters and the whole plot of the book You get left at every chapter wanting to read on and you will love it if you enjoy romantic, mushy love stories

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    Not too bad A neat story with a never ending, ending.

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    Nice book

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    Probably my favourite one so far as I reread this series I liked the ranch setting, I liked the secret rock star hook and I liked the characters who were mature and built a relationship over time A quick easy read and one of the better Sweat Dreams stories.

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