AfleggjarinnDedicated to my motherAnd God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seedGenesis 1 29Opening Because I m leaving the country and it s difficult to know when I ll be back, my seventy seven year old father is preparing a memorable last supper for me and is going to cook something from one of Mom s handwritten recipes, the kind of thing Mom might have cooked on such an occasion I was thinking of having fried haddock in breadcrumbs, he says, followed by cocoa soup with whipped cream.I pick J sef up from the care center in the seventeen year old Saab while Dad tries to sort out the cocoa soup J sef is standing eagerly on the sidewalk and clearly happy to see me He s in his Sunday best because I m leaving, wearing the last shirt Mom bought him, violet with a pattern of butterflies.Baad Real Baad , , ,,,, ,,, ,,,, En Route Pour Une Ancienne Roseraie Du Continent, Avec Dans Ses Bagages Deux Ou Trois Boutures De Rosa Candida, Arnlj Tur Part Sans Le Savoir La Rencontre D Anna Et De Sa Petite Fille, L Bas, Dans Un Autre Den, Oubli Du Monde Et Gard Par Un Moine Cin PhileSuite Son Succ S En France, Rosa Candida A T Traduit Et Est En Cours De Traduction Dans Une Quinzaine De Pays The main merit of this charming story was that it inspired me to step outside and weed the garden So I was away from screens for a while Well, for half a day Premetto sono una orchessa priva di qualsivoglia sensibilit Lobbi ha ventidue anni, passa un quinto di notte d a con Anna, studentessa universitaria, amica di un amico Nasce Flora Sol.Lui orfano di madre, ha un padre di 77 anni e un fratello gemello diversamente normale Di Anna non sappiamo.Lei continua a studiare, lui lascia l Islanda per recarsi in un paesino del nord Europa presso un celebrato monastero per occuparsi del roseto pi famoso al mondo.Ora signora Audur se mi dici dov Lobbi, mi devi dire anche dove va L hai spedito, per esempio, al Monastero di Kostanjevica Mi piacerebbe saperlo Non un dettaglio utile alla narrazione Allora non lo nemmeno sapere dove sta dal momento che poi se ne va e non mi ha raccontato molto di dov era.Andiamo avanti.Anna e la piccola Flora Sol di oramai otto mesi, dopo aver preso un aereo e quattro treni, raggiungono Lobbi.L intenzione di Anna di lasciare la piccina con il suo pap mentre lei se ne va un mese altrove per finire di scrivere la tesi di laurea Poi ci ripensa Potrebbe rimanere in casa con Lobbi, studiare e preparare la sua tesi mentre lui si occupa della piccola.Lobbi parla spesso con padre Tommaso Gli dice e gli ripete che pensa spesso al corpo, alla morte E Non c era posto per qualche bella riflessione, sai quelle che ti scavano anima e viscere, che graffiano e mandano in visibilio Andiamo avanti.Per una decina di giorni Lobbi fa sesso ogni sera con la madre di sua figlia.Signora Audur, fai fare l a ai tuoi personaggi e mai che tu descriva il piacere di una carezza, la meraviglia dell odore di un corpo, la mutevolezza dei respiri, il goloso groviglio di corpi Non si toccano Toccarsi per conoscere, per scoprire Il piacere anche l , dove le dita hanno quella sensibilit tattile estrema, amplificata I polpastrelli Hai presente Ci sono anche per questo Ma va bene, si pu anche non parlarne E allora ci va abilit per fare vivere e vedere senza raccontare.Sorvolo sulla piccola prodigiosa Flora Sol che a nove mesi pronuncia persino qualche parola in latino.E poi Lui compra tre pomodori, tre cipolle, tre peperoni e TRE ROBE VIOLA che non sa se sono ortaggi o frutti Ci proviamo Melanzane Barbabietole Altro E poi bis Si sa, il sole bacia i belli.Ed proprio in base a questo enunciato che se porti una bella creatura sulle spalle, anche se non hai un paio d occhi extra installati sulla volta cranica sai per certo che il raggio di sole ha colpito l L idea di affrontare i temi della crescita, della ricerca, del cambiamento, della vita e della morte, della consapevolezza, della famiglia poteva rendere grande il libro Invece l ho trovato lieve lieve, quasi inconsistente.La traduzione va di pari passo.Devono aver regalato uno stock di virgole al traduttore Ce ne sono uno sproposito Con le virgole era compreso un cofanetto di d voce del verbo dare, indicativo presente, prima persona singolare dal gusto antico.Libro pluripremiato, pluritradotto Amen.Ma sono un orchessa e troppa pudicizia mi fa male Non date peso al mio commento. J ai ador les deux premiers tiers de ce livre, alors que Arnlj tur quitte l Islande pour un genre de road trip vers l ge adulte, plein de naivet et d authenticit Le personnage est tr s attachant, dr le, souvent mouvant J ai beaucoup aim sa vision du monde, et j avais souvent envie de souligner certains extraits J ai beaucoup aim la derni re partie, mais pas aussi intens ment J y ai trouv certaines longueurs, et la fin a un petit cot l g rement Paulo Coelho Mais je lui aurais donn 4.5 toiles si Goodreads me le permettait Je recommende fortement Rosa Candida si tu as envie d un livre qui fera sourire C est un genre de livre refuge contre la laideur du monde Re read for class, in Icelandic, October 2014 Listened to audio book read by author, too Re read for new review, November 2012 Reviewed for Iceland Review, December 10, 2012, here Part road novel, part bildungsroman, Au ur Ava lafsd ttir s The Greenhouse is a meditative story of love, death, fatherhood, and creating meaning in life even when it seems to be entirely dictated by chance Published in English translation in 2011, it is the first of ten Icelandic novels that online retailercommitted to publishing in the next year via its literature in translation press Crossing The Greenhouse opens on Lobbi, a young man to whom