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Fins Are Foreverreviews hereI don t usually read many mermaid books but this series has me blown away In the last book Lily ad drama unfolds, lily is crushing on the popular guy at school, while a Quince pines away for her every second he can Quince and Lily bond and they have to go to the castle to separate She doesn t want Quince to turn into a merman Now we have the second book in the series where Lily and Quince are in love with each other, she has to make a huge decision in her life, she has to bond with someone before her 18th birthday or she will be a normal girl and leave her castle underwater.But before she can make her mind up, drama comes in the way, her royal cousin who she hates shows up on her doorstep, Doe has been cast out of the sea and can t go back till she learns her lesson The only problem is Lily doesn t know when she will learn her lesson, Lily has to take Doe to school and what does she see her ex crush and her cousin Doe flirting Not only does she think this is the worst idea ever Doe is not abiding by any of the rules Doe breaks the one rule Lily told her not to do, don t kiss Brody You see once a mermaid kisses someone else they become bonded and they are attached to each other Only the king lily s dad can separate them Thankfully everything worked out at the end, happily ever after There better be a third book I really did love this book I have been waiting forever to read the sequel to forgive my fins and finally it shows up in my mailbox Fins are forever didn t disappoint I love how Tera Lynn Childs can create such an enticing story.5 5 stars Still insanely cheesy, but somehow, this book seemed to have substance to it No, it s really not a good book, but again, I had fun reading it lol. On Lily Sanderson S Eighteenth Birthday She Ll Become Just A Girl Still A Mergirl, True, But Signing The Renunciation Will Ink Princess Waterlily Of Thalassinia Out Of Existence That Leaves Plain Old Lily Living On Land, Dating The Boy She Loves, And Trying To Master This Being Human Thing Once And For AllNow That Lily And Quince Are Together, Mer Bond Or Not, She S Almost Content To Give Up Her Place In The Royal Succession Of Thalassinia But Just When She Thinks She Has Everything Figured Out, The Waves Start To Get Rough Lily S Father Sends A Certain Whirlpool Stirring Cousin To Stay With Her On Land What Did Doe Do To Get Herself Exiled From Thalassinia And Stuck In Terraped Form, When Everyone Knows How Much She Hates Humans And Why Why Why Is She Batting Her Eyelashes At Lily S Former Crush, Brody The Seafoam On The Raging Surf Comes When A Merboy From Lily S Past Shows Up Tellin Asks Lily For Something That Clouds Her View Of The Horizon There S A Future With Quince On Land, Her Loyalty To The Kingdom In The Sea, And Lily Tossing On The Waves In The Middle Will She Find A Way To Reconcile Her Love, Her Duty, And Her Own Dreams I liked this book even than the 1st somehow They re all very cutesy and enjoyable to read, but don t look for major depth or you may be disappointed This series is of a vacation for the mind than a field trip. got these from my 10 y.o who couldn t put them down. The prequel to this book, Forgive My Fins, has a special place in my heart I absolutely loved it and read it while my life was a little out of control So I was of course than delighted to pick up its sequel, Fins Are Forever I was immediately carried away by the completely fun and compelling tale Tera Lynn Childs has woven.Fins Are Forever starts soon after Forgive My Fins and Dosinia is forced to live with Lily until she can overcome her hate for humans With all of the stress of finishing high school, SATs, the fleeting possibility of college, oh yeah, and deciding if Lily wants to renounce her royal status, it s a bit hard to focus on Dosinia Fins Are Forever was just as, if not even , pleasurable to read than Forgive My Fins I had no problem sinking into Tera Lynn Childs s original, creative world of mermaids.Tera Lynn Childs has such a pulling writing style it s hard not to fall in love I ve yet to have any issues with her writing or her novels Each one captivates and has me hook, line, and sinker until I turn the last page Fins Are Forever was no different If anything, it has solidified Tera Lynn Childs s spot on my favorite authors list.Lily Sanderson is such a delightful character to read about Though she doesn t always seem nearly eighteen, her antics are always a delight to read Lily faces plenty of issues in Fins Are Forever, and the way she handles them can be both hilarious and shocking Dosinia starts off as the compete and total sea witch she was in Forgive My Fins, but as the novel goes on readers start to see a different side to her The relationship between Quince and Lily