Long After Midnight

Long After Midnight She Wanted To Save Lives The Killer Wanted To End HersThe First Warning Was Triggered Hundreds Of Miles Away The Second Warning Exploded Only Yards From Where She And Her Son Stood Now Kate Denby Realizes The Frightening Truth She Is Somebody S TargetDanger Has Arrived In Kate S Backyard With A Vengeance And The Gifted Scientist Is Awakening To A Nightmare World Where A Ruthless Killer Is Stalking Herwhere Her Innocent Son Is Considered Expendableand Where The Medical Research To Which She Has Devoted Her Life Is The Same Research That Could Get Her Killed Her Only Hope Of Protecting Her Family And Making That Medical Breakthrough Is To Elude Her Enemy Until She Can Face Him On Her Own Ground, On Her Own Terms And Destroy Him

Roy Johansen, is an Edgar Award winning screenwriter and novelist Her daughter, Tamara, serves as her research assistant.IRIS JOHANSEN is The New York Times bestselling author of Night and Day, Hide Away, Shadow Play, Your Next Breath, The Perfect Witness, Live to See Tomorrow, Silencing Eve, Hunting Eve, Taking Eve, Sleep No More, What Doesn t Kill You, Bonnie, Quinn, Eve, Chasing The Night, Eight Days to Live, Blood Game, Deadlock, Dark Summer, Pandora s Daughter, Quicksand, Killer Dreams, On The Run, and And with her son, Roy Johansen, she has coauthored Night Watch, The Naked Eye, Sight Unseen, Close Your Eyes, Shadow Zone, Storm Cycle, and Silent Thunder.

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  • Paperback
  • 430 pages
  • Long After Midnight
  • Iris Johansen
  • English
  • 27 September 2018
  • 9780553571813

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    I really enjoyed this book I just wish it had of an epilogue.

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    Long After Midnight by Iris Johansen Research scientist Kate Denby helps to make a medical breakthrough that could save millions of lives In return, she needs to protect the lives of her family and friends that support her as there are those who will do anything to stop her This classic suspense novels brings the reader on a thrill ride to see if Kate Denby will succeed and whether the stranger dedicated to protecting her family is telling the truth From politicians to obsessed killers, this is one of the classic Iris Johansen books where she is at the top of her game weaving subplots and story lines If you are a suspense, thriller reader you will love Long After Midnight.

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    medical thriller genre Big drug breakthrough and then it s a good guys bad guys life death industry espionage fight for the money story reads easily but not a book highlighting ethics, morality, etc just a page turner.

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    Spoiler alert This is not the only book Iris Johansen has written about a miracle cure for everything She would later write a novel called Dark Summer, only with dogs And this time, it s the good guy who s a Native American.Wait, what Yeah My biggest problem with this book at least, that s not present in all of Iris Johansen s novels, am I right is that the bad guy is Native Or rather, half Indian, half Arabic Seriously.I don t know if Dark Summer was Johansen s attempt to make up for this atrocity, but the fact stands that Long After Midnight contains one of the most cringe worthy, blatant stereotyping I ve ever seen in one of her books.Jonathan Ishmaru may be half Arabic what does that even mean , but it s his Native ancestry that s made into a huge deal throughout the book Ishmaru is obsessed with warriors and honor, especially something called counting coup The main character, Kate Denby, describes counting coup as to get close enough to your enemy to kill by hand weapon and gain some sort of mystical honor Granted, this book was published in 1997, and Johansen did not have Google to assist in her research, but this definition of counting coup is incorrect You do not have to kill your enemy in order to count coup you just have to hit them The prestige is apparently greater if you are not wounded in the attempt The whole point is to do something gutsy and get away with it.We never find out exactly which tribe Ishmaru is descended from, although it s possible he doesn t know himself Just like most big bads in Johansen s works, Ishmaru is a very flat character He s described as insane That s it that s why he s interested in killing Kate He s convinced that she s the reincarnation of someone named Emily We never find out exactly who Emily was I was vaguely curious, but I can t say I expected much at this point.Ishmaru engages in some imagined version of meditation when seeking guidance He even mentions the Great Spirit, although it s only to scoff at the idea He also keeps trophies from his victims Any guesses as to what these trophies are That s right Scalps.Scalping was not just a Native American process U.S colonists also engaged in scalping In fact, scalping was done in Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well However, it s normally associated with Native Americans, usually in order to depict them as inherently violent and uncivilized Johansen really had no reason to include scalping I think she mistook Little House on the Prairie for an encyclopedia.Then there s Seth s description of Ishmaru as a drugstore Indian He invented himself He smells of Mennen aftershave lotion, incense, and sesame seeds I don t know what the point of that was Is Seth saying that he can t be a real Native American because he uses aftershave The conversation is never brought up again.As for the plotWell, it s an Iris Johansen book You ve got your typical hard as nails heroine who refuses to rely on anyone and puts herself at risk over and over again, the obnoxiously adult like child who is never afraid for himself, only for his mother, and two creepy love interests for the price of one Seth is worse than Noah, throwing a hissy fit when Kate says she wants to end their relationship even if she s only doing it to protect herself from what she believes is the inevitable pain of him leaving her and going back to his old life and promising her he ll be back in her bed in a month But even Noah is basically like, Yeah, you re hot and I want to screw you I m a guy, I can t help it Aww, how romantic.I do like Kate a bit than other Johansen heroines, because in some ways, she s different She makes it clear that she is very uncomfortable with killing, and actually orders Seth to spare Ishmaru early in the book She is also extremely uncomfortable with the fact that Seth has murdered men before even if they deserved it , and calls him out on it, something some of Johansen s heroines would never do.Johansen even included a twist that I did not see coming She s fairly good at this, despite the fact that the overall plot is very predictable Kate s dark secret from her past is another thing that makes her different from other heroines, but that s all I ll say, in case someone actually wants to read this book.But sadly, in the most important areas, Kate Denby IS like Johansen s other heroines She berates herself for acting like a sniveling coward when Ishmaru makes a surprise appearance at the funeral of one of his victims When Seth blames her for not letting him know about Ishmaru s appearance so he could kill him , she agrees that it was her fault, even though she was practically in shock at the time He never apologizes or considers that maybe he was expecting too much of her Johansen does this frequently The implication is that her characters are Strong Women, and Strong Women can t be victims If they wish someone was there to help them, they re being selfish see The Killing Game If they react like most people would to the person trying to kill them showing up at a funeral for someone they care about, they re sniveling cowards It seems women can t win if they want to be considered strong They must not only rely on themselves, but must make sure everyone else relies on them They must put themselves in danger time and time again without letting anyone else do the same Most of all, they must never complain about the way they are treated by men If they do, they re being unfair, because men can t be expected to behave themselves around beautiful women Long After Midnight is of the same from Johansen The book s few strengths are vastly outweighed by its failings If you desperately want to read a book by Iris Johansen, pick Close Your Eyes It s much better.