things seem to just happen things which he is rarely equipped to handle The last year has been particularly unsettling in this respect first, his mother, with whom he was very close, died in a terrible car accident Exactly a year later after being unexpectedly conceived in one quarter of a night, not even his first daughter was born Feeling superfluous in the life of his child and misunderstood by his aging father, Lobbi is only really comfortable when he is gardening And so, he decides to leave Iceland for an isolated monastery in a foreign country, hoping to restore a once legendary garden to its former splendor and add to it a rare species of rose that he cultivated in his mother s greenhouse.Once Lobbi begins his journey, little goes to plan He falls ill almost immediately after he departs and later gets lost and has to detour through a labyrinthian forest He s barely settled into his gardening routine at the monastery before the mother of his child arrives with his daughter, asking him to bear his part of the responsibility and look after the girl while she works on her graduate thesis But instead of collapsing in this new role, Lobbi rises to the demands of fatherhood, and finds himself embracing such simple tasks as roasting potatoes and picking out hair ribbons Au ur Ava is not only a fiction author, but also a practicing art historian So it seems only natural that her prose is particularly visual in its descriptions, such as when Lobbi first arrives at his new village and sees the monastery on the edge of a cliff, severed in two by a horizontal stripe of yellow mist that makes it look like it s hovering over its earthly foundations There is a tangible richness to each setting in the novel Lobbi imagines the lava field where his mother died, visualizing a landscape of russet heather, a blood red sky, violet red foliage on some small trees nearby, golden moss The cozy warmth of her greenhouse, a sofa among the tomato plants, contrasts with the forest Lobbi drives through which seems endless and spans the entire spectrum of green This evocative prose, fluidly translated by Brian FitzGibbon, provides a nice counterpoint to the simple but perceptive landscape of Lobbi s continuous internal monologue In the end, his own transformation mirrors that of his beloved roses, echoing his mother s gardening philosophy it just needs a little bit of care and, most of all, time October 2011 Reviewed for Three Percent here 2011 has been a banner year for Icelandic literature on the international stage Fabulous Iceland was this year s guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and in August, UNESCO named the Reykjav k as one of its five Cities of Literature the only such city where English is not the native language Perhaps evennotable for American readers, however, was the recent announcement thats new publishing imprint, Crossing, will release an astounding ten Icelandic titles in new English translations over the next year Judging by the press first Icelandic selection, The Greenhouse by Audur Ava Olafsdottir, English readers can look forward to a catalog of remarkable Icelandic titles in the coming months.At once wryly observant and sweetly comic, The Greenhouse is a meditation on such sweeping themes as sex, death, becoming a parent, manhood, and finding a place for oneself in the world which doesn t once fall prey to cloying generalizations or cliche Rather, through the eyes of twenty two year old Arnlj tur Th rir or Lobbi, as his elderly father affectionately calls him author Audur Ava Olafsdottir breathes a freshness and sincerity into her subject matter which is as charming as it is insightful.The novel opens with a birth and a death Having lost his mother in a car accident just a year earlier, Lobbi is also adjusting to his unexpected new role as father His first child, Fl ra S l, is the product of the unlikely indiscretion of one quarter of a night, not even, a fifth,like it His mother s death and the birth of his daughter both take place on the same day, which also happens to be his mother s birthday Lobbi s father ascribes this confluence to some intricate system, while his son dismisses the coincidences as meaningless chance In my experience, he sagely remarks, as soon as you think you ve got one thing figured out, something completely different happens This statement ends up being wiser than Lobbi could imagine, as all of his best laid plans and worldviews are systematically upended throughout the novel Feeling himself to be somewhat superfluous in the life of his daughter, and at loose ends with his father and autistic twin brother at home, Lobbi decides that rather than go to college, he will travel to a remote unnamed village monastery abroad to work as an gardener Although he is generally indecisive and frequently unsure of himself, the decision is not a difficult one Lobbi wasor less brought up in a greenhouse by his mother, who shared with her son a knack for cultivating tomatoes, flowers, and roses where once had only been a flat stretch of barren land with rocks surrounded by wind scattered pebbles Lobbi is not even out of Reykjav k when his plans begin to go awry He falls ill on the plane and must be hospitalized upon landing Once recovered, he rents a car and begins his long journey, only to find himself lost in a deep forest and unexpectedly transporting an inn keeper s daughter to her drama class, 350 kilometers out of his way Finally arriving at his destination, he finds solace in the monastery garden and a mentor in a monk with a love of dessert liqueurs and art house cinema But he has not been working at the garden long when he is