is so adorable and perfect Neither of the two is perfect, but their love is true We even get to meet a new cast of characters that readers will either love or hate.If you ve read Forgive My Fins, Fins Are Forever will definitely not disappoint Fins Are Forever is a delight And if you haven t read Forgive My Fins, I highly recommend it as it is near impossible to be swept away by it. From my blog nymfauxOk, so the day I ve been waiting for ever since I pressed the page turn button and saw EPILOGUE written in bold letters in the upper center of the page And not the kind of EPILOGUE where everyone gets married and lives happily ever after, but the kind of EPILOGUE cliff hanger where it looks like something catastrophic may or may not happen, but you don t know, because the page turn button appears to be malfunctioning and there don t seem to be any words left at the end of the book to tell you what has happened and what is going to happen and the only solution aside from flinging your precious book across the room in frustration is to wait patiently for another year until the sequel comes out and you can find out just what kind of trouble these crazy characters have gotten themselves into now, and importantly, how are they going to get out of it Yeah, that day The FINTASMICALLY epic release of Tera Lynn Childs Fins Are Forever, the highly anticipated seaquel sequel to last summer s splash hit Forgive My Fins Wait did I say the day I ve been waiting for I meant the day you ve been waiting for I ve already got my copy Due to my crafty ninja skills, I was able to acquire an ARC from Tera Lynn Childs, herself and yes, FTC this IS my honest, uninfluenced opinion Fins Are Forever is a seaquel sequel, but every attempt is being made to keep this spoiler free Backstory Forgive My Fins super ber cute and a totally fun summer read now is the perfect time to pick it up if you haven t read it yet I think Fins Are Forever is structured well enough, that it could be read by itself, without the reader getting lost but unless you are currently stranded on a deserted island or trapped in some remote location with no link to the outside world I totally recommend reading the two together they re such great companion pieces trust me, you ll want to read them both Lilly is half mermaid princess, half human In Forgive My Fins Lilly turns her whole world upside down and inside out In Fins Are Forever, Lilly finally thinks she s got her life straightened out again That is, until Dosinia, Lilly s cousin and the bane of Lilly s underwater existence shows up On land Now Lilly s life is being turned upside down all over again, and she can t help but wonder if she made the right choices Are there some things important than love Can Lilly find a way to have both And graduate high school I can t tell you all the emotions that welled up inside me when my pretty little ARC came My first thought was disbelief I would look at it, then put it back, thinking maybe it was a mistake or a trick, and not believing that I could really really really read it And then I wanted to hide it and protect it, so that nothing would happen to it I kept taking it out of the shipping box, so that I could stare at it in awe, and then putting it back in, as if it were some stolen treasure And then taking it back out again to look at it But keeping it close with me always.It was funny, because I had been SO anxious, for SO long about reading Fins Are Forever, but when I finally had the book in my hands, I wanted the feeling to last I m a fast reader And I m impatient I don t like to sit around wondering what s going to happen, I just want to read faster find out faster And I was afraid as soon as I started reading Fins Are Forever, I would devour it.And OMG I DID Once I started and was back in the world of Lilly and Quince, I COULD NOT STOP READING I saved it especially for a road trip I remember getting in the car, buckling my seatbelt, and occasionally mumbling uh huh, or trying to say semi coherent things, pretending not to be completely tuning my sister out you know, while I completely tuned her out She s a reader, too she understands.Understands what it is like to find an amazingly fresh, sweet, funny, tender, romantic, magical, one in a million kind of book and be absolutely swept off your feet, and fall in love with it kind of book sigh I ve been in love with Tera s books since I picked up Oh.My.Gods Forgive My Fins was so good I don t know if I ve ever been so angry at a book for ending So, I mean, I was kind of expecting to fall in love with Fins Are Forever I was expecting it to be good I never doubted that I wouldn t love it, or that it wouldn t be good.And what surprised me was, not only did I absolutely fall in love with Fins Are Forever Not only was it good It was even better It was so