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    No stranger to Iris Johansen s books, LONG AFTER MIDNIGHT is true to her form excellent This story kept the hairs on the nape of my neck standing at attention with every turn of the page And the plot twists oh my I highly recommend this book.

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    Another classic Iris Johansen book I wish she would expand her horizons But at least she s consistent you know what you re going to get when you open the cover.

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    A nice book Interesting, with all those people wanting to kill each other Some unexpected twists turns but also a bit too much and incredible romance, still all in all I consider it a good book before bedtime.

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    Book Description She wanted to save lives The killer wanted to end hers.The first warning was triggered hundreds of miles away The second warning exploded only yards from where she and her son stood Now Kate Denby realizes the frightening truth She is somebody s target.Danger has arrived in Kate s backyard with a vengeance And the gifted scientist is awakening to a nightmare world where a ruthless killer is stalking herwhere her innocent son is considered expendableand where the medical research to which she has devoted her life is the same research that could get her killed Her only hope of protecting her family and making that medical breakthrough is to elude her enemy until she can face him on her own ground, on her own terms and destroy him.I love Iris Johansen s books but Long After Midnight is not on my most favorite list but it s still not a bad book at all.The actual plot was okay a bit of intrigue, corruption, action.but just when I thought something big was going to happen.bam not so Lacked a bit of spark and sparkle I thought.The characters were likeable enough.Noah was really cute and would have liked to have him along for the ride a bit longer.Kate did get on my nerves at times geez..we know you re smart, gorgeous and totally independent but hey give a guy a break I did like her son Joshua.the interaction between him and Seth ooh Seth.is so endearing going on maneuvers Now, Seth he s the one I really loved in this story and that s my only reason for the 4 star rating..dark, mysterious, funny, strong alpha male, tender, caring oh I could go on and on ..he has such a sense of who he is and what he wants and goes about it in such a likeable manner Loved the scenes with him and Kate in bed..the dialogue is fabulous this is a great hero Of course, the bad guys and I mean bad bad.Ishmaru..this is some scary and evil killer mafia, corrupt politicians..no chance for them.the good guys win here.So, if you like suspense with a bit of romance well nothing happens in this department until page 307 but worth the wait Seth is something hot and sexy and Kate cannot resist him..then get reading

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    This was the first Iris Johansen novel I ve read Even though it was unrealistic, it was still suspenseful enough that I enjoyed it a lot than I thought I would It reminded me of a TV movie, but a good one I m always a little wary of mother with child in danger plotlines, but Joshua was not the precocious, unlikable brat I half expected I would characterize it as suspense lite it made a good change of pace from the some of the darker, grittier, disturbing novels I ve read lately I would actually rate it as 3.5 5, but I rounded up because of the puppy

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    I really enjoyed this book I got this book years ago and finally decided to sit down and read it This is definitely an edge of your seat book I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading from this author This book is about a woman who is creating a special drug to help mankind but certain people are trying to prevent it from coming out and send people to kill her and her family She must go into hiding to save those she loves as well as complete the drug before the killer finds her.

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