contacted by the mother of his child, an aspiring geneticist who would like Lobbi to bear his part of the responsibility and help her look after Fl ra S l while she completes her thesis Thus, in very short order, Lobbi finds himself living with a woman, raising a daughter, learning to cook, and hopefully, figuring out what he wants to do with his life The Greenhouse is a meandering novel and although there are quite a few happenings throughout the narrative, not much actually happens per se, and nor does it need to Lobbi s daily negotiations of quotidian responsibilities are so sweetly related that something as simple as making dinner can become a rich, humorous, and illustrative moment From Brian FitzGibbon s seamless translation, it is clear that Audur Ava is a beautiful prose stylist who uses simple and straightforward language and imagery to convey complex emotions and observations Interspersing scenes from Lobbi s daily life with reflective moments from his past the last conversation he had with his mother, sitting up and watching his daughter sleep the night that she was born Audur Ava creates a fully realized portrait of a young man coming into himself without even really being aware of his own transformation The Greenhouse is a novel about finding beauty in the everyday, in simple moments and acts in making dinner, and planting roses, and helping a child learn to walk It is a story of creating meaning in one s own life, especially in the face of chance and coincidence. The Greenhouse is a surprisingly lovely little story, with as much left unsaid as said A young man, someone who doesn t seem especially comfortable in his own skin, takes his love of gardening to a country new to him And he has a daughter, conceived in a careless one night, actually less than one night, stand I couldn t help but cheer him on as he learns about love, relationships, being a father, all aided by a monk who has at least one film to recommend as answer to all of life s questions If you are looking for fast action, a convoluted plot, this might not be the book for you If you are looking for a gentle story with beautiful writing, wonderful characters, you might very well love this one Kudos, too, to the translator, Brian FitzGibbon Although I am incapable of reading the original of this book, I felt like I was, not at all like I was reading a not quite right translation Quite wonderful.I was given an advance reader s copy of the book, for which I am grateful. I just read another review that mentioned this book was quiet Exactly This book is quiet Part of it takes place in a monastery, and that s how this book is, simple and quiet It s the story of a young man leaving his country for the first time and leaving his father and twin autistic brother behind His mom died a few years back and the family still seems to not have moved on Part of the book is the road trip to his destination, which is never mentioned by name Neither is his country of origin But at least I came to the conclusion that he s going from Iceland to somewhere in southern Europe.There are no superfluous details And it s very direct Despite this the descriptions and the characters do not come across flat or lacking And this is a very believable young man, with issues, awkward moments and obsessions very typical of his age And being a gardening lover I really enjoyed the progress in the rose garden.I think this was one of the most enjoyable books i ve come across this year. I read the Italian translation nota al traduttore e all editore su do di io do l accento NON ci va Ma insomma, dove avete studiato.This is the story of the Icelandic Forrest Gump He has a retarded brother, but he has some serious issues too I disagree with many reviewers who see him as a real, regular, almost typical 22 yo man Let s put it out there before anyone misses it this guy is border line autistic Things happen to him and to his body often as if he was watching them on a screen Yes teenagers live a bit like that, but they don t rationalize that condition constantly like this guy does, and they tend to express themselves in one way or the other, while this guy is totally passive Now, is that particularly Icelandic Or is this something the author wanted to create I don t know I know that, aside from the normal issues of a twenty year old, this man has other, very peculiar issues very serious communication problems, and as I said, some autistic traits Let me be frank If this simple, delicate book was not from an Icelandic author, I don t know if anyone would have published it The young father with baby plot has been used many times, and with better,coherent results, by Nick Hornby and other writers Iceland Iceland is the reason why I, and probably many others, ended up reading this book On the other hand, simpliciy and quiet are the actual charm of the book, so I understand the readers who fell in love with it for its soothing effect But quiet and delicate are attributes that very easily overlap with bland and diluted Nothing stands out in the whole story, nothing jumps off the page, an idea, an individual, a feeling It is like one of those sweet melodies that might be pleasant to listen to while they re playing, but that once finished are immediately forgotten.

Au ur Ava Olafsd ttir was born in Iceland in 1958, studied art history in Paris and has lectured in History of Art at the University of Iceland Her earlier novel, The Greenhouse 2007 , won the DV Culture Award for literature and was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Award She currently lives and works in Reykjavik.

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