magical to be back in Lilly s world again, and so much fun I absolutely recommend Fins Are Forever as a totally fintasmic splashtastically awesome summer read Download it now or transport yourself to your nearest bookstore Because It Is Good Son of a swordfishThis book was pure awesome ness, even better than the first book In the sequel to last summer s Forgive My Fins, Lily is forced to choose between her kingdom in the sea or life on land I actually felt for Lily as she must deal with all these choices that no teenager should have to make The most interesting part for me in the book was how Lily has become frustrated with having to hide the secret that she is a mermaid, and her yearning to come out of the ocean and reveal her true self to humankind, though that might not be the best idea, as we all know how humans feel about anything that is different Still, the concept of mer kingdoms joining the United Nations and assimilating into human society makes me hope this will be dealt with in future installments.Tera Lynn Childs is one of the only authors who has managed to make me laugh and cry while reading her books The scene in the rain with Quince and Lily I won t say any, for fear of spoiling it for others literally almost made me cry.I m also not sure how I feel about the new character of Tellin I mean, I felt sorry for him, but at times I found him too pushy and invasive of Lily s privacy Then again, if you re a teenager confronted with the possibility of your entire kindom s demise, you might act the same.And I can t believe I m saying this, but I totally loved Dosinia by the end of the book She definitely matured from a snobby immature teenager by the end of the book.I think Lily s choice at the end was perfect, and the book ended on a hopeful note It was hinted at that there may be sequels, and I sure hope so I d love to read a book about the Trio, or Dosinia, or Peri, too, a character I really love but who barely gets book time, and who I would love to read a whole book about So, if you love mermaids, magic, and you re looking for the perfect summer read to take with you to the beach or even sitting by the pool, Fins Are Forever is for you I don t think the first book needs to be read to understand this one it s its own self contained adventure And if you HAVE read Forgive My Fins, then water you waiting for Water Get it Oh, forget it Dive into Fins Are Forever and get ready for an incredibly well crafted underwater world filled with undersea fun, teen romance, and mermaid magic. With the holidays, I was afraid I wouldn t be able to finish within a week After I picked it up, it only took me 2 days to gulp this delicious book up I loved every minute of it Sequels can be fishy at times heehee Will it be good Will it exceed all the expectations following the first book Will new characters be introduced The answers are simple Yes, yes, and yes I love Tera Lynn s writing She can make you hate a character one minute and love him her the next My only complaint is, I wanted Lily Quince moments Don t worry, fans There s plenty, however, I just absolutely adore Quince Quince should write a diary called the Mer diaries, documenting all his sea and merfolk related incidents I d read it But yes, while there are plenty, I m a Quince glutton I can t help it, I love him so All in all, if you loved Forgive My Fins, you ll love Fins Are Forever Guaranteed or your money back Kidding, but seriously, the characters are great, the plot is fantastic and the romance is full of oooohs and ahhhhs. Fins are Forever hit the perfect spot with me and I enjoyed this one even than the start of the series The book starts out with Lily deciding she will give up her capacity as a princess on her birthday and live on dry land to resolve the conflict she has with her human side Things are going swimmingly with Quince and she finds the perfect career to strive for as a marine ecologist Of course, something goes terribly wrong when her wicked cousin, Dosinia turns up on her doorstep.There are some almost slapstick moments in the book when Lily discovers herself stuck with her human hating cousin Doe has committed some unspeakable offense in the mer kingdom that causes her to be banished without any powers and is sent to live with Lily to redeem herself The big twist here is that Lily is the one to judge if Doe has been rehabilitated and can accept humans in her life Doe makes good on that one by falling in love with Brody who she promptly kisses.The ending left a lot of things open and to me it seems that there is hope that Lily may regain her ability to rule the mer kingdom I can t wait until the next installment I received this review copy at no cost from Around the World ARC tours in exchange for my honest review.

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