Spot Me (Work Out, #1)

Spot Me (Work Out, #1) Working Out Is A Daily Routine For Dan, Who Meets His Friend Lonnie At The Gym To Lift Weights But Breaking A Sweat Takes On A Whole New Meaning When Dan Sees Gene, A Professional Bodybuilder, In The Mirror Dan Knows It S A Lost Cause He S Forty And Nursing A Broken Heart, Nowhere In The Same League As Gorgeous Gene Then At The Gym The Next Day, Gene Asks Dan If He Can Work Out With Him A Bet Wins Dan A Smoothie And Conversation, Which Surprisingly Leads To A Date Now Dan Is Faced With A Dilemma Does He Allow Gene To Elbow His Way Into His Life, Or Will He Give Up On The Idea Of A New Relationship Before It Even Starts Nice and heartwarming story I liked Dan s insecurities and what if Gene s maybe too good to be real Sometimes it s good at least to read about such people, if not meet them in real life And gym s routines were interesting too, I like fitness. Sweet start to the series that as usual I am reading totally out of order.Dan is finally getting over his lover asshat that he was leaving him after a decade together, and at the gym he meets Gene.Gene is over a decade younger than he is and an aspiring Mr Universe, Dan can t understand why on earth he would want to be with him Gene was great, romantic and wooed Dan, the evil exes all got the message and all is good On a side note, lots of gym and weightlifting going on. Hmmhow to rate this This short story was a bit awkward Hobby gym rat Dan was left by his partner of 10 years and meets professional bodybuilder Gene who is simply perfect and wants to be seen asthan a hot body.They fall in love at first sight Dan constantly talks about his ex and how badly the guy treated him, which was just odd.There were no obstacles to speak of and the story ends in a perfect HEA I missed substance and some real conflict here 2 stars Cute Sexymakes me wanna go peek into the gym windows to see if I can find a Dan or Gene On to the next one. Currently working through Andrew Greg s Contemporary anthology I own a couple of books already but for 9.99 makes the missing one s a lot cheaper than buying them individually.Andrew thanks for the booklist. A plus and minus review3 plusses, 2 minuses Gene This man easily bench presses 300 pounds, has a heart of gold, a winning and endearing smile, and outrageous, ginormous, extended pecs that in my imagination bounce and dance that could be a plus or minus, I suppose Though real, and understanding due to his previous sh tface lover, Dan was really self depricating and insecure, over and over I really liked Lonnie, Dan s straight friend that is a total wannabe gay dude I like when such a big guy bottoms and the little guy gets a turn at the wheel Dan constantly refers to himself as small or little , though I think he is only small in reference to Gene, who is a contender for Mr Universe, and that he feels inferior that he will never be able to gain that kind of bulk I likey the sex, and Andrew Grey usually really delivers I was surprised that this story, which I assumed would beof a romp, was actuallyof a tender and sweet love story Though that works too, I was hoping for a littlebetween the sheets time Andrew Grey s sex scenes are usually nicely raunchy I had started reading this story last year, but wasn t in the mood at the time and unfortunately marked the story as a DNF I should have realized that the issue was my own fluctuating mood at the time, so I m glad to rectify the mistake Though this is still only a 3 star read for me, that s several steps up from a DNF and I m glad that I took the chance to give it another try I might just continue on with the series with Pump Me Up. Never thought I could give 2 stars to an Andrew Grey, but hey, apparently I can This books disappointed me I did not like the characters.Grey tried to make Dan witty, but it backfired and only made him look like he tried too much to be the witty gay character we all like No, Dan is no Adrien English I like Grey characters because they are normal people, guy next door type They are not very witty, but they are intelligent and hard working people, with a great sense of responsibility even at a young age They contribute to the economy, to their community, they are great citizens They are real good role model for gay or straight people.They will not shine like the witty gay man, but you don t need to be a social diva to be a great character in a novel, far from it. it was cute both of the MC s were cute but they were also boring and the continuous work out scenes were too much for me and started to drag I probably shouldn t be surprised with all the gym workout scenes but i was expectingof a story not a workout plan It was still quite enjoyable just not really my thing, no one even turned into a werewolf or anything, whats up with that I feel like I m always taking a gamble when I buy a book from this author I ve liked a few and really not liked another few This one fell short for me Two guys meet at the gym, are attracted to each other, and get it on I thought Dan was too down on himself and Gene was unrealistically Mr Perfect I also didn t find the sex scenes that entertaining I ended up abandoning this 3 4 through for something that could keep my attention.

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❄ Spot Me (Work Out, #1)  kindle Epub ❦ Author Andrew  Grey –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 79 pages
  • Spot Me (Work Out, #1)
  • Andrew Grey
  • English
  • 01 September 2019

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